8 facts you don’t know about quartz countertops

8 facts you don’t know about quartz countertops

If you want to install quartz countertops in your kitchen, you are not alone. Many people prefer quartz for their homes and offices. Well, it is perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms. There is no denying that it has many benefits. From looks to resistance, quartz is the best choice. Also, it is highly durable for homes. 

In addition, it is low maintenance. Quartz is a natural-looking stone. Still, you may have some doubts about it. So, if you want to know more about this material, stick to this post. well, quartz is a natural stone, but they engineer it by mixing resins. There are more facts about this stone than you think. 

These countertop materials are man-made things. So, keep learning about them. After knowing the following facts, you will learn more about quartz.

  1. They do not come in solid form
  2. They come from the same source
  3. Quartz is not too expensive
  4. It mimics the look of marble
  5. Much common than you think
  6. It’s eco-friendly
  7. It does not require sealing
  8. Quartz and quartzite are not one thing

1- They do not come in solid form:

There is no doubt that quartz is a natural stone. But, they engineer it to get various looks. It is a fact that all quartz is not solid. Also, they add marble, granite, and other natural stones to it. That is why quartz looks like a natural stone. Fair to say, that quartz countertops have almost 91% of solid quartz in them. You may figure the rest of the 10%. So, what you see is not solid quartz.

2- They come from the same source:

Many brands are selling quartz countertops. But, the fact is that they all come from the same source. Being a natural stone, quartz is found in a specific region. Therefore, it comes from one area. Then, the brands take it from that source. And that is called Breton. They came up with the formula for quartz. 

Many firms use the same formula to make this stone. Still, it comes from a single source. Well, each company adds its finer details to the stone. It explains the variety in quartz.

3- Quartz is not too expensive:

It is another fact that quartz is not that expensive. It is a man-made stone. So, its quality and price depend upon its labor. Also, its cost is not that close to the cost of a natural stone. If it has a high-end finish, it may cost more. But, overall, the specs do not add to its price. That is the benefit of quartz stone. Although it comes in many colors, it has a low price.

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4- It mimics the look of marble:

Well, nothing can beat the look of marble countertops. But, if you have a small budget, get this look with quartz countertops. You can get the exact look of marble by using quartz in your kitchen. Also, quartz with soft veining patterns looks just like marble. 

Moreover, you already know that it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. That is why it offers much diversity. The best part is that you will not have to pay the price for an actual marble.

5- Much common than you think:

Indeed, quartz has become common in most homes. People prefer it for both offices and homes. It is all about to the benefits it offers. In addition, you can see quartz in hotels and shops. It is the best choice for counters these days. Also, it is durable and stylish. Nowadays they use it for floors. 

6- It’s eco-friendly:

Stones can have effects on your environment. However, quartz has no such issue. It is safe as it is eco-friendly. Also, the resins they use contain vegetable oil. Therefore, they have no harmful effects. So, they do not react with the air or moisture in it. You will not find any issue all these years of its usage.

7- It does not require sealing:

Quartz is a non-porous material. Therefore, it does not require any sealing. Well, other natural stones may require that. It is both heat and scratch-resistant. That is why it is an ideal choice for kitchens. It has a smooth and shiny surface. Also, it can handle the pressure. 

8- Quartz and quartzite are not one thing:

Both quartz and quartzite are different materials. Quartzite is a natural stone. They use it in solid form. However, quartz is a human invention. They add resin to it. In this way, these stones are different. But, both give a natural look to your home. You can also Search online for Quartz countertops cost guide.

In addition, quartz comes in a variety of colors. On the other hand, quartzite comes in typical colors and patterns. So, they vary in these aspects.


So, if you go looking for quartz countertops, keep these facts in mind. You might not be familiar with these things. Still, it does not change your choice. Quartz is an ideal option for homes and offices. You will see it in many places. So, it mimics the look of other stones too. You can get the best quartz countertops from badger granite. They offer a wide range at low prices.

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