Rock Space WiFi Extender Setup

Easy Rock Space WiFi Extender Setup: Boost Your Wireless Signal Strength Today!

So, you are done with the rock space wifi extender setup! But what’s that? You connected all your WiFi-enabled devices to the Rock Space wifi extender network (SSID) but got no internet. Do not worry! You are not the only one bothered by the issue. However, with this article, you can easily get rid of the no-internet connection issue with your Rock Space wifi extender setup. Let’s take the plunge!

Struggling with a weak WiFi signal? Don’t fret! Setting up your Rock Space WiFi extender is a breeze.  Just follow the Rock Space WiFi extender setup instructions (or check out their handy online manual) for a quick and easy solution.  Whether you have a Rock Space AC750 or AC1200 model, they offer clear guides to get you connected in no time.

No Internet After Rock Space Wifi Extender Setup

Fix 1: Connect to the Correct WiFi 

The moment you have performed a rock space wifi extender setup, you will get a new, extended SSID. Maybe you are connecting your PCs, laptops, and mobile devices to the existing or an unknown WiFi network rather than the extender’s WiFi. 

As a result, you will get no internet even after performing the rockspace wifi extender setup. That’s why, to get rid of the issue, be sure to connect with your rock space wifi extender’s SSID only.

Fix 2: Relocate Your Rock Space Extender 

Where is your rock space wifi extender placed? Just in case the extender is placed near thick walls, in a corner, under a table, inside an almirah, near a window, or too close to the roof, possibilities are that you are getting no internet on your devices.

Apart from this, if your rock space wifi extender is also placed closer to interference-creating objects then also you won’t be able to access the internet on your connected devices. Therefore, always remember to place your rock space wifi extender away from:

  • Metal doors
  • Aluminum studs
  • Mirrors
  • Glasses
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Cordless phones
  • Baby monitors
  • Gaming Consoles

After relocating your Rock space wifi extender, try accessing http //re.rockspace.local to see if the internet connection issue is now fixed.

Fix 3: Set Up the Rock Space Extender Properly

Rock Space WiFi Extender Setup

Perhaps you have not set up your Rock Space wifi extender properly due to which it is unable to provide you with internet range on your connected devices. So, be sure to set up a rock space wifi extender in the right way.

To perform a rock space wifi extender setup, connect the extender to your router using an Ethernet cable. After that, open a web browser on your PC and go to http //re.rockspace.local web page. Provide the default username and password into the given fields and click Log In. Once logged in, go through the on-screen steps and get your Rock Space wifi extender up and running in no time.

Fix 4: Update Rock Space Extender Firmware

Another way to resolve the no internet connection issue with your Rock Space wifi extender is to update its firmware. If your Rock Space wifi extender is running on an obsolete firmware version, walk through the instructions below to update it to the latest version:

  • Power on your rock space wifi extender by plugging it into a wall socket.
  • Establish a secure and finger-tight wired connection between your rock space wifi extender and router.
  • Now, turn on a computer or laptop.
  • Type http //re.rockspace.local in the address bar.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Log in to the Rock Space WiFi Extender web management page.
  • Navigate to Management > Firmware Update.
  • Select the Firmware File.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Your Rock Space wifi extender will reboot once the firmware update process is completed.
  • Go to the Firmware Update section.
  • If any new firmware version is available for you, hit the Update button.

Thus, you can update your Rock Space wifi extender firmware version. Now, try accessing the internet on your mobile device, PC, or laptop and see if it works or not.

Fix 5: Reset Your Rock Space Extender 

None of the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips fixed the no-internet connection issue for you. If you nod yes, then you are left with no other option than to reset your rock space wifi router. To reset your Rock Space wifi extender, just press the Reset hole on it, wait for a few seconds, and then release it.

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Troubleshooting Your Rock Space WiFi Extender Setup

Have trouble with your Rock Space WiFi extender setup? Whether it’s using the WPS button, bridge mode, or encountering issues with specific devices, this guide offers solutions! Learn how to optimize performance, extend your signal through walls, and troubleshoot slow speeds. We’ll even cover cost-effective extenders and benefits for large homes. Get the most out of your WiFi!


The guide offers solutions to troubleshoot the Rock Space WiFi extender setup and optimize performance. It also covers extending signal through walls, troubleshooting slow speeds, cost-effective extenders, and benefits for large homes, all to help you get the most out of your WiFi.

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