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Step-by-Step Guidelines to Ping Your Netgear WiFi Router



Whether you want to check the connection between your Netgear router and PC or just looking to confirm if your internet connection is working, Windows has a handy tool in hand called the Ping command. With the help of the Ping test, you can trace the communication between your PC and WiFi router or any other device that is connected to your home network. Also, performing a Ping test will assist you in troubleshooting any connectivity issue that you’re facing. 

In this article,  you’ll learn everything about a Ping test – reasons to use a ping test, how to ping your router, what to do if the ping test fails, etc. So, without any further ado, read on. 

Topmost Reasons to Use a Ping Test

Mentioned below are the topmost reasons why you need to make use of a ping test:

  • To check the connectivity between your PC and router
  • To verify the WiFi network activity
  • To verify connectivity to the internet

Now that you know about the reasons for which a ping test is required, read on and find out how to ping your Netgear WiFi router

Instructions to Ping Your Wireless Router

  1. Configure the Hardware of Your WiFi Device

Start by setting up the hardware of your Netgear router. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Power on your Netgear WiFi router.
  • Grab a cable and connect your home router to the modem. 

Note: You can connect your WiFi devices using both wired and wireless source.

  • Then, plug your Netgear router into the power source.
  • Wait for the power LED light to show a shade of green.
  1. Find the Default IP Address of Your Router

Once you’ve successfully configured your Netgear router, find the default IP address of your device. Wondering how to do that? Wonder no more! Simply walk through the steps outlined below and know how to find the default IP of your WiFi device:

  • Switch on your laptop. Make sure that it is fully charged.
  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Type CMD in the Search box and press the Enter key.
  • As soon as your hit Enter, the Command Prompt will open on your screen.
  • In order to find the default IP of your router, type ‘ipconfig’
  • Go to the Default gateway and look for the default IP of your WiFi device.
  • In most cases, the IP starts with 192.168. Your router’s IP would be

Note: The default IP address of your router can also be It all varies from model to model. So, refer to the Netgear manual before becoming certain regarding the IP of your device. 

  1. Ping Your Netgear WiFi Router

After you’ve found the IP of your Netgear router, it’s time to ping your Netgear WiFi router. Outlined below are the instructions that’ll help you out to ping Read on. 

  • Enter Ping and hit Enter.
  • The ping command will send 4 packages of information to the WiFi router.
  • Type Exit and press the Enter key to close the Command Prompt window. 

In this way, you can ping your Netgear WiFi router. What happened? Are you facing issues while trying to ping your WiFi device? It’s probably because the IP of your device is instead of But, worry not! We’ve got your back. To get rid of the ping error, you need to restart your Netgear router. 

Here’s how to power cycle your Netgear WiFi router:

  • Disconnect all the extra devices connected to your router.
  • Power off the Netgear WiFi router and unplug it from the wall socket.
  • Reconnect the WiFi device to the power source.
  • Now, wait for the LED light to become green.

Now, perform the process of ping test from scratch.

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Comprehesive guide on how to hire dedicated development team




dedicated development team

When you hire dedicated development team, how to choose it

Hiring dedicated development team has become a trend among companies of different types and sizes and given the increasing demand for custom software within various industries, we can suppose that in the future the interest in this cooperation model will continue growing. Nevertheless, before deciding that you also need to hire dedicated development team, it is necessary to make sure that this option is really suitable for your case and that you will be able to fully enjoy the benefits that this option can bring.

To help you avoid mistakes related to choosing the wrong way of working with remote programmers, we’ve prepared some practical tips that will help you to understand whether a dedicated software development team model is really a good choice for you and how you can find the best team to work with. Sounds interesting? Then this article is definitely for you!

Is a dedicated development team a suitable solution for your business?

When you do not have in-house programmers but want to launch your own software product, one of the first things to think about is how to hire software developers. If you have already come to the conclusion that there is no need to expand your team with in-house specialists, you can consider a variant of working with remote programmers.

When is it feasible for companies to hire dedicated development teams? There are several cases that we’d like to highlight.

