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2021: Guide to credit note format



Credit Note

A tax invoice is issued when two parties establish a transaction between themselves. The supplier generates a tax invoice with all the necessary details for the buyer and the buyer makes the payment. To put it simply, the ownership of goods and products gets transferred from the seller to the buyer. But due to multiple reasons, a supplier needs to refund a partial or full during the transaction process. Because the original invoice cannot be deleted or edited once it is issued, the supplier has to issue a credit note for the buyer to keep the accounting records intact.


Suppose, two parties namely Star Ltd. (the buyer) and Steering Ltd.(the supplier) had a transaction on 21st April 2021. The products ordered by Star Ltd. situated in Delhi were worth 400000/- Indian rupees. Steering Ltd. who also has an office in Delhi issued a tax invoice worth rupees 400000/- and the payment was cleared on the same day. After the delivery of the goods, Star Ltd. found out that goods worth 50000/- were not up to the mark and decided to return the products. Steering Ltd. must generate a credit note for Star Ltd. for returning the goods. The amount that needs to be repaid is equivalent to the aggregate value of the goods and services.

Credit note is the answer to your transactional troubles.

The rule suggests the amount equivalent to the goods or services returned needs to be refunded to the buyer’s account. The same clause also suggests that to relieve the buyer of the tax liability a credit note needs to be attached with the invoice. Here, the credit note will act as an affirmation for the amount that needs to be returned to the buyer. Multiple invoices can use a single credit note, so there is no particular need of issuing credit notes every time a tax invoice is generated.

Furthermore, if and when credit notes are generated, the individual or company whomsoever it may concern needs to declare the details while filing for the GST report on the following month.

Under the CGST act Section 32, registered individuals can generate a tax invoice, therefore unregistered traders cannot ask for taxes while supplying goods and services.

When to issue a credit note

After the implementation of Goods and Service Tax laws in 2015, it has been specified in which circumstances a credit note can be issued. Some of them are discussed below:

  • When the goods have been purchased if the tax paid by the buyer is more than the actual amount.
  • If the payment is yet to be made, but the receiver of the products or services finds out that the tax implied on the product is more than legitimate value.
  • The supplier needs to refund a partial or full amount (depending upon the situation) if the buyer returns the product due to the poor quality of the goods or services.
  • If any similar or tends to similar reasons arise during the transaction process.

Details that need to be covered while creating a credit note

A dealer must keep some essential details while generating a credit note format:

  • Date: When the transaction occurs, the date of the transaction needs to be declared.
  • Header: One of the basic aspects of the credit note format is to denote the document type (i.e, credit note)
  • Serial Number: A credit note must possess a unique 16 digit consecutive serial number. You can include a combination of alphabet, numerical and special characters.
  • Contact Details: The contact details of the supplier in addition to the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number.
  • Supplier Details: Supplier’s name, address and GST number.
  • Invoice Details: Include the date of issue, invoice number and the details of the invoice to avoid confusion.
  • Amount: All monetary details of the invoice including tax rate, the value of the product or services, the taxable amount credited or debited from the receiver.
  • Verification: Don’t forget to include the signature of the supplier or his/her authorised representative.

Credit note format

While creating a credit note format, keep these details in mind:

  • Supplier’s GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number), name and address.
  • Document Type (credit note)
  • Buyer name, address, GSTIN or Unique ID number (if registered under the GST law).
  • In case the buyer is unregistered please mention the name, address, address of the delivery place, state and Pincode of the person who is going to receive the goods.
  • Invoice number and date of the invoice.
  • Tax cost and amount of the goods or services.
  • Issued date of the credit note.
  • The buyer must include a unique and consecutive number system of 16 digits in the credit note.
  • Lastly, the credit note format must have the signature or digital signature of the supplier or his/her respective representative.

Keeping all these details in mind is necessary while creating a credit note format. Without these details a credit note is incomplete.

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How to Get More Visitors to Your Site



Master all of the basics associated with SEO. Spend as much time on Google’s SERPs as you do on internal tools. Master the SERP overlap test thoroughly. Aim for at least the featured snippet on SERPs. Adhere to the principles of good SEO; do not employ blackhat techniques, such as keyword stuffing, which have been proven to be harmful to ranking. Avoid keyword stuffing, at all costs.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Focus on quality, not quantity. If you want to get top rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo, there’s no point in stuffing your website with keywords or key phrases. Stuffing is an unpardonable technique in SEO, as it usually ends up backfiring on your website, giving your rankings a bad name. Instead, focus on quality content and on-site SEO, while spending the necessary time on internal tools that will help you optimize your landing pages, your backlinks, your titles, and your Meta tags. You can buy backlinks from many platforms.

