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Traditional Vs Modern Lehenga Cholis. What is the Difference?

Once your marriage is confirmed the next big thing for a bride is to select the wedding dress. She will be busy with all the planning to make herself look stunning on the wedding day. If you are a bride looking for some inspiration to buy a perfect wedding dress, visit Hatkay. You can find so much collection and Hatkay lehenga choli is one of the most sought-after by the bride. It gives a striking look on your wedding day, making you so special among everyone who attended the ceremony. There are diverse colours, patterns, shades, and styles too, and you can select accordingly.

Traditional Lehenga Choli Versus Modern Lehenga Choli

The key detail that you must check before a wedding is an outfit that you are wearing. In Asian countries, brides from diverse regions wear different wedding outfits. But the most famous outfit is the bridal lehenga choli. It is also called ghagra choli. First, it has the lehenga, which is a long skirt that comes on the choli. The choli is sewn and has a fitted blouse that is usually worn on the lehenga, leaving the midriff exposed, which gives more beauty to the wearer.

Now, let us see the actual differences between traditional and modern lehenga choli.

Traditional Lehenga Choli

Wherever you are in India or whatever region you are from, you will have a fabulous wedding and there is no compromise when it comes to wedding celebrations. Wearing a traditional lehenga choli adds more charm to your wedding. It gives a soothing feeling that brides can feel by themselves when they are in traditional ethnic wear.

The traditional lehenga choli designs include skirts with a fishtail shape, or A-line shape, or a mermaid design. In those times, royal Mughals used to wear lehenga cholis for weddings. As days passed by, it has become the traditional outfit worn in every region of Indian because of the charm the traditional lehenga offers to the wearer.

Modern Lehenga Choli

Speaking of the modern lehenga choli, they have more complex embellishments, unlike the traditional cholis that are made from satin and silk mostly. Also, when you see the modern lehenga choli fabric, our designers have made it look ultra-luxurious by creating it with the best materials like chiffon, silk, brocade, satin, khadi, etc.

The fabric has mirrors designed on it, great embroidery, stonework, or zari, beading, etc. Next talking about the dupattas, they are normally made from satin and silk, as these fabrics give a lot of softness to the skin. Modern bridal lehenga choli is also exemplified by bright colours adding more royalty. Because of the colourful nature of Indian wedding ceremonies, western brides are also choosing traditional Indian weddings.

Rather than the white wedding dress they actually wear, they are wearing a red lehenga choli, or a bridal designer saree, or other beautiful outfits of Indian weddings. From the pre-wedding ceremony, wedding to the post-wedding ceremonies, everything will be joyous and fun and wearing a lehenga choli will, even more, enhance your personality and give you enough confidence to flaunt your style on your D-Day.

So, if you need suggestions on where to buy lehenga choli, Hatkay.com is one of the finest options. Go shop now and enjoy your wedding!

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