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Rico Torres’s role in spiritual development



Rico Torres

Introduction: In today’s world the epidemic has taken its toll on traders. Physically the goods have become very difficult to reach the customer’s door. This is why most businesses have declared their brands bankrupt. However, in such a situation, it is possible to develop the business spiritually if you know the right direction. Rico Torres has in mind what businesses have come up with for digital platform rights because he knows that in such a situation the digital platform will be able to provide the best service to the customers. He currently has a wealth of knowledge and experience on top of digital marketing as a modern and smart businessman. There are many ways you can improve your spirituality if you follow Rico Torres’ guidelines properly.

Learn Rico Torres’ views on spiritual development here

Those who do business cannot make spiritual progress due to being busy for various reasons. Because many businessman have to spend all their time on business. Currently, everything is closed due to the epidemic, many people are staying at home. In such a situation, Rico Torres says to focus on a few things for spiritual development. See below for the points he has made clear.

Read the book: Read a lot of books if you are in the home quarantine or locked in the house. Reading books can help you to acquire various knowledge related to business. It will play the most important role in the economic development of your business. There are some books written by Rico Torres that will help you discover business innovations and provide all kinds of tips and guidelines for staying on the digital platform. Or if you prefer to spend more time on the Internet, you can gather a lot of business information from There is no better option than reading for leisure time. So you read a lot more books and look at business activities to quickly get your business on the path to success.

Practice: Another good point for spiritual development is to practice. To be a successful businessman you can practice big business. Currently, there are some options that, have never looked back on the business. But one should follow a businessman who has a lot of companies in the digital marketplace and who has all the experience related to business. Rico Torres is one of the successful businessmen, he has achieved rapid success in all his business. So you can solve your business problems by practicing this trader.


Watching movies: Movies can help you to get the most inspiration for real-life success. There are some films that, portray the successes of traders and the various adversities. The more you watch this type of movie, the more your experience and knowledge will increase. All these movies will help you the most to survive in practical life.

Last words: The best opportunity to develop spiritually during an epidemic. So hopefully, you will read a lot more books and practice the best trades to improve your business. You can easily find all kinds of tips through the internet at home. So you never have to go out physically to capture all the business content.
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Why Mega Personals Are Popular With Women Looking For Intimate Interaction



Mega Personals is a dating website, but it’s pretty obvious that money is much more valuable to most people than time. If you provide a service that saves people time and pays for it in advance, you won’t be required to charge for billing. The more basic the service, the less you’ll have to pay. However, all of the dating sites that I looked into had a few requirements. If you wanted to sign up, you had to be over eighteen, and you had to have a photo ID.

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On top of those requirements is the issue of payment. All of the dating sites require that you register with a credit card or e-check. This was the biggest deterrent for signing up with mega personals, because all of our escorts sent money through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the money never made it to our house.

So how did we get around this? The answer lies in the terms and conditions that each dating site provides. Most of the online dating services will require you to register using a credit card or e-check. The reason they do this is so that they can charge for the delivery of your personal contact information, which is what most people expect from mega personals.

We never had a problem with this requirement. Our contact information was always sent through the mail, and we never had a problem with the charges. What the big companies in the escort services don’t want you to know is that they’re selling your personal contact information. That’s why mega personals are better than packages.

Now I understand that most people feel that since there’s no face-to-face interaction with most girls, they will be reluctant to use the services of an escort or hookup website that advertises itself as a dating website. This is sort of true. However, the majority of the escorts and hookup sites on the internet have very discreet ads. These are the types of mega personals that allow girls to view ads without having to reveal their personal contact information.

All this means is that girls can browse through hundreds or thousands of girls looking for an erotic, long term relationship. They can select one of the escort services that match up with their personality type. For example, some girls may have more of a social butterfly and like to meet new people in clubs and such. Others may be a bit introverted and like to get to know people in more intimate environments. When you’re using a dating site that only advertises itself as a dating site, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not giving away any sensitive information that could put your data at risk.

