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What to Look For in a Student-Friendly Budget App

Making financial decisions as a student can feel overwhelming, from tuition costs to living expenses and balancing a part-time or full-time job on top of your studies. Knowing how best to allocate your money and track your spending can be challenging if you’re taking on the task yourself.

Recently, the emergence of budget apps has become a core resource for students looking to take the next step in securing their financial futures. If you were previously accessing quick and easy online borrowing options to aid your temporary cash shortage, a budget app gives you the freedom and tools you need to take the reins. With a variety of free apps available, you can select the app that is best suited for your situation and your financial goals.

Here’s what to look for when selecting a student-friendly budget app.

Seamless User Interface

Managing finances is challenging enough without a complicated app, so a straightforward and efficient user interface is an essential quality when selecting a budget tool. You want to look for a concise app that lays out all of the resources you need — from tracking features to payments and investments.

Updated Alerts

One of the most significant benefits of a budget app is the ability to manage your finances on the go. This means the app you select should have an alerts feature that keeps you accountable, whether you’re close to going over your budget or if you haven’t made any payments towards any debt or potential savings accounts.

The purpose of alerts is to hold yourself accountable, especially as a busy college student. As expenses pile up, a budget app with regular alerts will remind you when bills are due or if you’re close to overspending.


Since your finances are unique to your situation, it’s important to find an app that allows you to customize the process. Budgeting can mean various things to different students, depending on their current income, expenses, and long-term goals.

When choosing a budget app, look for one that allows you to customize the accounts you’re able to open, the types of alerts you want, and the number of payment plans you’re able to set up.


As a college or university student, adding additional expenses should be avoided as often as possible. If you’re looking for a budget app to help you manage your finances, ensure you’re choosing a brand that offers free services. Once you have a firmer financial footing, you can decide if a more advanced budget tool is best for your short-term and long-term goals.

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or somewhere between your college years, your finances are an essential component, particularly if you’re simultaneously juggling a professional job alongside your studies. As you’re navigating this time in your life, doing whatever you can to build a solid financial foundation is key to maintaining long-term success. Using mobile budget tools is a great way to learn about your spending and savings habits and take the necessary steps to ensure you’re on the safest financial path.

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