How To Throw A Backyard Wedding

How To Throw A Backyard Wedding

Are you thinking about getting married but the cost of the wedding puts you off? The average cost of a wedding is a frightening $33,900. Couldn’t you use that money for something else?

A backyard wedding might be the perfect solution. It has many advantages, not least, it’s cheaper than a fancy venue. Read on to learn how to throw a backyard wedding that you will remember and will wow your guests.

Planning is Key

All successful weddings take planning. Whether you’re getting married in the most expensive venue in town or your backyard, you must plan.

Consider the size of the backyard and the number of guests you would like to invite. A wedding that spills out into the street isn’t going to be fun. Match the guest list with the capacity of the venue.

Do you want a buffet or a plated dinner? A buffet works well in a backyard but if you want a sit-down meal, you’ll need chairs, tables, tablecloth linens, and you’ll need to think about catering facilities. A wedding rental or catering company may be able to organize it all for you, at a cost.

Hiding Stuff

Look around your backyard. Are there any parts of your backyard that would detract from the occasion? Perhaps you could move trashcans or cover some things up.

A few pipe and drape kits might be all you need to transform an unsightly part of your backyard into a pleasant backdrop for your wedding table. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They can even be used to create a separate area for caterers to work, separate from your guests.

Weather and Season

The risk of a backyard wedding is that the weather will spoil things.

Chose a time of year when the weather is less likely to be a problem. If it’s likely to be dry but cold, cozy blankets and heaters will help. Very hot weather can be made more pleasant with misters, sun shades, and plenty of cold drinks.

If rain might be a problem, have your wedding in a tent. You could at least have one in reserve as a backup plan should the weather turn against you.

Themes and Dreams

Perhaps you have dreamed of a specific wedding theme. It’s possible to re-envision your dream wedding in a backyard setting. Wedding themes range from whimsical to rustic, eco-friendly to Harry Potter.

Whatever your dream wedding, re-work it for your backyard. It can still work and create some wonderful memories.

Your First Dancing

I key point of many weddings is the bride and groom’s first dance. Whether it’s to a waltz or heavy metal, that dance is special. Plan where it will happen and whether you need a dance floor.

A lawn probably won’t work. If you have a patio with a smooth, flat surface, that’s fine. Otherwise, consider hiring a floor.

That’s How to Throw A Backyard Wedding

When considering how to throw a backyard wedding, planning is key. Match your scale with the size of your backyard. Everything else is about making memories.

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