Common Myths About Mega Personals

MegaPersons is presently one of the most popular hookup and dating in the online world having thousands of active users browsing and working from 3 continents and hundreds of countries. MegaPersonals utilizes a proven design to connect its members together in real life. The dating services are left by real live people who either seek companionship for a casual hookup or for money to pay for the dating services. This service is absolutely free for its registered users, but if you would like to enjoy the benefits of dating online and of being a part of an internet community, you may register as a free member today.

To date, MegaPersons is currently the most popular online dating website. However, it’s not only about love and hookups. It is also about intellectual property and setting up attractive ads on the site so that it can attract more advertisers. If you’re interested in being a member of this exciting dating community, you will have to decide first whether to use Megapersonals for your personal use or if you want to benefit commercially through its many services.

MegaPanel, as well as Mega Personals, have advertising options. In order to browse through these different options, you’ll need to create a user account and give out your contact information so that the dating services can set up your own advertisements. In this manner, MegaPanel can serve two purposes:

– Using the dating services

You can actually find a number of good, reputable online dating sites where you can register and start looking for a partner. Some of these sites include BackPage, PerfectMatch and TradeKing. There are also other dating sites, which include escrow sites, whose services are also handled by MegaPanel. Once you’ve registered at one of these sites, all you have to do is put in your own details and personal information. From there, you will gain access to a wide range of contacts, which you can then contact using the contact information you’ve supplied.

– Using the dating site for profit:

There are a lot of people who think that using Megapersonals to look for love online is a breach of their privacy, which is completely wrong. In fact, most of the escrow websites which feature Megapersonals or back page as their partner in crime are legal companies that handle payments for their clients. In this manner, they can legally charge for these services, which means that you won’t have to pay anything extra for using Megapersonals or the back page to search for an ideal date.

– Using Mega personals for illegal purposes:

This is a misconception that many people have, thinking that by using Mega personals they are putting themselves into dangerous situations, including having sex with underage girls. In actual fact, escrow services which work with MegaPanel and similar websites are legitimate and companies that work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of all of their clients. In this way, using Megapersonals or any other website to find a date or even an escort will not put your life at risk.

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Steps to Keep Your Brain Fit in Today’s World



Brain Fit in Today’s World

Your brain is the most remarkable part of your body. Your brain is a creative part of your body. It can create new ways to express yourself and coordinate movements, such as chopping onions or running an obstacle course. It’s easy to assume these powers are automatic.

Healthy Heart

She says that the best strategy is to keep your heart healthy by working with your doctor. Your blood must flow freely through your blood vessels and heart. She explains that high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes increase the risk of developing neurode generative diseases. They also impair blood flow to the brain.

Atherosclerosis is a condition where the walls of an artery become thickened with plaque or “hardened,” which makes it difficult to supply enough blood for Brain Wellness Support to nourish its cells. Ischemic stroke can also occur when blood clots form in an artery cutting off blood supply to a part of the brain. This can lead to permanent or temporary brain damage.

There are many qualities sleep options.

It is essential to shut down your brain for at least 7-9 hours per night to keep it working. Sleep is essential to your brain’s recovery, healing, and mental health. Research has shown that the brain flushes out beta-amyloids, which can cause Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia during sleep. Take a digital detox. Make sure to get to bed at the same time every night. Turn off your electronics 30-60 minutes before you go to sleep. Take a moment to meditate. Meditation can calm the mind and help you sleep better. It has also been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Meditation can help people suffering from insomnia fall asleep faster and stay asleep. She also says that Meditation can reduce inflammation in the brain. “Many people notice that they can focus better and sleep better.

Move your body

Walking 30 minutes per day, joining a dance class, or swimming can help you stay fit and healthy. It could also improve your cognitive health. According to a large Canadian study, more active people than others scored higher on memory and problem-solving tests. Exercise increases blood flow to your brain. Studies have shown that exercise can increase the size and function of the hippocampus (the brain part responsible for memory). This area naturally shrinks with age.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Your brain health can be maintained by eating a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, low in saturated fat, and rich in nutrients such as Herbal Green Food Plus. Whole grains are also a good option. This means that many people follow the Mediterranean diet. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and avocados while limiting red meat.

