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What are the most essential Laboratory Consumables in 2021?

As a result of the global COVID 19 pandemic, infection control measures have been brought to the forefront of popular culture, with rapid social change in response to its impact.

As communities learn more about microbiology, personal protective equipment adoption has increased to unprecedented levels. Above all, alcohol gel has certainly demonstrated itself to be the elixir of life in modern life. 

The laser accuracy required to produce meaningful data and findings requires a vast amount of consumable materials. For modern science to progress, chemical stocks, reagents, dyes, and glassware are essential.

The Scientific Endeavour

Our lab consumables must also reduce the chance of cross contamination between samples, which can sometimes require multiple changes of gloves within a short period of time. Using soiled gloves can transfer particulate matter from one sample to another, rendering scientific research useless.

When possible it is advisable to make plans around the scientific principles when ordering consumables as it is paramount that ample supplies are available for controlling each and every variable in the lab environment.

The costs of scientific apparatus and consumables required to maintain them can account for a substantial portion of laboratory budgets, but the most valuable asset is always the staff that operates them. The most important laboratory consumables are those that protect the technicians.

The commonplace items that are needed to maintain workplace safety are familiar to those of us working in the life sciences. Plan ahead to ensure a safe workplace for laboratory workers by buying PPE and cleaning materials in advance.

Protective Clothing

To reduce the risk of splashes and spills in the workplace, personal protective equipment should be included in all planned activities. In the laboratory, protective clothing is a necessity since research often involves corrosive chemicals and contaminants that could cause harm. 

Assuring each scientist gets several batches of protective gloves and eyewear each day will provide enough buffer to prevent cutting corners on essential health & safety requirements.

Face Coverings

During the pandemic, medical protective face shields have become commonplace for front-line staff, but in the lab, an order of lab supplies will already contain this kit as an essential consumable for protecting technicians.

Providing a disposable protective face shield may be an important part of your health & safety procedures in the laboratory. In addition to providing protection against general irritants and chemical burns, it also helps to reduce the exposure to air-borne contaminants amongst staff.

Nitrile Glove (Disposable)

It is imperative to choose a high-quality glove when handling biological stains or potential biohazards. To keep lab technicians safe, labs must have an adequate supply of disposable gloves to protect their hands from chemicals or contaminants. 

To prevent harmful chemicals from being spread across working environments, surface cleaning materials are required in abundance in order to keep workbenches and table tops sterilised within the laboratory. 

When restocking our consumable supplies one does not want to scrimp on a generous amount of hand sanitiser to provide reassurance to staff once they have removed their protective gloves.

Stock up on hand sanitiser when replenishing your laboratory consumables because throughout the pandemic we have seen how alcohol gel is quite possibly the most important laboratory consumable you can get your hands on.

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