Avoid Stuffing Keywords

Avoid over stuffing keywords. When it comes to on-page seo tips, this is the most important thing to keep in mind: don’t overload your website with keywords. Keyword stuffing results in a poor SERP appearance, as each keyword gets an unbounded number of times within the body of your content. The resulting SEM appearing on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other SERPS will look terrible.


Establish a monthly traffic plateau. As part of your on-page seo tips, you should decide how much organic traffic your site can handle daily. If you’re just getting started with your online marketing campaign, then you may want to start small: start with one to two articles a day, with a corresponding amount of monthly traffic. If your sales don’t move past that point, then you may want to increase your efforts with off-page techniques, like link building and publishing articles for directories.

Right Keywords and Research

Make sure you’re not missing out on keywords that people are using for their searches. If you’re stuck on the second tier of search engine rankings, then it’s likely that your main keyword isn’t getting enough attention from your potential customers. Some savvy internet marketers have devised a clever way to increase their overall SERP appearance by targeting highly searched keywords! There are various software programs out there that will automate the process of finding high-salaried keywords, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time and effort manually finding them.

Use Becker’s algorithm. Eric Bekker is widely considered the leading authority in terms of keyword optimization, and his algorithm has been proven very effective for both SEO and affiliate marketing websites. Bekker’s work combines SEO power with a natural listing high number of keywords, which increases your odds of being found when someone performs a search using that set of words. With the proper tools, you can make sure your SEO campaign is as effective as possible.

Keep your website’s crawl rate up. Ideally, search engines should find your site fairly quickly, but even after they do, your site should be crawling at a decent pace. The good news is that Google has provided tools that will test your page speed and even provide you with details about the crawl rate of different search engines. This should give you an idea of what to work on to improve your crawl rate.

Focus on long tail keywords. Becker says “long tail” keywords are generally not well ranked by major search engines. He says “if you really want to rank high organically (not with search engine results pages) then focus on low competition longer tail keywords that have low competition”. These are generally the keywords that you find in Google’s own organic traffic tool, called “Botox”. Instead of wasting time and money trying to rank for a bunch of “high competition” long tail keywords, try finding phrases that have low competition but plenty of traffic.

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3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Coffee Beans Wholesale Supplier



Wholesale Supplier

Do you plan to purchase coffee beans wholesale? Whether you want it for your coffee shop or for personal use – buying coffee beans wholesale is not an easy job. You have to take care of a number of things, including – the quality of beans, how well they are roasted, where they were stored, etc. 

To ensure you receive quality beans, you have to choose a wholesaler very carefully and precisely. But among hundreds or thousands of wholesalers available in the market, how do you know which one is worth choosing? 

To determine the right seller, you need to ask the right question. Here is a list of questions that you must ask the suppliers you have shortlisted:

What’s The Grade Of Your Coffee Beans That You Roast?

This is the first question you need to ask your coffee beans wholesale supplier – the grade of their coffee beans. Give priority to those sellers whose answer is “Specialty coffee beans”. It’s because these beans are of the highest quality and are generally to be used in coffee shops. They are known as the cream of coffee crops. These beans are more consistently shaped and sized, which helps in roasting the coffee evenly.

How Many Years Have You Been In The Market?

It does not matter much if you choose a popular or local coffee roasters wholesale. What matters is their experience, skills in roasting coffee and how many years they have been serving in the industry. So make sure to ask each of the sellers in your shortlist this very important question – “how much experience, and skill do you have in roasting coffee? The higher the experience, the better his skills and the more quality coffee they will supply you. 

The reason why you should choose experienced sellers is – they have a high goodwill and brand image in the market – which is one of the most valuable things to any company. A business owner can do anything to maintain it, and offering quality products consistently comes in it.

How much time will you take to deliver my coffee?

Whenever you are shopping for something online, for example, a shoe. Most of the time, we check the delivery time of a vendor and make our decision (of whether to choose it or not) based on that. Everyone wants their parcel to reach their doorsteps as quickly as possible. You have to follow the same approach here. Ask your seller this question –  how much time do you take on average to deliver an order? 

Everyone wants their coffee beans to be as fresh as possible – you might want the same. That’s why always choose those sellers who guarantee to ship your order fast and with minimum delivery charges. Remember, delivery charges are an important factor, don’t forget to check that. No one likes paying $50 extra, just for delivery expenses. In case you don’t find a good list of popular brands, don’t mind choosing from local coffee roasters wholesale. 

