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Energy Drink: The Intermediate Energy Boost



Energy Drink

Red Bull energy drink contains ingredients that help your body get a performance kick. They are now available in different flavors such as Wild Cherry Red Bull, Peach Nectarine RedBull, Crisp Pear Red Bull, so they can be enjoyed anytime. The ingredients of caffeine and taurine increase performance. The body gains more energy and stamina to do more in the short term. Thanks to the different flavor variations, there is a lot of variety in the flavor original and several limited editions.

So, “Red Bull gives you wings”?

RedBull is known as one of the energy drink segment leaders for supporting students and active athletes. The inexpensive alternative for lovers of the classic energy drink. The unique varieties have brought RedBull a huge fan base. It is the first in the energy drink segment to launch a fruity variety such as the Peach Nectarine Red Bull orWild Cherry Red Bull. The higher caloric content of 1.5kcal / ml is ideal for providing sufficient energy to the weakened body.

  • RedBull energy drinks help increase physical performance and concentration through their higher caffeine and taurine content. Hence, they are popular in stressful situations such as students’ exams, long car rides, and demanding occupations.
  • RedBull drinks are a popular party drink as they suppress fatigue. The manufacturer does not recommend consumption as a mixture of alcohol since caffeine and alcohol have opposite effects.
  • Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with caffeine intolerance should refrain. Caffeine content increases significantly. Generally 32mg / 100ml is included.

But what causes a real Energy Drink, and what is the best Energy Drink?

It is not surprising that, in addition to coffee and cocoa, Red Bull is one of the most popular awakenings. Many people use the wake-up kick from the can to focus, overcome short-term fatigue (for example, after a meal), or stay awake for a long time, for example, at parties or long car trips. 

Energy drink comparison – what is it?

Colloquially it is understood under Energy Drink, a soft drink with higher caffeine content. To make the awakening even more effective, the substance taurine is added, which is also said to have a toning effect. The producers of energy drink Red Bull is also known as the sponsor of various live music and action sports events.

The best energy drink Red Bull: mode of action

Red Bull energy drinks, as the name implies, are intended to give the body an energy boost giving the ability to concentrate increases, and the whole body feels fresh and alert. That’s why students, professional drivers, and people in general who work hard are the ones who work particularly hard. Even at parties, Red Bull energy drinks are offered, often in combination with alcohol. Especially the combination with Vodka, called Vodka-E, is popular, but not without danger. 

Let us explain how the individual components of the body work and why you take care of one’s enjoyment. With Crisp Pear Red Bull, you feel more alert and fit. In your energy drink test, you will experience the effect yourself and may end up with a personal experience. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of sipping a Red Bull:

  • Caffeine: Positive effect

Caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and heart activity. As a result, the brain is stimulated, and attention, concentration and drive are increased. Depending on the amount and the frequency consumed, the impact between 3 and 6 will last for hours.

  • Negative effect

With frequent consumption, habituation of the body is established so that larger amounts are needed to develop the same awakening effect. Caffeine addiction may be the result. In case of withdrawal, a headache may occur.

  • Taurine: Positive effect

Taurine is an endogenous amino acid responsible for, among other things, the formation of bile acid. Taurine is also believed to play a role in central nervous system formation and muscle growth. It has not been proven if it improves the effects of caffeine.

  • Negative effect

Since June 2013, the amount of taurine that an energy drink can contain is limited to 0.4g / ml. Overdose can cause palpitations, nausea, and cramps.

Note: According to a study, the use of energy drinks with taurine combined with alcohol can lead to adverse effects, such as cardiovascular collapse, kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

Buying an energy drink: How awake is a Red Bull energy drink?

The amount of caffeine contained is given in mg / 100ml, but it does not help anyone in practice. Also, the invigorating feeling that comes from enjoying an energy drink entering is highly subjective. However, one can divide the energy drink on a scale of the most popular alarm clocks: 

This is because the little ones can Energy Drink has a capacity of 250 ml, but a cup of coffee contains a maximum of 200 ml. Of these, in many cases, much of the milk. In that sense, more is compared. 

Energy Drink Drunk like coffee. 

On the other hand, energy drinks are advertised directly with the awakening and invigorating effect so that you are expected to drink, and thus a placebo effect occurs.

It doesn’t matter if you have a placebo effect or not. Enjoying any of Wild Cherry RedBull, Peach Nectarine Red Bull, Crisp Pear Red Bull helps many people in stressful situations every day. The question, which flavor is the best. Now it varies from person to person. Therefore, you must take the personal Red Bull energy drink test and automatically choose the winner!

Frequently asked questions about an energy drink.

