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What are google Slides templates? Uses and advantages of these templates

Slides templates are a pattern or a blueprint of a slide that a person saves as a pot file. Google Slides templates include color, layout, fonts, effects, background style, and even content. A person can create Google ppt templates of his own choice, and he can use those slides templates can save them and share with others too.

Comparison of Google presentation templates:
In the last recent years, Google Slides templates are gaining more popularity among people as an alternative PowerPoint. Cloud-based software that is introduced among the people are helpful for the presentation provides a person great opportunities and a lot of features for the advanced users.

Eyecatchy slides:
For helping to save a large portion of the time they will consume while preparing their introduction slides template. The person can web and gets 30 eye-catchy free Google Slides templates that can be used as a base for their presentation.

Advantages of Google Slides templates:
Why people are comfortable and have confidence while using Google presentation template instead of using PowerPoint. Here are some benefits of Google ppt templates:
1. they are free of cost to use.
2. They automatically get save without having any fear of losing data.
3. Likewise, they are allowed having access to the previous version if any person has created some changes in them.
4. Multiple people can work at a time and a person can have chats with his group members.
5. Cloud storage can save Google Slides templates and allows a person to have access from any PC and another mobile device.
6. Presentation slides Google templates are also adapted for hangout, chrome cast, and Airplay.
7. A person can easily convert the PowerPoint slides templates
Into a Google Slides templates.
8. To insert videos from YouTube, images, and links of videos are quite easy.
9. Google ppt templates include a gallery of already made templates for various types of purposes.

Creation of Google Slides templates:
For creating Google Slides template you need to follow the following steps:
1. choose an option from creating a new document or open an existing document.
2. after selection of an option click on an option of templates gallery from Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites.
3. Then a person has to move forward by a step. After clicking on the option of templates gallery, he should click on the submit templates.
4. Press the select a document option and open a file you created.
5. Select an option of open.
6. Chose a category for your file.
7. And after completion of your all steps click on the option of submit.

Display or hide templates:

For making your templates in display form or make sure about the hiding from your templates you need to follow the following steps:

1. You need to open the Docs, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Forms.
2. Exactly at the top of your menu click the option of setting.
3. Choose an option of okay after checking the Display of recent templates on the home screen.
4. Whether you hide a template, but you can get them back when you need them.

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