  • You have in-house developers but see that there is a lack of specific expertise which will be required for your new project realization.
  • You do not have the final requirements for the project and you know that you will have to change them within the development process.
  • Your project is a long-term one but at the same time, you do not want to employ programmers on a permanent basis.
  • You have a limited budget and want to save your corporate money.
  • You do not have enough resources to focus on hiring tasks.

If you’ve read the above-mentioned points and think that they perfectly describe your situation, it’s high time to consider hiring dedicated development team more closely.

How to choose the most suitable dedicated development team

When you want to hire dedicated development team, you need to make sure that it will be the best one as the team and its expertise are among the key factors that play a crucial role in the overall project success.

Today there are a lot of outsourcing agencies in different corners of the world that offer their services and can create a dedicated development team tailored to your needs. However, given this variety of offers, sometimes it is really challenging to choose the right company that will be a perfect match for you. But do not panic! We have a step-by-step plan that will help you to understand what, how, and when you should do in order to avoid any possible mistakes.

First of all, conduct market research and create a list of companies that look reliable. You can use not only corporate websites but also such resources as ITFirms, Clutch, etc. for gathering information about companies that provide the necessary services. What should you pay attention to? Please take into account such info as key services, areas of business expertise, rates, reviews, technology stack, etc.

Secondly, analyze case studies of the companies that are the most interesting to you. If there are no case studies available, you can ask a company to share them with you. But if according to the company’s managers, due to some reasons you can’t have a look at their portfolio, it is quite suspicious.

Thirdly, discuss prices and your budget expectations. It is important to make sure that the company’s offers are suitable for you.

Then, set technical requirements to make sure the company (or companies) under consideration will be able to satisfy them.

After that, you will need to create a clear list of requirements regarding the team composition. You will need to indicate the exact positions that should be included in your team, and the required skills, knowledge, and experience. When your outsourcing agency will find good candidates, you will have to conduct interviews with them.

When the team composition is approved and you are ready to start the working process, do not forget to set all the working processes in such a way that will be clear to all team members and define the communication tools that you will use.

Closing word

Actually, when you clearly understand what approaches you should apply when you need to hire dedicated development team, this process won’t be a very challenging one. However, you should understand that some tasks (like conducting interviews) can be rather time-consuming. And though hiring dedicated development team will take less time and effort than employing in-house programmers, you still have to devote enough time to it.

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What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?




Dental Emergency

While nobody wants a dental emergency to arise, it tends to affect you when you least expect it. The last thing you would want is a frantic moment when the pain turns out to be unbearable. Dental emergencies are concerning since they involve throbbing pain in your tooth, bleeding gums, or knocked-out teeth. Unless you reach out to your emergency dentist Pennsylvania at Teledentistry, you will be in extreme pain.

So, what do you think is the most common dental emergency? You can have missing teeth, chipped teeth, dental abscesses, or severe toothache. All these problems qualify as dental emergencies. While you reach out to your emergency dentist online, make sure to try out the home remedies to ease your pain for the time being. After all, dental emergencies call for immediate medical attention.

Identifying the most common dental emergency

Whenever any pain or soft tissue damage in your tooth takes you out of your comfort zone to the extent that you struggle to bear the pain, you should consider it a dental emergency.

Among all types of dental emergencies, toothache happens to be the most common. Digging deeper into the causes of toothache, you can find several issues triggering this pain. For instance, you may have work or sports-related accidents or happen to bite a hard object.

Besides, a toothache can arise due to infections or the growth of bacteria in your gums. Even a knocked-out tooth can cause severe bleeding and pain in your teeth. Leaving such conditions unattended can aggravate them. However,  most emergency professional dentists are available 24/7 to assist you medically. So, you can even reach out to them at odd hours if the pain shoots all of a sudden.

Toothache involves several dental conditions and can even lead to trauma. However, if the pain is mild, you need not seek emergency dental care. Simply wait for the official hours of your dentist and seek proper medical attention. However, the risk lies if you delay the treatment, considering the pain to be mild. Taking aspirin or painkillers can affect gum tissues and aggravate the condition. Don’t delay getting medical assistance when you find a toothache radiating to the rest of your face, like the ear or jaw.

