Where to place security cameras

When we have decided to install a security system either in our home or in the office, we will have to decide the most appropriate places to place the cameras. To decide it, we must think like those interested in entering and think that they will always look for the simplest, fastest, and least risky path.

Obviously, the most critical places to install them are at the entrance doors, especially if we have two doors, the one behind or more hidden from view will always be the one preferred by thieves. Try to put it in front of the door, not on top, since what we are interested in seeing in the face of the person who enters is not the back.

Another important point will be the access windows, simply because sometimes they are easier to break or do not close well (or we leave them open), also those that are in less illuminated areas or further from the main street will be much more attractive.

Inside the house, it is more complex to decide where we should place them, seeking maximum effectiveness but not disturbing the privacy of the people who live or work (in addition to the legal problems that can arise in the case of a business).

The most practical and least annoying place is undoubtedly the communication corridors between the different rooms. The unexpected visitor must at one time or another move from one room to another and must go through the communication corridor.

As for the exterior, things get a bit complicated depending on the surface to be covered, we may need a large number of cameras. But as always we do not force ourselves to fully cover the entire area, it is okay that there are areas not covered by the camera since the important thing is that to enter or exit it passes through areas that are.

It is not advisable to put cameras supported on the same exterior facade (looking inside) since they are easily manipulated from the street, being able to move them, cut the thread or paint them to make them useless, it is more advisable to use further support and the camera looks where they have to go in or out, we just have to choose the right lens.

Another tip: if we wear cameras that look outside, we know that we are violating the data protection regulations, which prohibits video recording in public spaces and without consent. It is true that in certain urbanizations where the street is a property of the community and with the permission of the community they can be installed, but in most cases, we will be breaking the law.

It is true that there is no special police to detect this, and in addition, many times the police themselves are not interested since they are very useful if a crime occurs nearby.

Another thing that if we can use is “fake cameras” this is not prohibited to place them on our facade, look where they look (in fact they don’t look at anything) and it can make us raise the bar of thieves, scaring away those who are not interested in running. The fewer people know about the sincerity of your cameras, the more protected you will be.

In any case, we recommend the use of cameras together with the use of a good alarm that alerts you at the moment it detects the smallest, cameras and a recorder is a good complement that it will make our home or office a safer place. Again, prioritize a local service. For example if you live in Orlando, you should contact a CCTV Orlando service. You don’t want to wait too long if there are technical problems.

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