Huawei Y7p

Why is the Huawei Y7p the mid-range killer?

In this smartphone technology web content, we will conduct a brief review about huawei y7p like we always do let’s start with a lesson history it was released in early February 2020 a budget mid-range kind of phone while huawei made some sacrifices to keep this price very low we are going to find out if this is the phone for you.

What will you get in the box?

Let me take you through the unboxing experience. Taking the box off is the phone in a plastic rubber. After that, it’s a tiny box with a transparent case and a quick start guide and of course the sim card pane and also in the box the micro USB cable nuts USB c then the power brick. This, of course, is a 10 watts charger and an earpiece. These are basic stuff that comes in boxes. I always appreciate the touch of adding the case right in the box you can use this case before you decide to get yourself a secondary case but it works well and fits well.

Phone Color & Built Quality

The huawei y7p color I like the most is midnight black but it also comes in an aura blue this shows a 2.5 d effect with light refraction on the back depending on how the light hits it you’ll see it looks cool this of course is a plastic build with a plastic frame phone feels handy light edges are noticeable in the hand you can fill them when you pass your palms around the back this can easily be used one-handedly and I can easily reach the corners of the screen it has a weight of 76.13 and a thickness of 8.13 millimeter so it’s kind of slim on the phone itself.

Extra Features

We have power and volume rockers on the right side on the left you can find a dual sim card tray which also houses a slot for micro sd at the bottom you can find a micro USB port headphone jack a microphone and a single firing speaker I wish this had a USB-C port though but I guess this is part of the sacrifices at the back you can find a triple camera setup a flash and a fingerprint sensor in a reachable position and of course the huawei Brandon below for the display we have a 6.3-inch point full view display this is a 90.1 screen to body ratio this is an IPS LCD panel with an HD plus resolution for an LCD panel this screen is decent with notable bezels and a chin below colors are decent and gets the job done.

You experience almost no discoloration when viewing from different angles. The screen wasn’t the brightest when it comes to outdoor use, but it was great not to forget we have an 8-megapixel selfie camera on the top left for sound quality. The huawei Y7p produced a decent sound.


When it comes to performance huawei y7p is equipped with a Kirin 710f chipset. This is a 12-nanometer chipset, an octa-core CPU, a Mali g51 mp4 GPU 64 gigabytes of storage, and 4 gigabytes of ram. This also runs android 9. This is a decent spec sheet because in comparison to the a51 geek bench score they were almost close to even better in terms of the multi-score which sincerely I wasn’t surprised I’ve had a51 for a very long time and I’ll say it’s not surprising. Performance wasn’t a strong suit for a device that is almost half the price of that and this is good bagging for everyday usage.

I am quite hopeful after reading this post you guys will be able to decide whether this smartphone is fulfilling your requirement or not.

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