Other dental emergencies that need immediate medical attention

While toothache happens to be the most common dental emergency, you should be able to identify other conditions too. Here are some other medical emergencies so that you don’t delay getting medical help if you experience any of these.

1.   Broken jaw

The jawbone is more susceptible to breakage than you think. It may not be restricted to accidents and falls. You may experience sports injuries, traffic accidents, or even break your jaw as a result of a brawl. What’s important is the time when you seek medical attention. While it’s ideal to rush to a hospital with a broken jawbone, your emergency dentist can also help. With immediate medical attention, you can prevent long-term damage to your system. Apply a cold compress and reach out to the experts.

2.   Broken or knocked-off teeth

Whether you crashed into a glass door, fell while playing, or had an accident, broken teeth can be frighteningly painful. While there’s a long list of perils threatening to knock your teeth off, you have a single solution for your pain. Simply preserve the tooth and carry it to your emergency dentist. Thanks to advanced treatment procedures, reputed dentists can even reattach your dislodged tooth. However, we recommend reaching the dentist within half an hour after you lose the tooth.

Make sure to touch the tooth only by its crown, leaving the roots intact. Try to keep it moist by keeping it within your mouth. Alternatively, you can place the tooth in a cup of milk and carry it to the emergency dentist. If the tooth falls out, gently wash it by holding the crown before preserving it.

3.   Sore mouth

Have you been using braces in your teeth all this time? Well, it’s common to have abrasions inside your mouth, leading to soreness. While this situation is challenging, your dentist can help you with the best antiseptic gel to help you ease the discomfort. Your dentist might also fix any flaw in the braces to ensure that they don’t hurt the tissues.

A sore mouth is also an indicator of gum disease in its early stages. With timely medical intervention, you can prevent the situation from deteriorating. Besides, reputed emergency dentists recommend the best preventive measures that can save you from sore mouths.

4.   Infected tooth

Tooth infections are common, but not all these cases come under dental emergencies. If you find the pain unbearable or struggle to retain your consciousness, you should consider it an emergency. Infections in the tooth happen to be the culprit behind abscesses most of the time. A tooth abscess involves the formation of pus in a pocket around your tooth. This happens due to bacterial infection.

Ignoring tooth infections can also lead to several complications. If this infection spreads to the gums from your teeth, it can even affect the nerve endings around the jaws.

Infected teeth can trigger intense pain, and you might also have a fever. A throbbing and persistent toothache points to a possible dental infection. While over-the-counter medication can give you temporary relief, your emergency dentist can diagnose the condition and prescribe the right medicines.


Apart from the conditions we discussed, you still have other dental emergencies that call for medical attention. These include cracked or chipped teeth, damage to the soft tissue inside your mouth, or lost dental restoration. Under none of these conditions can you wait to visit the regular dentist the next day. Regardless of the time and location, you can reach out to Teledentistry online 24/7 for swift medical support. This ensures you won’t lose valuable time that can cost you your smile!

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Social activism and cryptocurrency are to collide.





Most likely, you are aware of the influence social activity has. The premise behind this phrase is that we may effect change by expressing outside and denouncing injustices. So, before youstart Investment Adventure Immediately, you should check the History of Bitcoin. The power of cryptocurrencies, however, having you aware of them? Blockchain is a sort of digital money. If social action and bitcoin both could be powerful forces?

This essay will look at the possibilities for collective reform and cryptocurrencies. In addition to talking about a number of the difficulties they each encounter, we’ll also talk about how they can effect change.

How Does Social Engagement Work?

What exactly can the phrase “social activism” imply if you’ve never heard something before? Yet, this act of utilizing your voices and creative acts to make change happen is essentially what political justice is. The goal is to use your presence to change the world by speaking out about what you believe in.

