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In this era of great changes for retail, one of the most requested figures is that of the visual merchandiser. But who is the visual merchandiser? What is the difference between this figure and that of the window dresser? And why are vetrinista (window dresser) so popular in stores throughout Italy? A specialization course in visual merchandiser can help?

Here is the answer to all your doubts!

Who is the visual mechandiser

The visual merchandiser is a high-level professional who works in the retail world, i.e. retail sales in shops, shops, shopping centers, megastores, etc.

The visual merchandiser takes care of the arrangement of the products within the store – unlike the window dresser who, on the other hand, works exclusively on setting up the window. A substantial difference, but one that remains more on paper: in the reality of the point of sale these two skills are complementary and equally important.

It is very common, in fact, that the professional in visual merchandising is also professional in window dressing.

The visual merchandiser is always updated on the latest trends, often anticipating them, and has a strong aesthetic taste. It is essential that he is able to grasp ideas and inspirations and rework them with taste, personality and imagination.

But creativity is not the only essential feature of a good visual merchandiser: his work must in fact be oriented towards sales and therefore to increase the store’s turnover.

Strategic vision, goal-oriented work and problem solving are essential skills for both window dressers and visual merchandisers. This is why it is a type of profession that is well suited to a career as a freelancer. In this case the freelance visual merchandiser will be able to have more customers and travel a lot, often confronting himself with new products and points of sale.

Alternatively, a training in window dressing and visual merchandising certainly gives an edge to those who work as sales clerks in final stores or within the headquarters of large brands.

Specialization course in Visual Merchandiser

In the course catalogue moda e bellezza the specialization course in visual merchandiser created by aims to understand the techniques for designing and organizing the image of a store, intended as a communication space for the fashion product, through the creation of displays that tell and enhance the brand. The course analyzes the processes, starting from the analysis of the product, passing through the idea, up to its design and implementation. Particular attention is given to the role of the consumer and the evolution of his purchasing habits in the fashion sector, based on contemporary trends and in relation to the different processes of perception of the product, its values ​​and meanings and the mechanisms that underlie the generation of need. To become a visual merchandiser – and perhaps even an expert in window dressing – it is appropriate to combine the innate aesthetic taste, creativity and manual skills with specific preparation. If you have no experience, you can start from some industry publication. We have created a Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising Manual – available in print and digital versions – dedicated to those who do not know or know little about these professions and want to get an idea of ​​the activities and skills required.

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