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Tulsa, the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma, is one of America’s most livable cities and is home to a vibrant and thriving scene of art deco architecture and one of the hubs of the creative community of America. But the city is also known to be home to major flash flooding incidents. Living in Tulsa means that you have to consider the risk of flash flooding that occurs in the city. But such events call for handy services, which is why Tulsa is also home to services offered by companies in water damage restoration in Tulsa. 

What is the deal with Tulsa’s flash floods?

 The city is located in a precarious region close to the Arkansas River, where the accumulation of topographic and climatic factors has resulted in frequent flash floods. When the city was founded atop a bluff on the Arkansas River, such incidents were avoided as the city’s elevation prevented major losses to inhabitants. But, with the increasing population, people looked to expand the city, and some went to inhabit the land beside the Arkansas River, where these flash floods are common. However, due to its many encounters with flash floods, a sound flood management system has been developed, allowing specialists to take care of the water damage in Tulsa. 

How Damage Control Can Help

We can immediately respond to your call. When water damage occurs, there is absolutely no time to waste. If emergency services are required, we can immediately arrive at the property, quickly assess the damage, and diligently begin our process of removing the water and restoring the property.

We can protect your personal items. We will document, pack, and store your items in a secured facility away from the damaged area until the property is safe and ready to be moved back into. We can dry out clothing, certain household fabrics, furniture, photos, and more. If items are not salvageable, we also have documentation to help you recoup the cost of these items from your insurance company.

We can prevent additional damage. Flooding can spawn additional issues like structural damage and the growth of mold and mildew. We can impede this damage with a thorough evaluation of the property, and a proper plan of action on how to completely dry it out.

We can work with your insurance company. Dealing with an insurance company can be a major hassle, so we do everything we can to help with your claim.

The Water Damage Control Services 

Water damage in Tulsa can be a very devastating experience for anyone. The damage must be controlled. This is precisely why water damage control services have been the most demanded in Tulsa.  

Water damage is a serious issue and calls for attention. It should not be allowed to worsen to be left untreated. If left untreated, water damage could result in the rotting of wood, formation of rust, and probable microbial growth that can hamper your living situation. 

The experts at BMS CAT provide water damage Tulsa control services tailored to the needs of each client. They provide a host of services such as: 

  • Quick response to the situation within 24-hours
  • Containment and Extraction of Water 
  • Water Extraction, Drying and Dehumidification Services
  • Mold Removal Services to prevent microbial growth 
  • Assistance with the restoration of structure and contents of the affected premises 
  • And lastly, reconstruction services


Water Damage control services are the need of the hour in Tulsa. Ignoring water damage restoration can take a heavy toll, and affected individuals should look to avail the services offered by experts.. 

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