  1. At what age can you drink a Red Bull?

A controversial issue regarding Red Bull energy drinks is age. For beer, wine, liquor, and cigarettes, age limits are clearly regulated, and a violation can result in steep fines. But since when you can buy and drink an energy drink, it is not regulated. However, many retailers play it safe and give the liquid caffeine fix only to at least 16 years.

  • Is caffeine allowed during pregnancy?

Since caffeine affects the activity of the heart, it also has an effect on the fetus. Consumption of energy drinks during pregnancy is strongly discouraged. Researchers found in animal studies that, in the worst-case scenario, caffeine can cause a delay in the growth of a baby or even a miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women should not only completely avoid energy drinks but also coffee and coke.

  • What do Red Bull energy drinks bring to sports?

Especially when it comes to sports, there are many controversial opinions when it comes to energy drinks. While some manufacturers advertise with increased physical performance, doctors and researchers warn in some cases of consumption connected with sports. 

The truth is so prevalent in between: caffeine increases the heart’s activity and increases the burning of fat. However, action sports such as E-mountain biking or Punching Bag training naturally release adrenaline, so the body does not need additional caffeine. An overdose of both substances can, in the worst case, be pure stress on the body and cause cardiovascular failure or seizures. However, a Red Bull energy drink a little before training can increase motivation and drive and help you get over the stress and strain.

P.S. And now let us reflect out loud. 

Do we have the guarantee of the food products that we consume frequently? Red Bull may not be charity sisters, but neither are the powerful GMO food cartels or the pharmaceutical industry’s powerful lobby. 

What is clear is that all these strategies can come out of nowhere. Red Bull surrounded itself with the best professionals, great training and experience. If you are interested in marketing and your dream is to be able to run companies like this, you can boost your energy with a Red Bull.

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Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Suitable For The Winter?



Hot tubs have come a long way since they were first popularized in the 1970s. There is no longer the need to have a wooden construction built into your backyard, and many inflatable models have come to market in recent years. However, many people believe that inflatable hot tubs are not suitable for colder climates. That is far from the truth. 

In fact, inflatable hot tubs are no longer the flimsy glorified kiddie pools they used to be. You may even find that the best inflatable hot tub for winter rivals fixed hot tubs and adds portability. Here are a few reasons you should consider getting an inflatable hot tub even if you live in a colder climate.

Portability – Deflate And Inflate As Needed

Whether you have the space for it or not, an inflatable hot tub can easily be deflated and stowed away. If you have a vacation house where you like to go skiing, you can simply tuck the portable hot tub in your luggage and inflate it when you arrive at your destination. Nothing beats the versatility and freedom of having a portable hot tub.

Prices Are More Affordable

While fixed hot tubs are more of a luxury item that only your wealthy neighbors can afford, an inflatable hot tub is relatively cheaper to buy. Don’t mistake that lower price point for a loss in quality or durability, because modern inflatable hot tubs actually have a sophisticated design and are made of durable modern materials. 

Easy Installation Means You Don’t Need To Hire A Construction Crew

Getting a fixed hot tub installed involves dealing with a construction crew for what may seem like an eternity as they build the hot tub and install it properly. This may discourage many people from buying one. Inflatable hot tubs can easily be installed, even by an inexperienced home owner. It really is as simple as inflating the tub and filling it before turning on the equipment. 

Inflated Hot Tubs Reach High Temperatures

Many people assume that the materials used in inflatable hot tubs makes it more difficult to reach higher temperatures that are preferred during winter. Contrary to popular belief, modern inflatable hot tubs can reach similar temperatures as regular, fixed hot tubs. This makes them the perfect candidate for use during the winter. If you do not like using a hot tub during the warmer months, you may even consider simply emptying the hot tub and deflating it to store for the next year. Most models are simple enough to operate and come with detailed instructions on how to stow them away for later use.

Buying a hot tub for the winter does not need to be a lavish and expensive purchase, because inflatable hot tubs are just as capable of  heating up water during the colder months as any fixed hot tub. If you’re on a budget, we highly recommend that you look for an inflatable hot tub to relax in during the harsh winter nights. You won’t regret your purchase.

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Fun Ideas For Adult Parties




Who says children are the only ones who can have a fun party? Even adults can have exciting and memorable parties. The key to great adult parties is to think out of the box and to be creative. You can’t simply gather a bunch of people and expect them to have a good time. You need to think of fun activities that they will enjoy. Below are some cool ideas that you can try for your next get-together.

Outdoor movie night

If you and your friends love to watch movies, then maybe you can organize an outdoor movie night. It’s one of the best ways to spend a beautiful summer evening. There’s something about watching movies outdoors that makes it a fun and special activity. If you don’t have a projector and a screen, then you can simply take out your LED TV.

Of course, you need to set up the place to make your guests comfortable. The best thing about watching movies outdoors is that you don’t even need seats. You just need to set up mats and pillows. What movie to watch you may ask? What about a scary movie? Horror movies are perfect to watch under the moonlight. And yes, don’t forget the popcorn.

