10 Gifts Your Father Can’t Say No To

10 Gifts Your Father Can’t Say No To

When you ask your mom what she would like to have for her birthday, she will probably drop you hints about all she wants or to your surprise she will hand you a list or prospective choices. However, fathers are not like mothers. Everytime you ask your father what he wants, he will say, nothing beta. He won’t help you with choices. So, it gets very tough to come up with gift ideas for him. You may also be worried as to whether he likes it or not. So, here is a roundup of gift ideas for your father will love. He will be thankful and appreciative of having to receive it. 

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  1. Healthy Snack Combo: He is health-conscious but has a taste for spicy food and everything lip-smacking. A combo of healthy snacks like ragi chips, soya katori, protein bars, aloe vera fruit juice, flavoured foxnuts, diet mixture, a bar of dark chocolate, and many more varieties of healthy edibles. 
  1. Cake: He likes creamy cakes. If one is there on the table, he cannot resist not taking a bite of it. Cakes well-compliment all occasions and moods. Send cake online in his name to make it a sweet surprise for him. Make sure the cake is in his favourite flavour to make the gesture special for him. 
  1. Watches: He has a collection of exclusive watches, but there is still an insatiable thirst for watches in him. He will never say “No” to a watch. Get him a brand that is missing from his collection. If you think he has every brand, go with the latest edition of his favourite brands of all time. 
  2. Shirts: Sometimes, gifts for family members can be a tricky thing to buy. Every father loves receiving a unique gift. If you are struggling with what to get your dad, consider giving him something he can use, like a striped collar shirt. A striped collar shirt is a versatile and classic piece of clothing. It is a thoughtful gift for your father. This gift can symbolize your love and appreciation of them.
  3. Chocolates: Chocolates are everyone’s favourite. It is surely your dad’s guilty pleasure too. Whatever brand he likes and kind of chocolate he eats: white, milk, dark, nuts, fusion or exotic treat him with his favourite one. A bar or a box, both would do the charm. 
  4. Tie and Belt Combo: A gentleman’s hallmark, tie and belt. If your father never leaves for office or functions with a matching tie and belt, then you should give him this only. A nice pair of tie and belt for his newly stitched tuxedo. If you feel like, add in a pair of cufflinks or pocket square.
  5. Perfumes: If you have seen his wardrobe or dressing table adorned with bottles of perfumes, you know he is fond of perfumes. A French perfume should be your choice because there is no one like the French brand. 
  6. Table Lamp: He burns the midnight oil so that he can provide you with comfort and luxuries. If he is doing work from home, you must have seen him working late in the night, attending calls and meetings. A table lamp will be a thoughtful gift for him. 
  7. Desk Organizer: A desk organizer with compartments to hold pen, card, phone coming with an embedded clock and engraved with his name is a unique and meaningful gift for him. He will like his organized desk because of this gift. 
  8. Personalized Liquor Glasses, Flask, & Decanter: It’s not about the whiskey glasses, flask, or decanter set; it is about personalisation that makes it unique. Find a portable one that he can carry along to his trips and vacations. 
  9. Indoor plants: If your father enjoys spending time alone with plants and being with nature, you should buy him indoor plants. The indoor plants will absorb the toxins and purify the air.

These ten gifts will make your dad smile wide and he will thank you from the bottom of his heart for such thoughtful tokens. 

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