Do a little research around your local market and make a list of all the reliable sellers based on their market image. Now check whose quality is better and place your order. The biggest benefit of choosing a local seller is you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping charges.

Final Words

With these questions, you can find a reliable coffee bean wholesaler offering the highest quality coffee beans. In the end, if you know someone who has been facing issues with selecting a wholesaler for coffee beans – share this article with them. 

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Top Reasons to Upgrade Shower Systems




If you have many people, your bathroom is likely to be the most used room in your house. It is essential that your bathroom is functional and provides everything you need. A great shower is one thing you will need. It is surprising to see how many bathrooms do not shower or use a hose instead of a bath. Some bathrooms are outdated and do not have the power of a modern shower. Modern bathrooms have amazing showers. A Waterfall Rain Shower System can provide multiple benefits for your home, and it can also be an affordable way to transform your bathroom. Are you ready to remodel your shower? These are the benefits of a bathroom remodelling project.

Upgrade your shower.

There are many reasons to remodel your shower. Maybe your shower does not function as well as it used to. Maybe your bathroom looks a little tired and needs a makeover. Here are some reasons you should upgrade your shower.

Improved functionality

Modern showers come with a lot of modern bells and whistles, making them worth the investment. A power shower is the best way to get up every morning. A simple upgrade to your shower could make it work better.

A better appearance

Ceiling Shower System is a great way to improve its appearance. You will be inspired by many bathrooms’ remodels. A modern, stylish shower can transform your bathroom into a fashionable space.

Make the most of what space you have.

Are you making the best use of your bathroom’s space and capacity? One way to make your bathroom more spacious is to replace the shower.

It is also affordable.

Remodelling your bathroom is one of the most affordable home improvements you can make. You can make a significant improvement to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Different types of shower remodel

It cannot be easy to choose the right shower to remodel. There are so many choices that it is not easy to decide what you want. The following are some of the most common options for a bathroom remodel.

Conversions from the tub to the shower

A tub to shower conversion is a great option if you do not use your tub often or your shower head is too small. You can transform your bathroom with tub to shower conversions. For example, you might find that a shower takes up less space than a standard tub. This could allow you to have more space for storage or other units.

Remodel large showers

You have space, so why not make it work for you? Large shower remodels a great way to add luxury to your home. A large shower can add modern styling to your bathroom and allow you to add benches or other cool features.

Shower walls

It is crucial to consider the surround of your shower. There are many options, whether you want a tiled or panelled look. Your bathroom’s longevity can be increased by upgrading your shower walls. This will reduce maintenance. Transforming your shower walls can make a big difference in your bathroom’s appearance. There are many options for shower walls, so you have many choices when it comes time to remodel your shower.

Solid surface

Single walls available in many designs. It uses solid surface walls from and as well as natural stones walls. A solid surface shower can make your bathroom look more luxurious and give it a spa-like feel.

Grout and tile

For your shower walls, tile and grout are a great choice. You have many options for styles and designs, and tiles can transform your bathroom. To ensure that your bathroom is waterproof and of the highest quality.

Increase the value and appeal of your home.

A bathroom remodel is just one example of many home improvements that can add value to your home. It will make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers and ensure long-term functionality. This is what everyone desires when purchasing a home. Modern fixtures and fittings combined with a stylish design will create a lasting impression.

Energy efficiency: Get more efficient.

Modern bathrooms can be energy efficient. This will help the environment as well as your utility bills. You have the opportunity to remodel your shower and choose an energy-saving, water-conserving shower. You will be amazed at the impact a more efficient shower can have on your home’s appearance and power.

Modernize your bathroom with modern design.

The bathroom is a great feature of vacations or staying at luxury hotels. You always want to take it home with you, so why not? It is worthwhile to invest in a modern and luxurious bathroom for your home. This will impress guests and provide a space that is both comfortable and satisfying.

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Understanding the Role of a B2B Web Portal




B2B web portals allow today’s businesses to connect with customers and clients in new, exciting, and highly optimised ways. Using a web portal, your business can streamline everyday operations and stay up to date with your customers’ ever-changing expectations.

Whether you’ve thoroughly researched B2B web portals or are just dipping your toes into the topic, this article will explain the role of B2B web portals and discuss how they could benefit your business.

What is a B2B web portal?

A B2B (or business to business) web portal is a system built into your business’s website. Through the portal, you can manage your staff members, customers, distributors, and other clients all in one place.