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Big Brother Naija: Why Nigerians are obsessed with the reality TV show



Big Brother Naija

Within the last five years, the Big Brother Naija reality TV show has become Nigeria’s most watched offering on television. Featuring a diverse mix of housemates drawn from across socioeconmic and cultural lines, this enduring TV content format has become a hot button topic. Now in its sixth season, the show continues to polarise the country. The Conversation Africa’s Joey Akan asked Alex Eloho Umuerri who conducts research into TV and Big Brother Naija, why the show has a strong hold on Nigeria, and about its benefits.

What is Big Brother Naija?

It is a reality television programme that showcases the true characters of participants. Real people are often placed in extraordinary situations and their every moment is recorded as they react to their surroundings.

The idea of reality television programming originated in 1948 in the US when Alan Funt came up with the series Candid Camera. This reality television show has been replicated in different parts of the world.

In Big Brother Naija, housemates are isolated in a house and the dictator/biggie oversees their activities. A prize winner emerges at the end of the show. The programme debuted as season one from 5 March to 4 June 2006. Eleven years later season two of the programme premiered with Efe Ejeba as the prize winner. Since then there has been no stopping it. It’s currently running its sixth season.

Opinions are deeply divided on Big Brother Naija. It has been seriously criticised for showing indecent scenes of nudity and the like. But the producer has also introduced rich content into the programme that explores culture, religion, education and health issues.

Why is it such a big drawcard?

A format is a form of television programme geared towards enlightening, educating or entertaining people. Television programming can therefore vary. The established formats of television broadcasting are news broadcasts, documentaries, drama, interviews, soap operas, musicals, magazine programmes, and so on. Reality television is the current fad programming in Nigeria. The other reality television programme types in Nigeria are MTN’s Project Fame, Nigeria’s Got Talent, Glo Naija Sings and Nigerian Idol.

I break down reality television programmes into two types. One is the confined environment programme, where a number of housemates live together over a period of time until a winner emerges to take the prize money.

The other is the television talent show which features participants who present their talents in front of a panel of judges. Through decisions by the panel of judges and voting by the audiences contestants are eliminated until a winner emerges.

It’s useful to look at Big Brother’s attraction to people from two angles.

First, attraction is from people who are interested in becoming housemates in the reality show. This makes people, especially young Nigerians, seek out an audition when there is an opportunity to participate.

The second attraction is from viewers and fans of the programme.

The cultural element of Big Brother Naija is a major pull factor. The show allows participants to promote their cultural identity through dress, work habits and through the way they speak and the language they speak in.

Production techniques are another major attraction. A good example is the use of the cliffhanger, or suspense, when the producer creates heightened interest in the programme on the part of the viewers. The production technique of keeping the housemates and viewers in suspense has been a hallmark feature of the show from inception.

There are lots of other reasons why viewers are attracted to the show. These range from curiosity to pleasure in others suffering and peer influence, to name but a few.

The programme has accumulated a huge fan base. Most viewers are between 18 and 40 years old.

How does Big Brother Naija benefit Nigeria?

In highlighting the contributions to the country, it is only proper to note a major criticism of the programme: the inclusion of obscene scenes created by the housemates through nude postures.

Another concern has been around allegations of cheating and manipulation of votes to favour. However, it has not been possible to prove these allegations.

Big Brother Naija contributes to the entertainment industry in Nigeria in significant ways. Firstly, it has led to major growth in the industry.

Secondly, it has opened up the entertainment industry for producers, directors, actors, and members of technical crew and led to job creation.

Thirdly, the entertainment industry in Nigeria has immensely benefited from special production techniques with the use of multiple cameras that can capture scenes in the house.

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Fourth, it has attracted a great deal of advertising interest which has generated revenue for the companies involved in the production, and led to greater interest in the brands being promoted.

Lastly, the programme opens up an outlet for supplies of various products – for example food supplies – thus scaling up the chain of economic activities.