Pool party

If you have a pool at home or have access to a pool then make good use of it by having a pool party. It’s the perfect thing to do especially when the weather is hot. And it’s also a chance to show off your new swimwear and summer outfits. Pool parties should have a relaxed vibe so you need to make sure that your setup will encourage your guests to chill. And you really don’t need to prepare much.

All you need are some blankets, towels, colorful pillows. Pool floats and beach balls are optional. Of course, a pool party won’t be complete without a barbecue. You can have burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and anything that you can cook on a grill. For desserts, ice cream is perfect for hot summer days and nights.

Bowling party

The best adult parties are those that involve some sort of games. So why don’t you organize a bowling party? Bowling is a fun activity. And it doesn’t matter if your guests are good bowlers or not, for sure they’ll still have a good time. And the best thing about a bowling party is that you can hold it even if the weather is bad.

The key to a successful bowling party is finding the right venue. It’s a good thing that many bowling alleys nowadays cater to bowling parties. Some even have party packages that include food, drinks, and even party favors. Getting a party package means that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The venue will take care of everything you’ll need. And if you get a party package then you can be sure that you will have enough space for your party. Some even have party packages that include food, drinks, and even party favors. Getting a party package means that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The venue will take care of everything you’ll need. And if you get a party package then you can be sure that you will have enough space for your party. The venue staff can also tend to your needs.

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What Are the Different Parenting Styles?



What Are the Different Parenting Styles

A huge 88% of parents believe that parenting today is more difficult than it used to be. Thanks to new research into parenting styles and the growth of social media, there is a lot more judgment out there.

And parents are more afraid they are “doing it wrong” than ever before.

But is there a right or wrong way to parent or are there just different styles? This guide will walk you through the four parenting styles defined by psychologist Diana Baumrind in the 1960s plus two new ones.


Hands-off parenting is also known as uninvolved or neglectful parenting. Hands-off parents have little to no expectations of their children and do not respond to their needs. Children find their parents unloving and their cognitive development is poor.

It is the worst parenting style. If you think you have this approach to parenting and are in a child custody battle, you should seek immediate and professional help. The hands-off style is one of the big parenting mistakes to avoid.


Permissive parenting is also known as indulgent parenting. Parents are undemanding of their children and give them few responsibilities. But, unlike hands-off parenting, the parents are loving and “give in” to their child’s desires often.

They are likely to let their children stay up past their bedtime and give them extra treats. But this type of parenting style does not give children what they really need. Children need boundaries or else they will not fare well in a rule-based society.


Authoritative parenting is one of the better parenting styles. It is more likely to result in children becoming well-adjusted adults. Authoritative parents have high (but realistic) standards and set reasonable boundaries.

This parenting style avoids empty threats and harsh punishment. Instead, it encourages self-confidence and self-discipline. It is one of the hardest parenting styles to master but the most rewarding.


Very different from authoritative, an authoritarian approach to parenting involves high expectations. And the punishment for breaking rules is also way too high.

The thought process of authoritarian parents is that their children will be obedient and driven. But, strict action without cause leads to raising children who do not know where the boundaries are and have poor judgment.


Helicopter parenting is a new style of parenting. These types of parents are too focused on the successes of their children and they micro-manage them. 

Children of helicopter parents develop low self-esteem. They are often unable to believe they can achieve by themselves.


Another new parenting style, attachment parenting is often only applicable to raising children up to three years old. It is the practice of breastfeeding, holding, and sleeping with the child to achieve close body contact almost 24/7. This results in a close emotional bond.

Many regard it as a healthy parenting style, but attachment parents should be mindful of not tending to their child’s every need. They could slip into permissive parenting without realizing they are.

Parenting Styles To Raise Well-Adjusted Kids

Now you have more information on the main parenting styles, you will be able to choose the right style for you. You will never get it right 100% of the time but as long as you have your child’s best interest at heart, they will be fine.

Want to learn more about parenting and raising kids? Browse our website for lots of helpful tips and advice!

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London’s Top Tripadvisor Contributor Stefano Malachi Enjoys Staycation at The UK’s First NYX hotel




Stefano Malachi is mesmerised by the artsy design of NYX Holborn, the UKs First NYX Hotel that recently opened. Its really about celebrating the staycationing in this vibrant city!” says Stefano Malachi about NYX Hotel London Holborn.

Remains hugely popular as top 1% Tripadvisor reviewers in London, Stefano Malachi is known for both his writing voice and influencer work. Recently the UK-based Indonesian Instagram Star had shared his staycation experience at Heaven Suite, the best hotel room category at NYX Holborn. His 65,000 Instagram followers had been eyeing highlights of the UK’s First NYX Hotel’s features from its outstanding spacious room to great restaurant.

