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10 Dental Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2020 and Beyond

Every business needs a marketing strategy in this era. If you don’t have a marketing strategy to sell your product or service, there is no point in establishing a business. 

The healthcare sector has to make money also, therefore, they need to make smart marketing strategies. According to one survey, every dentist needs to see at least 20 patients a month to keep the business up and running. 

If you belong to the dental profession and looking for dental marketing strategies to grow your business in 2020 and beyond then you have reached the right place.

It is the digital era and there are plenty of digital ways to market your dental business. Here we will be discussing a few marketing strategies for dental clinics. 

1-  Create a Google My Business page

 Before anything, there is a need for a Google My Business Page. This is just like a Gmail account. You have to enter your information and it will create a business page for you. 

This will do the leg work to promote and rank your business however, you should just have to enter the details in blanks. Whatever information you enter in it, it will help optimize your business page. 

This information will be automatically linked to Google Maps. So, when a person in your area is looking for a dentist, your dental clinic will show up on the map.

2-  Optimize Your Website

For any dental business, you need to set up a brick-and-mortar shop but in the case of digital marketing, you need to set up a website with search engine optimization.

According to Capital Solutions, “Normally, every business has a website but if it was made a few years ago and hasn’t been updated since that time you probably have to add everything from start to end. You need to follow the modern rules of search engine optimization.”

Establish a connection between dentist and patient through the content you use on your website. Add dentist profile, FAQs, appointments, online billing and payment procedure, and a way to communicate with the dental clinic staff. 

Also, use a simple design that doesn’t confuse a first-time visitor. It is preferable to use your local language but if you want to add English, it is fine. Make sure you manage a website that is visually attractive. 

As for other SEO aspects, make sure your website speed is fast. It is mobile-friendly and contains keywords to target your audience.

3-  Add a Portion for Dental blogs

SEO can really make your website stand out in the crowd and rank it among the top searches, but another key addition is a dental blog.

For search engine optimization, one needs to regularly update content on the website. Updating content means you are using your website but if you keep it like that for 3 months, the ranking will steep low and you are back at square one. 

Also, updated content sits well with the algorithm of Instagram and Google business page.  Adding a portion for dental blogs can be updated regularly or twice a week. Blogs must contain information about dental health and procedures.

4-  Think from a Customer’s Perspective

Selling is all about getting into people’s heads and making them buy your product, but it doesn’t work sometimes. So, you need to have a marketing strategy in place. 

Think that if a client is looking for a dentist near me, what would be ideal than your own dental care clinic? So, your clinic will pop up in the local area. 

Patients would want services that are budget-friendly and the best in town. So use all these pointers to make your own marketing strategy for the dental business.

5-  Creating Special Posts and Share them with the Public

The use of social media is on the rise. People from every age and every walk of life use their mobile phones and social media apps. 

On social media, you can create long posts about dental health. How do you manage people’s dental issues at your own clinic? How long does it take to heal from dental surgeries? When your followers see the post, they will be influenced to get dental services.

6-  Add Images and Video on your Website

Remember, when I mentioned that visually attractive websites are likely to get more business than a simple design. 

You need to add HD quality pictures and videos of your dental clinic. These photos and videos will make your website look authentic and colorful.  Adding a few videos of dental procedures on your website can be effective for marketing purposes.

 You can hire a professional photographer to shoot videos and pictures. Besides the obvious videos, you can make up some doodle work in your videos and pictures.

7-  Submit your Dental Clinic through Relevant Directories

Almost every industry has its directory where all registered dentists’ records are kept. It is a kind of directory where only registered dental services make their name. 

There is a catch for all of this and that being said, you might have also been followed by those dental companies if you are offering good reviews about their products. 

Some of the renowned dental directories include ADA – American Dental Association, Dentist Director,, and Every Dentist. If you tag them and they like your work, they will definitely consider promoting your business.

8-  Run social media ads: 

Using TV commercials is so obvious and considering people spend the most time on social media you need to run digital ads on social media apps because it is a proven way to get customers.

9-  Add Reviews section: 

It’s the year 2020 and now people have their voice if you offer them bad service. If they like your service, they will come back and leave a nice review. But if the service is bad, they will leave a negative testimonial without even giving a second thought. However, potential customers will look for positive reviews before hiring any services.

10-  Be a part of social campaigns

Social networking is a part of a business. You need to meet people and grow your social circle and be a part of the social campaign. These gatherings are full of potential customers.


By looking at all those digital marketing strategies, we can say that there are plenty of tools to utilize in our favor whenever we want to. So, try hard and hope for the best.

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