What impact has it had on Nigerian society?

When we talk of legacy there’s both good and bad.

On the good side, the program can be said to be a training ground for potential stars. It has been a feeder show for the music industry, film, drama, advertisement world, and numerous other outlets in the entertainment industry.

We also need to understand that it has left a legacy of hard work for young people. It is obvious that the quest to win the prize helps to inculcate the desire of hard work in the housemates.

On the negative side, it’s incumbent on the producer Multichoice to seek advice from indigenous producers to ensure that the indecent attributes of the reality show are removed.

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The antique tiles of Spain and its history



The antique tiles of Spain and its history

People use tiles to decorate their homesespecially the floor. There have many companies tiles in the market but the Spanish one is the best and have a unique style that’s why the tiles of Spain is antique for it’s structure and it’s design also.

We know Spain the country of art and artistic design. So the tile of Spain have an extra benefit cause the tiles are made with the attachment of the artistic pattern.

Spanish tiles have acquired a world wide reputation for its unique design and for the colorful and brilliant combination. The origin of this colorful and unique tiles go back thousands of year back in Spain.

During the midlevel and the Muslim invasion times this kind of ceramics are found in southern and coastal areas of the country Spain. From then this is their antiques, what is used to produce a large number of tiles which gained the maximum market of the whole world especially in Europe.

Generally, people use Spanish tiles to decorate their homes. They mosaic their homes by this Spanish tiles. Spanish tile are different from its uses and it’s variant. Like mosaic art pieces, roof tiles, fountain and so on.

The most beautiful piece of the artisan tiles are used to decorate the church and the places throughout the Spain. The color combination and the design of this tiles brings the culture and heritage of Spain to the all over the world. This kind of artisan tiles get the Spain tiles in a another level. After the invention of this artisan tiles it was bought to every homes of Spain to decorate floors, kitchen, washroom and the indoor interior.

It was the time before the Armada was defeated in 16 century, then Spain was a place of getting the richest natural resources like ceramics and other essential element. But the defeat of the Emperor brought a huge economical crisis. For that Spain need to produce a huge number of domestic goods by that Spain can overcome this economic crisis.

It is noted that a high class tiles were maid in that time and which helps to overcome the economic crisis that time. The tiles then are different from the other age and that tiles are the best from all over the world.

The most designate tiles are glazed which contains metallic along with the glass oxides which makes this tiles different from other tiles. It also increase the durability and makes the tiles shiny all the time.

Now the Spanish ceramics are traded all over the world for it’s design and the artistic pattern. Because the Spanish tiles give an extra vibes about the deign and the interior of the home. It also carries the antique look and have the extra value from the other old tiles.

There are some fancy people’s in the world who like old tiles rather than modern designs. Because a lot people are still obsessed with a variety of old things. That’s why in today’s modern world, in different parts of the home, the old model is in the eye of the beholder. And those who use these things have to admit that they are very fancy people.

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Secrets Behind The Significance of Performing Shraddh



Secrets Behind The Significance of Performing Shraddh

Before knowing the significance let us know the meaning of Shraddh. The word Shraddh is derived by cojoining two Sanskrit words namely ‘Sat’ which means ‘truth’ and ‘Adhar’ which mean basis. The word Shraddh thus, mean any action which is performed with faith and sincerity. Shraddh is also known as death anniversary. It is a ceremonial ritual which showcases how much we respect, love and care for the departed souls of our family including our ancestors.

As mentioned in the ancient texts, when a soul departs from this plain after death, the soul wanders in various plains thus, in order to give rest and peace to the departed souls of our loved ones and to repay the debts to our ancestors, Shraddh is performed.

Holy Scriptures like the Agni Puran, Vayu Puran, Garuda Puran and some other texts mention the importance of Shraddh in brief. Shraddh is one of the oldest forms of custom which has been practiced in Hinduism and many other religions. It is an age-old practice which is performed in remembrance of the departed souls.