As a bit of background, NYX Hotel London Holborn is set to become London’s hottest new destination for an overnight stay, spa visit, good food, innovative cocktails and an electric atmosphere. From Madrid to Milan, via Tel Aviv, the latest NYX Hotel is set to take London by storm. The UK’s first NYX Hotel – NYX Hotel London Holborn – named after the Greek goddess of the night, is a unique and exciting hotel that celebrates the vibrancy and culture of the city. 

This weekend, Stefano Malachi has experienced the hotel’s Heaven Suite: the top-tier room with additional features include fully-stocked Smeg fridges, Nespresso coffee machines, cosy robes and slippers and surprising VIP touches for every guest. “I truly love the SuperKing dream beds and the fact it’s exclusively designed to bespoke feather and down duvets, that’s pretty amazing!.” says Stefano Malachi.

Stefano Malachi also shared the buzzing bar and restaurant located in the ground floor. He says, “I find the colourful interiors really vibrant and uplifting, especially in the evening with different lights colour dancing while you enjoy the delicious food and tasty cocktails, it’s really a unique experience like no other!”.

Last but not least, the NYX Hotel London Holborn has in-house spa named The Rena Spa, featuring an expansive indoor Greco-Roman swimming pool – offering a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Stefano Malachi says “This spa is a great feature to relax in the city, it’s like a little luxury not just the swimming pool but also its sauna and steam room. Especially if I am coming from abroad, at least first thing I would love to do is to spend my first day at the Spa after a long haul flight.”

Stefano Malachi is well-known for his honest reviews about restaurants and hotels on Tripadvisor especially luxurious hotels and resorts chain been reviewed including Four Seasons, Dusit Hotel, W Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Kempinski, Hilton. Today everyone keeps inspired by his work as a credible source of food and travel recommendations in London, Bali, Singapore and Qatar.

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Beautiful Marble Accessories for Kitchen



A dream kitchen renovation might be light-years away. Still, the kitchen looks just like a French farmhouse with marble accessories, and the outdated rental adds a contemporary designer touch to it. One of the essential items that should be in a kitchen is marble accessories since it affects the entire room’s look and overall appearance. Catching the seer’s eye makes them love the designs of these exquisite accessories made of marble.

Marble Fruit Bowls

You can find different sets of marble accessories at KD Crafts. Marble fruit bowls are the most stylish and handsome accessory that gives the kitchen a good look. For a great display of fruits and decorative items, a substantial bowl of cool white marble with unique grey veining rests on top of a typical pedestal. The solid marble fruit bowls give the whole fruit an elegant appearance, displaying its colors against the excellent white stone. Intrinsic to the marble, delicate pale gray markings imbue it with depth and dimension, adding a timeless look to the kitchen.

It can be used as a monitor for table settings, sideboards, or countertops. Marble fruit bowls may also be used as a piece of decoration as they catch the eye. Making the whole kitchen look fragile.

Marble Grinder

K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporters of marble and granite artifacts such as the marble grinder.  Often known as a mortar and pestle, the bowl-style marble grinder is a tool used to smash, grind and combine herbs and ingredients. The pestle is a heavy instrument in the form of a bat, the end of which is used for pounding and grinding, and the bowl is the mortar, and both are made of marble. It is a fantastic method to cook dishes where spices, such as curries, are vital. K D Crafts provides a wide range of marble accessories for your kitchen, one of them being the marble grinder. It is commonly used all over the globe, making it one of the most used kitchen accessories.

Marble Tray Amazon

Whatever the shape marbles are made in, they represent elegance. If you intend on adding a marble tray to your home décor, you can certainly continue with the idea. Marble tray amazon has an elegant look to complement your modern home decor. It is eye-catching. Natural marble is sturdy, heavyweight and holds the round serving board solid, and improves stability. Marble tray amazon is a genuine natural marble handmade and polished, and it has a long-lasting lifespan.

It can be used as a decorative piece in your home that looks stylish and keeps other essentials arranged in one place. If it’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bar, dining room, or bathroom, you can use the tray anywhere.

  • Dining Area

Marble trays can also be used in the dining room, much like coffee table trays. In the middle of the dining table, hold the tray and place the necessities such as salt and pepper shakers, plates, napkins, candles, flowers, and other decoration pieces. They allow you to add elements to the table. Besides, you can quickly move anything when it comes to cleaning and transport them between the dining areas and the kitchen.

  • Bedroom

Who would have guessed it was possible to use marble trays in the bedroom as well? Whoever has the idea is fantastic. The bedroom’s marble trays could accommodate almost anything and all. In general, many people’s bedrooms look unorganized because of things that are kept here and there. But if you have a marble tray in your sleeping room, it not only increases your room’s elegance but also keeps things tidy and looking good.

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