How To Choose A Dining Table

The dining table, an essential piece of furniture to enjoy delicious meals with family or friends, exists in different styles, materials and with different seats. However, between wood, metal, laminate, various shapes, classic legs, crossed legs or a single leg, which one to choose?

Essential choice criteria for a dining table

A piece of furniture by a wooden table manufacturer, essential in the dining room, is available in numerous models and finishes. To choose the dining table, aesthetic criteria are taken as a reference, but also some technical criteria.

You can choose the dining table based on:

  • The style you are looking for: traditional, industrial, Scandinavian, “retro”, rustic, designer;
  • The shape: round, square, rectangular, oval, triangular, designer;
  • The size: number of places;
  • The maintenance  daily: easy, medium, hard;
  • The options: height-adjustable table, extendable console, folding table.

The style of a dining table

The first criteria of choice are the aesthetics of the table so that it combines perfectly with the decoration of your home. Certainly, it is important that it blends into the room and does not appear uneven. 

That does not prevent that if we want a piece of furniture of character, or we have inherited our grandmother’s dining room table, we cannot put it, even if it does not combine with the rest of the furniture. 

Traditional table

The traditional dining table has a rectangular shape and 4 simple legs, wood or metal trim, and a fairly neutral colour. It fits perfectly in warm contemporary homes with a relaxed atmosphere.

Industrial table

The industrial-style dining table is generally made up of a  metal frame and a glass or wooden top. Obviously, it matches a loft or warehouse-style decor. You can also find it in many coworking offices.

Nordic or Scandinavian style table

Generally, it has a top of rounded shapes, and of white or very light colours, with  3 or 4 wide legs of light wood.

Retro table “pop-art”

The “retro” pop art table, made of plastic or metal materials, and bright colours, brings freshness and life to the room.

Rustic wooden table

The rustic table, made of solid cherry, oak or beech wood, is heavy and bulky.  We can also find large classic-style wooden tables in large houses and mansions. Wood is suitable for any style.

Design table

The shapes, both of the tabletop and of the legs, are original and out of the ordinary and can be made to measure, to suit the style and space it will occupy.

Shape and size of the dining table

We will choose the shape of the dining table according to our tastes, but also according to the space we have :

  • Round tables fit perfectly into small spaces while softening the look of the dining room;
  • Square or rectangular tables print a sober character, but they adapt well to all types of rooms;
  • The oval tables adapt to medium-sized and long rooms and add more depth to the room;
  • The triangular tables fit into spacious rooms, they are modern and original;
  • Tables with design shapes and curves are adapted to large and refined rooms.
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