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Tricks for B2B drip email campaigns: good email deliverability alone isn’t enough



Decided to run a drip campaign? Don’t think high deliverability alone is required; combine email deliverability with some basic but necessary tricks.

Necessary steps while doing B2B drip email campaigns: deliverability alone doesn’t get it done

A drip campaign is a term referring to an email campaign meant to complete the following tasks:

– to gradually turn a subscriber into a customer by showing him you appreciate his interest towards your brand;

– remind the existing buyers that you are there for them and ready to satisfy their needs on really tempting terms.

As you can see, while a b2b email campaign on the basis of decent email deliverability is meant to ensure that prospects become aware of the existence of your brand, drip campaigns’ task is to show that people’s attention’s appreciated and remind them that there are bonuses for being a loyal customer.

In the digital marketing sphere drip email campaigns are used all the time due to the fact email communication is a strong and reliable way of salesman-customer interaction; it’s possible if you have no email deliverability issues, of course. Why is emailing so effective?

-companies have got an opportunity to influence customers in a mild and not disturbing way;

-customers have got an opportunity to choose without being forced into any decisions.

Usually you may hear about the importance of deliverability and sender score in b2b. But a drip campaign requires a bit more.

A proper drip email campaign is run on an automated basis; you base the campaign on triggers, actions and timelines creating a digital mechanism meant to persuade people to stay with your brand without you having to manage its every step.

Combined power of deliverability based b2b and drip campaigns: what are the latter’s advantages?

Drip campaigns have definite advantages that make this type of company-customer communication more than worth using, especially when your email deliverability has no issues and customers will definitely get letters.

When a company puts a drip email campaign into execution, connections begin to be formed between the marketing guys and their prospects. The thing is to make potential customers feel that it has a casual and regular character. Though influencing prospects is performed via the use of automated emails, they still can be filled with personalized content relatable to their recipients. Decent email marketing deliverability is required to ensure that the prospect gets your letter; a drip campaign’s task is to make him feel pleased with what it says and get interested in the brand.

As prospects get interested in what you offer, they become your customers; wait a little more and you’ll see even greater positive change in conversion rate. That’s another thing drip campaigns positively affect.

Also drip campaigns not only persuade prospects into using your brand but also help to reengage those who may be displeased with the company or are considering turning to some other product. However, having gathered necessary information about your customers considering leaving your side you can tailor it into a smart drip project that’ll help you to bring them back to your sales funnel.

Types of situations when high deliverability needs to be combined with a smart drip campaign

Let’s imagine that you’ve fixed all your spam issues decreasing email deliverability, thought the future drip campaign through. But when to use it? Customers fully satisfied with your brand don’t really need to be extra influenced all the time, so who does need a soft extra push?

An automated drip campaign is necessary for dealing with people who don’t know what they want yet; if a person has visited the website but didn’t buy anything or did and then just showed up no more, he needs to be worked with; let him get an automated email reminding that your brand is always there at his service and it’s worth paying attention to. No pushing, just a reminder email is enough.

Newcomers are those who require constant attention lest they change their mind and leave. A welcoming letter to a newcomer is by all means a must. This is one of the most basic things to do while running a drip campaign. Also, it’s higly advised that you combine welcome email sequences with something more interesting, like asking a tricky question. This simple thing will allow you to gather some key data on newcomers and subscribers like gender, their company’s size etc.

However, it may happen so that certain sender reputation or deliverability issues prevent you from successfully executing what you’re planning for drip campaigns of yours. In this case – analyze this! And find issues to be fixed wherever they may hide with Folderly’s email checker – super software for email deliverability from Folderly.

Drip email campaign marketing mechanism: re-engage customers, make use of deliverability

Are there any ways to re-engage customers who are considering leaving you or have visited your website once and didn’t show up anymore? Well, marketing tactics may differ but the basic moves are usually the same.

If a person has bought something from you, this shouldn’t look as if it was unnoticed by you. Sending the customer a confirmation email is always advisable in this case, also in the letter you should offer products related to you brand; here you’ve got a chance to earn something extra.

That simple move can turn out to be a good way of re-engaging customers to your website and brand in general. Your customers’ return to your brand’s online source will inevitably end up in the increase of sales for your company and enlarging in the number of your loyal clients as your customers will gradually turn into loyal ones.

Another customer re-engagement move may be offering your customers products giving extra efficiency to what they have already bought. Be sure that your willigness to give customers bonus products without unnecessary greediness will be appreciated. Nowadays many companies’ purpose is to trick their customers into thinking they are offered more than they’ll have to pay for it while it’s the other way round. Therefore, people tend to appreciate real honesty.

Little tricks in digital marketing: easier than improving email deliverability but still important

It was mentioned above that such a simple thing as sending newcomers welcoming letters is important nevertheless. Thus, you are trying to show customers that they are being accepted to a family of happy clients, not just let to join the ranks of the brand’s consumers. Combining welcome sequences with other kinds of marketing moves will do even more good to your drip campaign.  After a customer has bought something from you, your task is to ensure his satisfaction with your brand and see to it that customer churn is decreased.

Data means a lot in b2b business and you can get it by introducing an email survey; it usually looks like a series of emails asking the customer questions: the first email should ask whether he’s satisfied with the process of buying your products, the second one is meant to find out whether the customer is satisfied with your brand’s quality. Your attention will mean a lot to your customers; especially if you introduce special offers and discounts which will let them have your quality content and products at a lesser price. However, as a drip campaign is meant to be automated, you have to make use of according automation features to find out who visits your website, so that later an automated special e-letter could be sent to their address some time later.

