Low Cost 3D projectors

While looking for Low Cost 3D projectors, do not compromise on the selection criteria

When you are buying a 3D projector, make sure that it runs on DLP technology and is a full HD projector with a resolution of 1080p that produces the best quality of sharp and lively images that look real. If you buy the BenQ HT1085ST DLP 3D Projector, you will get what you have read about the features so far. A variety of 3D projectors are available with some variations in the features and specifications. If you know your needs well, it should not be difficult to find a projector at a low price without compromising quality.  It means that you get your share of viewing pleasure even if the price is low. But remember that you get what you pay for and should be happy with it. 

Check the brightness

Among many factors that work together to create high-quality images based on the projector’s technology, one aspect that usually people tend to overlook is the brightness of the picture. The image’s quality depends on its depth of colors, and the balance between brightness and contrast produces splendid photos.  Dimly lit images lose a lot of their appeal, and too many bright images might stress the eyes and impair the viewing experience. Therefore, choosing the projector’s proper brightness, set to the right level, will maximize the viewing experience by projecting superb and lively images. 

How to measure projector brightness?

The projector brightness depends on the kind of projection lamp used in the system, and the unit of measurement in ANSI units is lumens. Usually, home theaters have a wide range of brightness, starting from 1000 lumens and 2500 lumens. The space you select for the home theater and the kind of illumination you want to maintain at the time of viewing determine the brightness that would be suitable for you. If your home theater has a movie hall like darkness, then you need low brightness that is soothing for the eyes. But suppose space has some illumination from the ambient light entering through the windows and another household lighting. In that case, you must choose a projector of appropriate brightness that can mitigate the effects and project the image on the screen or wall for proper visibility and a pleasurable viewing experience.

Recommendation of OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers)

To make the process of selecting the projector easy, go by the recommendation of the original equipment manufacturers so that you save time on experimenting that can prove costly. The rule of thumb is that the brighter is the ambient lighting higher should be the brightness.  Dedicated home theaters that replicate a movie hall like darkness can choose projectors from 1000 lumens and move upwards according to your individual need.  1500 lumens is the minimal requirement for rooms with some ambient light, and much more brightness of 3000 lumens would be necessary for spaces with high ambient light.

Remember that the lumens recommended by manufacturers are based on data output but not on the video output.

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