How to sell your car quickly? Discover the evaluation and the professional recovery of your car.

We offer the repurchase of your vehicle without formalities or loss of time. First, get a first assessment of your model via our online tool. We then invite you to complete a short self-assessment in order to specify your final selling price.

You finally make a car trade-in appointment to seal the sale and voila! Whether you are pressed for time or have a horror of administrative procedures, we ensure the sale of your car quickly.

1. What documents do you need to present to sell your car?

You have found a buyer for your car and you can rest easy. Note that the sale of an automobile cannot be concluded without first having completed a certain number of long and complex administrative formalities.

Here are, depending on the type of transaction, the documents that you must obtain and provide to the competent authorities:

2. How to sell your car with

How to sell your car to a professional

Tired of the administrative paperwork? With, discover how to sell your car simply in 24 hours! We evaluate and take back your car unconditionally.

All you have to do now is evaluate your vehicle using our quotation tool. You then complete a self-assessment to specify the equipment and condition of your vehicle in order to receive your final sale price. Discover our 3-step take-back process:

Free evaluation of your car on our site

Self-assessment to receive your final sale price by email.

Car take-back appointment at the agency of your choice: an expert verifies the information you have entered in order to establish a purchase contract.

Renault, Peugeot, Suzuki, Expatcarbuyers takes back all cars, regardless of age or condition. For us, all vehicles are valuable, without exception. So do not hesitate and start with the evaluation of your car without delay.

Full support for formalities

Satisfied with your final sale price? Show your registration card, identity card and RIB, and sign the contract. Regarding post-sales administrative costs, everything is taken care of by our experts. This is how to sell your car as quickly as possible.

3. How to sell your car: the alternatives

how to sell car

If selling your vehicle may seem complicated, it’s because there are so many ways to go about it. They sometimes have very serious advantages but also many disadvantages. To help you see more clearly, we have listed the different options available to you.


Classifieds are widely used by a large number of people. Be sure to add a complete description of the property you are selling and do not forget to put pictures to reassure potential buyers.

Takeover by a dealer or a professional

After the classifieds, this is perhaps the solution that we think about the most. To do this, you just have to go to a dealership and present your car to a sales advisor who will make you an offer by studying the product you have to offer.

Putting a poster on your car A

frequently used method before the development of the Internet, posters still have their followers. As with a classified ad, give as much information as possible about the property in question.

sell any car uae


Taking pictures, writing the ad and posting it on the main classified ads sites, presenting the cars in their showroom, the employees of these dealerships take care of everything for a fee.


If we tend to think that these generally take place in auction rooms, you can also offer your vehicle for auction online through specialized sites.

In the first case, you will have to go to a room and meet the organizers to complete the preliminary steps and set the reserve price, an amount below which you refuse to give up your car.

If you choose the second option, you have to prepare a text and upload it, like a traditional ad. The only difference is that you are again asked to set a reserve price and therefore your car can be sold at a price different from the one you expected.

Selling in car parks

Taking pictures, writing the advertisement and posting it on the main classified ads sites, presenting your property in their showroom, the employees of these concessions take care of everything for a fee.

Auto export

The number of potential customers is logically multiplied. One thing is certain, the formalities are more or less complex depending on the country in which you plan to sell your vehicle. Find out carefully beforehand.

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