Effective and Easy Tricks to Try at Home for Eyelash Growth

Eyelash growth is a tricky business, as we may have to go through various trials and experiment to find out the product or method that gives us the best results.

But how can we be sure that a particular remedy will work for us and what makes it work if it does?

Let’s clear these doubts by exploring some of the most recommended eyelash growth remedies across the world and try to figure out why they are so popular.

Vitamin E for Eyelash Growth

This is a favourite remedy for eyelash growth and has been used for a lot of time by many women across the world.

In the past, we had to eat food items rich in Vitamin E to get the benefits from it, and then women started using oils rich in vitamin E for topical application on their lashes.

Oils rich in Vitamin E are sunflower oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil, and even peanut oil, and these oils can be added to our diet. But if you want to use oils for topical application, please choose the oils carefully. Almond oil is relatively safe for topical application and many people use it for eyelash growth, but always do a patch test first and make sure not to let the oil seep into your eyes.

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants so if you apply it to the lashes prevents the cell damage of the lashes and prevents premature breakage which can give you longer lashes.

Petroleum Jelly

In the past petroleum jelly was considered to be one of the most effective and pocket-friendly ways to promote eyelash growth. It is easily available and is a multi-purpose product and you just have to take a tiny bit on your fingers and dap them on your lashes.

But now people have qualms about using petroleum jelly due to certain ethical reasons.

Petroleum jelly helps in the promotion of eyelash boxes as it seals in the moisture and makes the lashes softer and less likely to fall off due to pressure.

Moisturizers for the Lashes

Our skin as well as our hairs need an adequate amount of moisturizers, which makes them soft and adds a bit of glow and shine to them.

Similarly, the right amount of moisture can make your lashes soft and long, which is desired by every woman who wants longer lashes.

You can even apply moisturizers over eyelash growth promoting serums such as Careprost for extra benefits.

You will find products in the market specifically manufactured for moisturizing your lashes, but you can use oils as natural eyelash moisturizers. If you want to use natural items other than oils, you can use Aloe Vera gel as it does not form an oily layer over your lashes and moisturizes them well.

Aloe Vera also offers other nutrients that promote eyelash growth so it will offer a double benefit. You can use Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant, or even use pre-collected Aloe Vera gel that you can buy in stores.

Massaging the Eyelids

Though massaging the eyelids does not seem like a reliable remedy for eyelash growth but it surely helps.

When you massage your eyelids, you promote blood circulation in that area, giving the root of the hair follicle more oxygen and nutrients to grow longer and stronger.

You can massage your eyelids with your fingers, or use a jade roller for a cool massage. Some people use warm cotton pads to massage their eyelids which relieve eye-fatigue and increases blood circulation.

Combing the lashes is gaining popularity which is another way to boost blood circulation and increase the length and strength of your lashes. 

Using Eye Masks to Promote Eyelash Growth

Most of the time, our eyelashes fall before their natural cycle is complete, and this happens because of various things such as excessive rubbing of the eyes, eye strain, or even the use of waterproof make-up products that dry out the lashes.

In such cases, you can use the Careprost Bimatoprost solution which is recommended by doctors for natural and assured eyelash growth, and follow it with weekly eye masks.

You will find specific eye masks in the market for growing your lashes, but if you want you can make them on your own at home.

One of the common ingredients in eye masks is green tea as it is rich in antioxidants and can be mixed with rose water or almond oil and used as an eye pack for relaxing your eyes and promoting eyelash growth.

Aloe Vera gel can also be mixed with rose water for a soothing mask, and cucumber can be added for relieving eye fatigue.

Oil-based eye masks can be used after removing waterproof eye make-up as they can be quite dry after the make-up removal.

Eye masks offer benefits based on the ingredients they are made with, but all of them promote blood circulation near the eye which is good for your eyes as well as your eyelashes.
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