Shraddh is performed to liberate the souls of our deceased family members. It is believed that a soul that has left this world is still attached to the worldly things. It is a ritual which is performed with an intend to repay the debts to the ancestors. According to the Hindu belief, after the death of a person, his/her soul departs from this world and enters the Yama loka (land of the God of Death, Yamaraj). This land is between Earth and Heaven.

It is believed that, in Yamaloka, souls from our three past generations are stuck as it is very difficult to attain Moksha. This is a place, where the souls experience all the hardships and worldly senses like pain, thirst, hunger and undergo a lot of trails. These hardships make the souls of our deceased ancestors unhappy, tired, sad and restless. Thus, in order to liberate them from this painful state and to help them elevate to heaven, and lead a peaceful afterlife, the Shraddh is performed.

Shraddh is a ritual which helps the departed souls of our ancestors to attain Moksha and to be at peace. The legend of Shraddh is one of the best examples that helps us to understand the significance, Shraddh holds in offering peace to the souls of the deceased ancestors. Let us learn about the legend of Shraddh.

Legend of Shraddh

As mentioned in the ancient Hindu Holy Scriptures, there was once a pious sage named Nimi who lived a virtuous life. One day, Rishi Nimi’s son died suddenly. Rishi Nimi was shocked and disturbed due to the sudden death of his son. He did not know what to do, this is when Rishi Atri, one of the many sons of Lord Brahma imparted knowledge about the Shraddh with Rishi Nimi. Narad muni guided Rishi Nimi in performing the Shraddh. Just as directed, Rishi Nimi started performing rituals which invoked His ancestors, appeased by the Shraddh ritual, the souls of the deceased ancestors visited Rishi Nimi and told him that because he performed the Shraddh and offered food and water to them while remembering them, and as Rishi Nimi did this with a pure heart, his deceased son had already acquired the position of being one of the Pitra Devas.

The Shraddh performed by rishi Nimi was equivalent to Pitra Yajna. Thus, from that day onwards, the ritual of performing Shraddh Puja became a significant practice in Sanatan Dharma.

Types of Shraddh

As mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, there are twelve kinds of Shraddhs which are performed. Let us learn about them.

  1. 1.     Nitya Shraddh – The Shraddha which is performed daily is known as Nitya Shraddha. It is a ritual of offering food, water, milk, and Kush to the deceased souls of the family daily. Certain people do this Shraddha by offering only water to the souls.
  • Naimittika Shraddh – This type of Shraddh is also renowned as Ekodishta as this Shraddh is performed for only one person. When an individual die, a Shraddh is performed every year on the date the person died.
  • Kamya Shraddh – This is a special kind of Shraddh which is performed on Krittika or Rohini Nakshatra to fulfil special wishes.
  • Vriddhi – Also known as the Nandi Shraddh, the Vriddhi Shraddh is performed to attain blessings of the departed ancestors. This Shraddh is performed when auspicious occasions like birth of a boy or marriage is held. 
  • Sapindan Shraddh – This is one of the most significant Shraddhs which is performed on the 12th day after a person dies. This Sapindan Shraddh can be performed by women too.
  • Parvana – Shraddha which are performed during the period of Pitru Paksha also known as Mahalaya Paksha or during the period of Bhadrapada Purnima is known as Parvana Shraddha.
  • Goshthi Shraddh – This type of Shraddh is performed when all the family members gather together.
  • Karmang Shraddh – The Karmang Shraddh is performed on the occasion of any sacrament.
  • Shuddhayartha Shraddh – This Shraddh is done to appease the ancestors and to keep the family safeguarded and happy.
  1.  Tirtha Shraddh – When an individual or a family is set out to go to a pilgrimage, the Tirtha Shraddh is performed.
  1.  Yatrath Shraddh – When an individual is about to travel anywhere either alone or with family, the Yatrath Shraddh is performed to stay protected and safe during the Yatra. It is done for the safety.
  1.  Pushtayartha Shraddh – The Pushtayartha Shraddh is performed for the health, prosperity, peace, and happiness. The Pushtayartha Shraddh is mainly performed during Ashwin month in the Trayodashi Tithi of Magha Nakshatra.
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