MEDDPICC, an expansion on the MEDDIC sales qualification framework, is a proven framework to qualify your sales opportunities from initial creation to closing.

MEDDPICC evolves from MEDDIC with the addition of the Paper Process and Competition elements.

MEDDPICC’s strength is that when most experienced salespeople become enabled, they are already favorable to it as MEDDPICC tends to be seen as a common-sense approach to professional sales.

MEDDIC is a Common Language for your entire Revenue Team

When used to its full potential, MEDDIC becomes the common language in which revenue teams refer to all factors of an opportunity with a new or existing customer. MEDDIC helps define:

  • The way you measure the value you provide to your customers – Metrics
  • Who the overall authority is inside of the customer’s organization – Economic Buyer
  • What criteria is the customer is basing their decision upon – Decision Criteria
  • What the process is to obtain the decision – Decision Process
  • What is the process surrounding the paperwork – Paper Process
  • What is the pain you are solving, and how serious it is – Implicate Pain
  • Who is the person or persons who are supporting you internally – Champion
  • What or whom are the other factors competing for the same resources you are – Competition

Suppose you consider all of the above and imagine all of the different terminologies and definitions you could have for these critical factors of your opportunities. In that case, it is easy to see why MEDDICC as a common language is such a valuable aspect of MEDDIC. Having everyone talk in the same language, with the same definitions for every part of a deal, adds an incredible amount of clarity to the state of the deal, therefore, increasing the ability the team has of being effective with their guidance on the next steps to progress the deal forward.

Frequently Asked Questions about MEDDIC

· What is MEDDIC?

MEDDIC is sales qualification framework used by sales people and sales teams to help qualify their sales opportunities. Often labelled a sales methodology MEDDIC is an acronym based on the following six elements: Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and, Champion.

·  Who invented MEDDIC?

MEDDIC was created by Dick Dunkel inside of PTC in 1996. Dick had been working on helping enable the sales teams to be more effective and noticed when evaluating why PTC were winning deals, losing deals and their deals were slipping that there were six commonalities in all of the reasons. Dick rolled the six commonalities into the acronym of MEDDIC and with the support of John McMahon who was PTC’s CRO and ‘The Godfather of MEDDIC’ Jack Napoli it proliferated out of PTC into thousands of sales teams to date.

·  What is the MEDDIC methodology?

The MEDDIC methodology is a framework that helps sales teams to qualify their sales opportunities.

·  What does the acronym MEDDIC stand for?

MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. Newer versions of MEDDIC include a P for Paper Process and a second C for Competition.

·  What is the MEDDIC sales process?

MEDDIC is often misunderstood to be a sales process. MEDDIC is not a sales process. MEDDIC is a framework that works alongside the sales process to help sales teams to qualify their sales opportunities. For these reasons MEDDIC is a qualification framework.


The original MEDDIC did not include a second C for Competition. However, the landscape of modern sales has evolved so much that it is imperative to focus on Competition to qualify opportunities correctly.

It is not just that there are more direct competitors today (there are), but that there are also a vast array of indirect competitors. Whether they be solutions that aren’t direct rivals to you but offer a similar proposition or an entirely different proposition with the same goal. On top of this, your customers have never been more empowered to solve their problems themselves by building.

This means that your Competition is no longer just your direct rival solution providers but any individual or vendor competing for the same resources or budget as you are.

Winning out against the competition is not enough in itself; approaching your competition strategy with the correct attitude is what will lead you to secure bigger deals, more consistent customers, and general upscaling across your business.

Highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of both your brand and your competitors. Be honest and comprehensive about their position and define the unique, specific ways you will combat them. How will you build yourself up against these in discussion with your customer? Lastly, never talk down the competition. It will immediately lose your respect and credibility in your customer’s eyes and is not an attitude that will strengthen your business. The customer is, ultimately, buying into you. If they don’t trust you, they’ll go elsewhere.

Want to learn more about MEDDIC?

If you want to learn more about MEDDIC we have a number of resources that are available to you, from, buying MEDDICC, the book, or enrolling in our MEDDPICC Masterclass, or, by viewing our YouTube channel.

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