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Why you should buy honor band5?

Huawei launch an elegant super AMOLED screen HONOR band 5 with long battery life and many more exciting features.  This band have a colorful AMOLED screen of 0.95″ with many watch faces. It is best ever device to measure your physical activity on daily basis. Let’s discuss some tremendous features of this band.

Keep tracking your health

Pairing the Honor Band 5 is pretty easy if you have an Android or iOS device. You will need to download the Huawei Health app first from the respective app store. Once you open the app, you can select the Honor Band 5 from the list of supported devices. It will then search for a fitness tracker, after which you can start the pairing process. The Honor Band 5 offers 9 workout modes, including outdoor running, indoor exercise bike, rowing and pool swimming. The latter exercise mode also means the HONOR band5 is waterproof up to 50 meters. This is not an exhaustive list of workouts, but it does cover the essentials. I tried indoor running and swimming most days and found them to be pretty accurate, give or take a few bugs.

Track swimming

In swimming mode, you can set some goals, such as the number of laps you want to complete, or the length of your swim, or the number of calories you want to burn. Likewise, in indoor running mode, you can set a target distance, duration, or calories. Each mode will track your heart rate, calories burned and distance traveled in real time. 9 workout modes should be enough to reach your core goals. Honor Band 5 also supports real-time sleep tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring, which can be enabled via Huawei Health apps. This will shorten the battery life of the fitness tracker, but you don’t need to worry about it, because the battery life of the Honor Band 5 is amazing.

Case – waterproof up to 5 ATM

Honor rates the Band 5 up to 5 ATM against dust and water, so you can safely wear it in the shower or while swimming. The Band 5 also weighs in at just 23g which in our opinion allows it to be worn all day long. Like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Samsung Galaxy Fit e, the Band 5 has a display and a silicone wristband. The latter is well made, fits comfortably on the wrist, and is long enough even for people with thick wrists.

Battery capacity

The Honor Band 5 has a solid week of battery life with sleep tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring enabled. You don’t have to worry too often about charging your device. In fact, you’ll often forget about checking the Honor Band 5’s battery life for a week, as it’s pretty reliable and stable. If you turn off the real-time tracking features, the Honor Band 5 can last up to 14 days, according to Honor, which is impressive for a fitness tracker with an AMOLED color display. In the box you will find a tiny charger on which you will need to attach the Band 5. It takes about an hour to charge a fitness bracelet from zero to 100 percent.

Final Words:

Honor band 5 is the best band for physical activity tracking. This band have best specifications with AMOLED display, long battery life and slim design. With all these best specifications this band is very low in price as compared to other smart watches or bands in the market. This band will enhance your personality and look. In this article we tried our best to explain all features of Honor band 5. we’ll come back with more interesting information. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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