Furthermore, social involvement is more than simply street demonstrations. From circulating awareness among the masses to holding rallies, many different methods exist to become engaged. The most critical factor is that you are consciously attempting to change things. Blockchain is still relatively new, but there’s no denying that it wields power to revolutionize society. What happens if you mix the potential of cryptocurrencies with the influence of social advocacy? You get very incredible stuff.

What Are Social Engagement Applications There for Cryptos?

How users might use bitcoin for social action may be something you’re curious about. The solution is pretty straightforward. Therefore, it’s a good question. Given that cryptos are digital, connections are ideal for them. The fact that it is unattached from any one nation or banking institution follows from this. In addition, using cryptocurrencies for social activity liberates your contributions from administrative burdens and governmental constraints.

Additionally, as cryptocurrencies are untraceable, your contributions will remain confidential. Given the potential dangers, users wouldn’t want their identity connected to a particular cause. However, there are even more advantages to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, independent, or not under the authority of one particular entity or group, is currency. As a result of not needing to negotiate with censors, activists now have a plethora of options to utilize cryptocurrencies to support their initiatives.

How Can Social Participation Be Illustrated?

Think about social things. What springs to mind? Quite a few, I assume. Your mind may go to the Vietnam Veteran’s demonstrations or the Movements of the 1960s. Alternatively, more contemporary protests like the Protest march or #Alllivesmatter.

People banding together again to seek change unite every one of these organizations. It is the core of social activism—using one’s voice and deeds to achieve change. Change is a prominent theme in crypto as well. We’re thinking about finances and activities differently due to innovations. It follows that the intersection between cryptocurrencies and social activity makes good sense. The use of wealth for good is at the heart of both.

What Are the Effective Ways to Use Moral Advocacy to Change the World?

Users may use the idea to advocate for what is correct at the outset. An easy way to do this is to join a campaign or express your opinions via social media. You may also offer money or resources to support the movement dear to you. Find a motivation that communicates to you and get active; numerous nonprofits & institutions require your support.

Users may, at last, contribute by using their abilities. An author, are you? Create a blog to discuss the topic you care about. You’re an artist. Produce visual art that promotes social justice problems. With bitcoin, you have yet another instrument to contribute to improving the world—there are many additional ways you can make a change.

What Were several Ways to Participate in Civic Social movements?

You might participate in a local children’s charity volunteer program or march or protest. Additional options include making a charitable donation or launching their campaign through social media. However, using your vote is one of the most beautiful ways to become engaged. Raising knowledge amongst your loved ones may be accomplished by speaking out on the subjects that are important to you.

Cryptocurrencies should also not be overlooked. There are also several ways to become engaged with this still-emerging subject. Invest in such a company instead of mining cryptocurrencies. Other options include starting your payment processor or developing a brand-new bitcoin. There are several options! Therefore, why are you still waiting? Take action now!

How Is This Mixture Effective?

Consequently, why is this combo so potent? A couple of them are listed below. First, offering those oppressed a voice is the foundation of social action. Another benefit of cryptocurrencies is the ability to voice opinions without going via established intermediaries like specialized banks.

The ability to unite individuals is the primary benefit of social activity. Second, by fostering a worldwide society that can trade commodities without depending on fiat money, cryptocurrencies have the opportunity to achieve identical results. Third, the goal of social activity is to alter society. And the whole point of cryptos is to increase the security and transparency of financial operations.


Numerous blockchain initiatives with a political activism component are emerging, encouraging the development of community movements and cryptocurrencies.

We are eager for what transpires next since online change combined with cryptocurrencies has the power to impact the globe positively.

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The Advantages of Crypto Assets




Crypto Assets

Already though, you’ve undoubtedly aware of just the cryptography movement. Nevertheless, in the world of investing, it has caused a stir, and for an apparent reason.

A novel form of investing, cryptocurrencies have many benefits over more conventional assets such as equity securities. Here are some of the miracles of financing in crypto assets:

  1. They are worldwide in scope: Crypto assets are not bound to any nation or geographical area. As a result, you may invest in complete confidence that they are impervious to international threats.
  2. They are safe: Crypto assets are controlled by cutting-edge encrypted communications and kept in safe mobile currencies.
  3. They are expandable: Crypto assets can be employed to buy everything, from luxuries to basic needs.

