Why Should You Use Anti-slip Stair Nosing

For any renovating project or new construction building, safety is of utmost importance. There are many safety aspects that can go overlooked and one of them is stair treads. With thousands of patrons walking through your stair facility, it’s definitely subjected to wear and tear. And, everyone knows that such wear and tear can cause potential safety issues like trips, slips and even falls. As a protective safety measure, it’s important to install anti-slip stair nosing for the same.

Why installing anti-slip tape and stair tread nosing is important?

  • Prevents Wear and Tear  – Anti-slip stair nosing protects you from the effects of heavy front traffic.
  • Reduces injuries – One of the most beneficial things about stair nosing is that it helps in the reduction of slips and falls in all adverse conditions.
  • Code of compliance – International and local building codes require the installation of anti-slip stair nosing to bring up the facilities upto code.
  • Illuminates egress paths – There are photoluminescent strips that are embedded in the anti-slip stair nosing that shine very brightly to guide all the patrons in emergency situations.
  • Improvement in the innovative visibility – With the help of anti-slip stair nosing, the stairs clearly makes the step edge ensuring that the patrons don’t miss even a single step. This is how it accounts for the safety of the individuals.

Make your buildings safer with anti-slip stair nosing

  • Safety provided by stair nosing is double-way. First, it improves the step edge visibility and second it improves the colour of the anti-slip that contrasts with the substrate of the stairs to improve the step-edge visibility. There are many stair nosings that come up with a photoluminescent strip that further aids in the low-light conditions. Installing anti-slip stair nosings protects steps from wear and tear. It also enhances the durability of the stair tread. It’s because of the tough material of the stair nosing that spreads the impact load over the stair tread. It also helps in preventive maintenance and replacement of costs in the near future.
  • Every project is different from another. It’s important to find which project works the best with anti-slip stair nosings. There are a variety of options whether you’re adding nosings in a way to include them in your newest infrastructure. For metal stairs or concrete wood, you can use aluminium stair nosings that can be installed with the help of premium polyurethane adhesive. Always make sure that your aluminium stair nosing is rigid enough to withstand your application. Then, there are tiled and carpeted stairs that require an alternative installation method.
  • Step edge visibility is a very important aspect of an egress pathway in any type of infrastructure or facility. To ensure safety, many install anti-slip stair nosings because after the power has failed because they glow in the dark and light up the pathways. Such anti-slip nosings provide visual contrast and an extreme duration protection that reduces the risk of falls and the risk of slips in the years to come. These nosings can withstand years and years of UV weathering and are very durable for outdoor and indoor long term installations.

To briefly conclude, you must buy anti-slip stair nosings that consist of hard-wearing silicon carbide available in a variety of colours without the use of photoluminescence. Get ready for better visibility and safety with affordable anti-slip stair nosings!

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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