Web Design Trends to Boost Up Your Website in 2021

The website designs and patterns are continually growing. But there are some mainstream designs and styles that will not vanish anytime soon.

Listing few web design trends that will help you in boosting your website:

●    Dark mode

Dark mode was one of the major patterns at the point in 2020 on account of OLED screens. So, it is going to be more significant in consecutive years.

The dark mode is simple, elegant and nice. Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Apple and Facebook are few examples of the big brands that feature an elective option of a dark mode on their foundation.

●    Human touch

The hand-drawn design feature brings emotion and humanity to your websites, something that the users deep-down crave who are tired of technology. So, flaunt the rough edges and exposed shapes to make users feel your brand’s human and realistic touch.

●    Immersive 3D elements

Volumetric graphics have time and again attracted and fascinated people. Unfortunately, it’s the only trend that the cost and the technology have held back. Until the time virtual reality becomes cost-effective and pervasive, the use of hyper-realistic 2D elements is the beast to create an immersive experience on your website.

With the constant growth of web technology and refinement of web games, web designers are constantly using the 3D elements as VR/AR technology starts gaining momentum.

●    Delicate shadows, layers and drifting components

The delicate shadows and drifting components make the 3D impact and make your plan more layered and attractive. The patterns work with the image and the photographs and texts and give your plan a feeling of fineness.

●    Mixing Photography with Graphics

When you combine the real photographs and the illustrations or graphical designs, it captures a lot of attention of the brand. Such visual structures often influence how the users interpret the photo animation swirls are playful and complex. The high-quality photographs look great in themselves, but when you add the graphics, it reflects the brand’s creative side.

●    Solid frames in a single colour space

The web designers have started shifting towards solid colours structures and play around multiple ways of using a lot of white space to give their designs more structures and a clean frame, to give their designs stability, neatness and order.

●    Light and neon

The future will be all about full colours like blue, green, purple, bright pink to give the radiance. The web professionals incorporate bold colour combinations to pop up their web designs out off the screen. This trend is widely used in duochrome web designs. These trends blend well with the uptrends like the dark mode and minimalism designs, and the luminous colours shine off like any other thing in the world.

●    Frosted glass effect

The recent advances in web design technology have made it easy to use the frosted glass effect on their websites. The blurred look of the elements behind the frosted glass overlay helps in adding colours to the area and allows text or objects to appear in the image and remain legible.

●    Photo art

The idea behind photo art is to grab the customers’ attention by showcasing unrealistic and interesting elements. They make the consumers input their imagination and also let the customers stay longer on your website. This also helps in increasing the average session time and also enhances the conversion rate.

●    Realistic textures

Textures have again started making a comeback after years of ethereal gradients. You can let your customers reach out and touch the textures by creating the grains and the outlines.


While looking and picking the right elements for your website, the main aim is to find out the factors that will elevate the complete look of your website. For example, you will not want the customers to have difficulty reading the content in the foreground, so you want the emphasis to remain on the foreground rather than on the background. So to create a website, you will look for the elements that will work well with all the other aspects of your website.

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