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Why do people love black granite countertops?

People want to be experimental these days. They tend to go more stylishly than ever with their home decors. In this case, the kitchen is not that far. Similarly, you can see people trying new elements in their kitchens. For instance, you will see black granite countertops coming back in kitchens. Well, granite has been people’s top choice for a long now.

However, these things are evolving every day. In general black countertops are in demand. Also, you can see both matte and glossy blacktops in the kitchens. However, many people are hesitant about it. Still, it has a stunning appeal. Let’s explore more about it.

Why black granite countertops?

Black granite is making a powerful statement these days. Many homeowners prefer its black look. It has a strong captivating appeal. Therefore, black granite is a bold one out there. People are in love with its lush look. In addition to that, it has both a matte and glossy top look. Similarly, both types are just perfect for a classy kitchen. 

Moreover, black granite has many surface looks. It can be absolutely plain. Also, it comes in various veining patterns. The white grain-like design stands out on black granite countertops. In this way, you can transform the look of your kitchen. Also, it is not only stylish. But, it is durable too. Also, it performs well. However, it has some limitations. It should complement your kitchen. Granite Countertops cost also depends on your area where you want to install it.

Furthermore, black granite comes in many looks. Every look offers a unique touch to your home. Its variety is one of the reasons for its fame. Also, there is a natural depth in black stones. However, you will see the dark texture of greys, greens, and blues in it. 

Moving on, the most popular choices for black granite countertops are:

  1. Indian black
  2. Cambrian black
  3. Agatha black
  4. Uba tuba granite
  5. Galaxy black granite
  6. Absolute black

1- Indian black:

The look of natural stones depends on their origin too. Similarly, Indian black granite is a dense stone. It has grey rice-like designs on its surface. Also, it looks like a dark grey stone. The white pattern looks pretty on the top. It resembles the stone of Africa. However, it differs in many ways. This black granite is perfect for a modern kitchen. 

2- Cambria black:

If you like to keep the balance of light and dark, go for Cambria black countertop. It has a plain black surface with a white design on it. Also, it gives a silver reflection naturally. It makes it perfect for a white kitchen. So, the black countertop goes best with the white kitchen cabinets. Also, they give a glossy shine to your kitchen. 

3- Agatha black:

If you wish to make a bold statement, go for Agatha black granite. This one is the boldest black out there. It has a strong appeal. Similarly, white veins flow through its surface. It looks soft and subtle to the eye. So, this stone has a perfect natural black beauty. Also, it looks great in both light and dark kitchens. It also adds sophistication to your home.

4- Uba tuba granite:

It is one of the best black granite countertops. This one is from Brazil. Therefore, it appears dark greenish-black. In addition, it has gold and brown specks on its surface. However, you may not find the exact slabs every time. Hence, you need to buy it in one go. That is why it has different looks. Also, it offers a daring look of elegance.

5- Galaxy black granite: 

This black granite is from South India. As the name reflects, it has a galaxy-like design. This back granite is deep black with gold specks on it. You can see the gold grains all over the surface. Similarly, it has a clean surface. Also, it is quite durable. Many people love its luxury look in their kitchens. Also, it is perfect for dark kitchen cabinets. It is known for its resistance and beauty.

6- Absolute black:

This one is pitch-black stone. It has a plain and simple surface. Similarly, it has a consistent outlook. Therefore, it has no pattern on its top surface. Most people prefer this black granite. However, some are hesitant too. Otherwise, it is the best choice for a decent kitchen. You can pair it with off-white kitchen cabinets. Also, the natural light will reflect on its top surface. 


To conclude, you have several choices for granite countertops. However, black is has a strong impression. There is no doubt that black stones are a natural beauty. So, most people love to have it as their countertops. There are several looks in black granite. Also, it gives a bold outlook to your kitchen. You can get quality black granite from badger granite at a low price. It will transform the look of your living space. 

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