You can oversee all sorts of data and experiences through a B2B web portal, including:

  • Promoting upcoming sales
  • List available services and products
  • Allowing customers to save their payment information
  • Tracking sales data

You should also be able to transfer any existing data from your current inventory management system, making setup quick and easy.

Why do businesses use B2B web portals?

Businesses use B2B web portals for distinct reasons—although the overarching reason is improved communication.

For example, through your web portal, you can communicate with suppliers, manufacturers, and purchasers all in one space. Keeping communication within one platform will ensure all of your customers and clients have access to the information they need, reducing the risk of mistakes or miscommunications. 

Additionally, businesses use B2B web portals for their multiple quality-of-life benefits and enhanced security. For example, you can define user roles within a B2B portal, ensuring only approved personnel can access specific information.

How can a B2B web portal benefit my business?

B2B web portals offer an enormous range of benefits for businesses—including faster startup times, real-time analytics tracking, and much more.

Here are just a few ways implementing a B2B web portal could benefit your business.

  1. Reducing manual tasks

B2B web portals can handle various tasks you previously managed manually—such as tracking sales, implementing discounts and promotions, and reordering products.

Once you’ve installed your B2B web portal, you’ll be able to track sales, add discounts, and reorder your products automatically. For example, you could instruct the software to automatically move a product to your website’s front page if it is selling well.

  1. Allowing quicker start-up times

While you might assume setting up a B2B web portal is a time-consuming task, this isn’t the case.

With B2B web portals, there’s no need to set up your inventory and catalogue manually. You won’t need to integrate other platforms one-by-one. Your new portal will handle it all for you, combining your existing platforms, customer records, and catalogue data all in one go.

  1. Offering multiple lines of communication

With B2B web portals, you’re no longer limited to communicating via emails or over the phone. Most portals offer simple and varied forms of communication for customers, clients, and staff, including tickets and chatbots.


A B2B web portal is a specialised system integrated within your business’s website. The portal will allow you to manage your customers, staff, and distributors through one platform.

Implementing B2B web portal software will streamline your operations, improve the customer experience, and achieve growing success for your business.

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Maintaining Bloomex fresh-cut flower bouquets




● Maintaining Bloomex fresh-cut flower bouquets

There are so many reasons that the flower industry has flourished for years. Flowers are gifts that have been universally appreciated across the world, amongst both men and women. They are perfect for so many types of occasions, you can’t go wrong with offering flowers at most events. Plus, these all-natural gifts can boost the mood of whoever they are given to… provided they are fresh and perky, of course.

If you have just received a beautiful flower arrangement, you might be curious how you can prolong its beauty for as long as possible – after all, it is a living decoration! Have you heard that you need to drop a penny in a vase with water, or put your flowers in the sun to keep them fresh? Lots of “helpful tips” out there might actually be hurting your flowers’ longevity. That’s why we’re here to explain how to keep flowers fresh and why these tips work.

First and most importantly, use a clean vase and clean tap water before putting the flowers in the vase. Change the water every 1-2 days and use a clean vase each time you change the water. Never add water to old vase water. Prevention of bacteria growth in the vase water is key.

Nest, use the specialized flower food that comes with your bouquet. All of the nutrients that the flowers need are in this packet – the florists know best. Add it to clean, cool water. We don’t recommend adding sugar or lemonade to your flowers in place of flower food as it actually ends up becoming a magnet for bacteria, which attacks the longevity of your flowers.

You can also remove the leaves and/or thorns that sit below the waterline when the flowers are placed in the vase. Leaves and thorns soaking in water will cause bacteria to accumulate quicker, causing damage to the flowers. Don’t trim the leaves that are above – the flowers still need these ones to help absorb water. The only part of the flowers below the water line should be the stems.

Select the right place in your home to display your flowers. Keep them away from fruits, particularly if you are keeping them in your kitchen. Fruits release trace amounts of ethylene gas. When the gas comes in close contact with the flowers, it can increase the rate of fermentation. In addition, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. These will cause the bulbs to bloom faster, and therefore speeding up the aging process of the flowers.

Our last tip comes from being proactive about how and where you buy your flowers from. Purchasing flowers from same-day delivery services such as Bloomex ensures that your flowers will be the freshest they can be on the day of delivery. Same-day delivery gives you the peace of mind that your flowers will last as long as possible, and even more so while incorporating all of these other tips.

Fresh-cut flowers don’t last forever. But it is possible to keep them looking beautiful for an extended period of time with the right care. We hope you can use these tips next time you or a loved one receives flowers as a gift.

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