Although there are numerous more good advantages of investing in crypto assets, these were among the most significant ones. Therefore, if you’ve considered doing so, the moment is to invest in crypto assets, is the platform that assists in providing you with the latest knowledge you need to remain up to speed with every cryptocurrency news.

What Do Crypto Transactions Mean?

Although people could not be familiar with them, you have undoubtedly heard about Crypto. Artificial or electronic assets known as “crypto assets” utilize cryptography to safeguard their operations and limit the production of new entities.

The first cryptocurrency, blockchain – Based, was developed in 2009 because of an unnamed person, a collection of people identified only as Nakamoto. And since many other cryptocurrency products have already been developed. Digital commodities, also known as cryptocurrencies, technology infrastructure, or cryptocurrency, often are referred to as “currency.”

What do Benefits Do Crypto Investments offer?

Understanding cryptocurrencies’ benefits are crucial if you’re considering investing in them. Some of the main advantages are as follows:

  1. Because cryptocurrencies supply liquid and are decentralized, they are not dependent on any single currency.
  2. They can be traded and managed since they are digital.
  3. Because of blockchain and security, they are safe.
  4. Because they are autonomous, they are not influenced or governed by the government.
  5. They are a wise option for investments considering that they can improve in value throughout the period.

What are some dangers of buying digital money?

So, what were the dangers associated with investing in digital coins? You may be asking. Any expenditure includes a particular risk, then again. It would benefit if you were conscious of the following hazards before investing:

  1. The industry’s erratic behaviour. Prices may vary quickly due to the instability and relative youth of the symmetric encryption currency.
  2. There aren’t any regulations. Most governmental rules do not apply to digital currencies as they are online and accessible everywhere. They are exposed to fraud/hoaxes as a result.
  3. The potential existence of the bubbling cryptocurrency industry, some people claim that it is in a foam that should soon collapse. It might result in substantial financial loss for you.
  4. The hazy fate of virtual currencies. Nobody can predict how the cryptocurrency industry will evolve. The possibility exists that it may entirely vanish, corporate profits that have nothing.

How Else Can I Begin Buying Cryptocurrencies?

You undoubtedly want to learn how to start investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s easier than you would think. Create a wallet with the cryptos first. Several services are available, so do your homework to select one that is reliable and provides an excellent user experience. After that, you must deposit any cash in the bank. Users might link the bank balance or a debit card to this.

You may begin purchasing various cryptocurrency exchanges after your accounts have been filled. First, however, you must have the code to purchase a cryptocurrency asset since a different code characterizes each one. Then, once a cryptocurrency asset is in your portfolio, you may choose when to sell it or keep it. Just keep in mind that perhaps the worth of these assets might increase or decrease, so don’t make a more significant investment that you afford to lose.

Which Digital Commodities Are the Greatest to Invest In?

The most acceptable digital currencies to trade in may be something you’re considering. But, of course, the risk appetite and investment objectives, among other things, will influence the answers to those questions.

While a few investors choose to put their money into well-known cryptos and Eth, others are daring and put their money into developing cryptocurrencies. Research is essential before making any cryptocurrency investments if some are more hazardous than most.

In light of this, the following list of cryptocurrency commodities might surpass the industry:

  1. A well yet stable cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which is frequently regarded as a sound investment.
  2. Ether — A framework for payment systems, Eth is quickly gaining prominence.
  3. Ripple – The goal of the ripple billing system is to speed up and reduce the cost of payments.
  4. LTC- Considered a more reliable bet than BTC, Litecoin is the silver to its king.
  5. Cardano – Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Cardano is a cryptocurrency system that aspires to be more consumer.


Cryptocurrency may have you questioning whether it’s a practical choice. But the marketplace is seeing a lot of commotion and speculative activity. But there exist several explanations for why we think cryptocurrency commodities are just a practical choice. They are, first of all, worldwide and unrelated to just about one economy. It indicates that they are protected against times of recession in certain nations or areas.

