The good side of social media and how one can make it triumph over the bad one

When we have to sit on the bus to eat some ice cream, we usually take out our phone and watch something on youtube or talk to someone through Instagram. 

We suggest you stick with us because we are the ones who get curious easily and are huge fans of social media. After all, we are going to discover some of the goodies of Social Media! 

What is the Social Networking Algorithm? 

The Social Media Algorithm is a system where posts similar to the ones you are interested in are displayed in your feed. Why is this important? Well, it is all played out for your convenience. 

Now, you do not want 8 posts out of the 10 to be about shoes you are not gonna need, some discount coupons about a store that is not even available in your country, right? That is exactly what the Social Media Algorithm does for every user. 

Enhance the Benefits

When you use your social media account, you can use it to enhance the benefits by doing this:

The advertising on social media is way cheaper than anywhere else, we mean, think about the cost only the banners would take! So, your brand reach can be proliferated.  

 Just follow someone good at offering some knowledge about something you do not know.

Click and bam! You can use it to someone who you think is similar to you in some way. It can help you become less socially isolated and lonely. 

You can develop your skills in critical thinking by participating in various activities an educational page might offer. 

Learn something new or teach something to others, Now, you can also help increase awareness of the issues taking place all around the world, using some of the videos you can find.

Use the educational pages that teach about a certain subject. Motivate others to improve themselves or, simply help them cope with their life.

Find philosophical partners or science partners who could be interested in working with you.

Stricter patrols can be executed to eliminate disturbing content and improving cybersecurity. This prevents the chances of harassment and threats, providing a safer and enhanced experience for the users. 

That way you would find more people approaching social media and sharing their experiences without hesitation. This can help you improve your life experiences as well.

If you have someone with you, study different parts using social media, explain it to each other, and ask questions to clarify any doubts. 

For those of you who cannot find someone, no problem! Flashcards or noting down the questions when you are using social media for educational purposes can help. Just try and answer those questions the next week and you’re good to go! 

Well, this will help you enhance the benefits of social media on a whole new level! 


It is important to realize that when it comes to social media, there is a good side you might have not heard of. 

That is only because Social Media has proven to be affecting our health and not in a good way. But that is only because we use it recklessly. 

Luckily, recklessness is not all that is in it, you can explore the world, dream of them, spread awareness, and much more using social media! 

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