Which Countries Produce Coffee Beans?

The rich aroma and the energy-granting properties of caffeine made coffee one of the most favored drinks by a majority of the world’s population. As a result, large coffee farms are scattered throughout the world to help people and businesses alike in order to supply everyone with their favorite drink. Therefore, it is safe to say that almost every country in the world now produces coffee beans. Take note that there are a lot of places in different countries that even have their own special breed of coffee beans, as well as their own blend of it. 

That’s why we are going to take a good look around the world, as well as its history in order to figure out which are the countries that mainly supply coffee beans all over the world. Some of the famous types of coffee beans will also be mentioned here, as they were the progenitors of the coffee beans that are now around the world, serving a lot of people with their favorite dose of aromatic drink every single day, and night!

United States of America

The United States does produce coffee beans, but on a relatively small scale compared to other coffee-producing countries. Coffee production in the United States is primarily focused on the state of Hawaii, which is the only state in the country that has a climate suitable for coffee cultivation.

Hawaiian coffee is highly regarded for its quality and unique flavor profile. The most common variety of coffee grown in Hawaii is Kona coffee, which is grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. You can buy the best Kona coffee at Greenwell Farms. Other states, such as California, Texas, and Puerto Rico, also produce coffee beans, but on a much smaller scale. However, it is worth noting that the United States is a significant importer of coffee beans from other countries, with Brazil being the largest supplier.


Coffee was originally founded in Ethiopia. During the 9th Century, a goat farmer discovered the plant that produces it, which made him discover its energy-granting properties when he tried it on his goats. Eventually, the farmer Kaldi tried it, and then shared the wonders of coffee in his own community. AS time passed, the word about coffee got out of Ethiopia, became one of the most traded products until now, and eventually reached the comfort of our own home in the form of either coffee beans or instant coffee (which are also made with coffee beans). 

The high altitude of Ethiopia allowed the country to produce some of the finest quality coffee beans in the whole world. The most famous type of coffee they produce is the Harrar coffee, which is found in the highlands of Eastern Ethiopia. Harrar has a strong flavor that can also become spicy or fruity, depending on the conditions given to grow it. Nowdays you can buy Ethiopian coffee beans in many countries all around the world.


To continue the list of the most premium coffee blends, Jamaica is also catching up to the top ranks. They produce one of the rarest variants of coffee, which is Blue Mountain coffee. The reason why it’s very rare, well often sought by enthusiasts, is because of its well-balanced flavor and how energizing it can be for the body. Another reason why it’s so rare is that you can only grow this type of coffee in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Take note that most treat this as a rarity to the point where they regard this as a luxury product if sold outside the Blue Mountains.


Colombian coffee is a well-known product across the world because of its very rich flavor that a lot consider superb compared to other types of coffee beans. Thus, Colombia became one of the major suppliers of coffee around the world. On top of all that, they even made variants of it such as Extra, Supremo, and Excelso. The Supremo is the best Colombian coffee ever made. It can be quite hard to find high quality Colombian coffee beans for sale


Brazilian coffee comes in different types of variants and does not have that specific type of coffee bean that made the country even more well-known for its coffee. However, Brazil continues to be one of the major suppliers of coffee around the world. They mass-produce cheap coffee to supply large businesses that provide instant coffee. On the other hand, the climate of some of the remote places in Brazil made it excellent for cultivating even the more expensive coffee bean variants. Basically, Brazil supplies a third of the whole supply of coffee in the entire world.

Costa Rica

If you are looking for superior qualities of coffee, Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel to. Costa Rican coffee is known for its distinctive taste that reminds everyone what coffee really tastes like when well-brewed. The quality of Costa Rican coffee is so exquisite to the point where the country passed a law that bans the production of low-class coffee beans. After all, Costa Rica has no excuse when it comes to coffee bean quality, as the remote places there offer a perfect spot to grow some of the most exquisite coffee beans. If you are familiar with the Arabica coffee bean, then Costa Rica is the best place to get a lot of it at the lowest price.

Note that these are just the top 5 places in the world where you can get some of the finest coffee beans. Though there are other places in certain countries that produce their own variant, we are talking about the big players when it comes to the coffee trade, and how they produce even the variants that create our inexpensive instant coffee that we enjoy every day and night.

Everyone loves a good coffee. You should try a frappe coffee with some whipped cream on top.

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