They may also be used in any part of the globe for operations since they are virtual. Because of this, they are more adaptable than fiat currency. Last but not least, the cryptocurrency technologies that underpin crypto assets are cutting edge and possess the ability to transform how commerce is done globally. Generally, anybody searching for protracted growth prospects should consider investing in crypto-assets.

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How Ethereum provides an upper hand in supply chain management?




chain management

With interweaving logistics and inventory, it’s easy to make a mistake that leads to costly stockouts. Websites like Ethereum Profit carter their UI and strategies for experienced and new crypto traders. The platform has paid extraordinary attention to detail while designing its user interface.

But with Ethereum’s decentralized ledger, smart contracts, and automated execution of processes for pre-agreed conditions and criteria, supply chain management could be streamlined by companies through the integration of blockchain technology.In addition, a continual forward-thinking mindset is essential in developing successful businesses. The finance industry has evolved dramatically over the past few decades with new technologies such as internet payments and cloud computing — it’s time for supply chain management to do the same.

Ethereum’s decentralized ledger and smart contracts can help streamline the process, allowing business owners to focus on what they love instead of the tedious details they consider the norm. The below-mentioned portion will explain why supply chain management needs to adopt decentralization, what Ethereum has to offer, and how businesses can benefit from building on top of it.


SCM aims to optimize the flow of goods and services within an organization or company. SCM is similar to supply and demand in that it’s about going for the best lowest total cost. However, it’s different from supply and demand because it considers lead time, trade-offs between different products, transportation costs, inventory, etc.The goal of supply chain management is to find the optimal method for producing goods and then producing said goods with those methods as efficiently as possible.

Supply Chain Inventory Sharing Using Ethereum:

Supply chain management has traditionally been a centralized process as companies mainly work “off-chain”, using multiple databases for tracking orders, monitoring shipments, and managing orders across multiple vendors and internal departments within a company. With the Ethereum blockchain, however, all parties can now share the same real-time ledger of transactions that’s transparent to all parties involved. As a result, it allows for a more streamlined tracking process, thus reducing delays in getting stock to customers.

For example, when two companies exchange shipments of goods and services, they may not have any obstacles. But when an outside party is introduced into the process, such as a logistics company, it’s not uncommon to have multiple parties with different levels of authority and access to the same information. Having a shared database that all parties can connect to through the Ethereum network will allow for a more fluid process instead of making multiple calls or emails to get information regarding the status of deliveries.

As an open-source distributed ledger Ethereum allows new applications and tech innovation beyond enabling decentralized payments, which has resulted in many new ways to streamline supply chain management.

No counterfeiting in the supply chain:

Every step of the way, manufacturers are putting their products through several tests for items such as quality control, authenticity, etc. Every test is recorded on the blockchain, meaning product information can no longer be tampered with or manipulated. For example, suppose someone was to test and switch out specific batches of a particular product type. In that case, they’d be flagged very quickly by either vendors or consumers who bought said item because they would be able to see discrepancies in the testing records.

Cutting down on fraud:

It’s estimated that $1 billion is lost yearly to online scams and fraud through e-commerce (Fraud). By having a transparent global ledger for everyone involved, catching fraud can be done by people efficiently and effectively. In addition, the transparent nature of the blockchain will also allow for a faster resolution to scams and fraudulent orders.

A smart contract is an agreed-upon set of criteria entered into a condition field. The smart contract will automatically trigger an action or exchange on both parties’ ends if all parameters are met.

Ethereum will boost the collaborative approach:

When there is no transparency and accountability, the collaborating parties can become remote, which can cause problems and delays. But by using ethereum, the process becomes more streamlined and collaborative, allowing for more efficient and optimal results.

A smart contract will allow two or more parties to enter agreed-upon data into the blockchain field, triggering automated action on both ends. Also, utilizing ethereum technology as its core foundation makes up for all the flaws of other technology platforms. For example, suppose you take all of Microsoft’s SQL databases right down to their operating systems. In that case, they’re still an old centralized business data storage form hacked hundreds of times in the past several years alone.

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