More than just high deliverability: summing up the ways of making drip email campaigns the best digital marketing tool

As you see, a lot can be done to make a powerful digital marketing too out of a drip email campaign. What else can be included in the list of the above-mentioned tricks? Here one can mention automated letters for subscribers’ birthday, customer segmentation etc. As for the latter, it’s your way of treating your buyers depending on how loyal they’ve been to your company. Customer segmentation implies creating a point system ranking buyers according to how much purchases they’ve made. The more points a customer gets, the more valuable he is to you as a client; that’s the kind of a view your customers should be given while using your brand.  Also, it’s needed to constantly heat their interest by sending email with discount, the offers of special deals etc.

On the whole, there’s quite a number of ways to make a drip email campaign most effective. The most important thing is to remember the goal of running your drip email campaign: not to let customers turn to a different brand and use every chance to make them feel appreciated and valued. It’s also important not to be pushy and act so as not to scare your customers off; just be casual and diplomatic.

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Newshunt360 How to Drive Traffic From Social Media



Brand loyalty and retention—are the pillars of social media traffic.

Social media is better than other channels and helps you get sincere responses from your audience. It’s a medium to help you discover more about your target audience and increase conversions and loyalty for you.

Gaining trust and credibility. People know and want your website to have social media channels

It’s a way for them to contact you and get the information they can trust. You look real and honest. People hear about your brand and gain more credibility.

SEO score. SEO experts know that your social media postings can affect your search engine rankings too.

Social networks are becoming more and more like search engines today and you can’t do SEO without doing social media first.

Choosing the right social media channel for your business

When you choose the right social media channel ensure the communications platform is relevant to your business goals. Create objectives like location, age, gender, religion, education, and marital status to create fresh buyer personas and connect them through preferred channels.

These questions are important

What do your users like or dislike

What motivates themes

Are they business oriented?

Are they following new trends

Are they on social media

Do they like attention

You can research this and more through social listening tools

It’s not important to be on all social media channels. Be on the ones that help you meet your goals. Setting up a profile doesn’t cost you much. Facebook and Twitter are all helpful mediums to optimize these interactions.

Use LinkedIn for B2B

LinkedIn for instance is a great platform for B2b relationship building. In such environments, the core connection is with a human. Build connections with both people and businesses that you find interesting.

Use Pinterest and Instagram for B2C Audience

Pinterest is about visual elements like infographics, photographs, and other visually relevant information. Retailer bloggers love Instagram because it’s highly visual and you can showcase products there.


Another platform is Slideshare where you can break down and showcase complex information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Social media will only cost you some hours a day. It will increase your sales and increase the amount of traffic you drive to your site.
You only need to close the deal.

Once your social media team decides which social media channel to use, the next step is creating your social media pages on those sites and start posting content. Rich, colorful images and thoughtful content over time draw attention and likes.


These are some of the ways to attract traffic to your business with social media channels. 

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14-Inch MacBook Pro vs. 16-Inch MacBook Pro Buyer’s Guide



The up to date 11-inch iPad Pro anticipated to release someday this yr can not be anticipated to function a mini-LED show like its large 12.9-inch sibling, show analyst Ross Young stated nowadays on Twitter.

Earlier rumors indicated that once preserving mini-LED exceptional to simply the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ in 2021, Apple could amplify the more recent show generation to the smaller 11-inch shape factor.

 Young, in a tweet, says it’s not anticipated this yr, noting the 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ is “doing simply well” and that Apple does not want to deliver mini-LED to the smaller shape factor.

If the 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ have been to advantage a mini-LED show, it might deliver both ‌iPad Pro‌ sizes to extra parity, probably reducing the attraction of the extensively large 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌.

 Both iPad sizes percentage the equal M1 Apple silicon chip, camera, and design, with the show generation and battery capacities being the simplest differences. Apple is making plans to replace the ‌iPad Pro‌ someday this yr, and rumors are barely muddled on what precisely to expect.

Rumors suggest the ‌iPad Pro‌ will assist opposite wi-fi charging for gadgets along with the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, however next reviews have shed mild on problems Apple is going through with growing one of these function.

Apple to begin with desired to expand a pitcher returned on the ‌iPad Pro‌, however it is able to as a substitute choose a massive glass Apple emblem as a substitute for the wi-fi charging. Regarding performance, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated the brand new ‌iPad‌ Pros going for walks iPadOS will probable function the M2 Apple silicon chip, that’s even extra effective than the current ‌M1‌ chip in the ‌iPad Pro‌ and the brand new fifth-technology iPad Air.

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5 Steps To Use Fatface Promo Codes To Avail Discounts




Fatface Promo Codes

Waiting to let all the trending clothes and accessories enter your wardrobe? But are you scared of the bills that will come along? Why worry when you’ve got a solution? Select whatever you wish to buy from Fatface and that too at an affordable range. For that, all you need to do this, extract the benefits that come along with Fatface UK online promo codes. Keep reading ahead to explore more.

Why Fatface?

Fatface is a spot for all the trendy and comfortable clothing, that too with a uniquely British style. A- this store gives multiple options from the latest fashion and B- it opens doors for maximum savings. In short, we can say, ‘For a shopper, a Fatface discount code is the need of the hour!’

What Makes FatFace A Pocket-Friendly Brand?

Fatface is an affordable brand because of its coupons. A single Fatface discount code helps save a shopper maximum. Imagine a customer getting multiple options from an exhaustive list!

Exclusive Fatface promo codes and deals can be used by shoppers seamlessly. The regular deals, frequent options for discount codes, and easy-to-avail promo codes make it a favorable brand. Even if some items cost higher, the discount codes release the shoppers’ stress.

What Makes Fatface A Trending Brand?

Trending obviously because of their continuous supply of the latest fashion trends. You are able to find whatever is trending and required. Their clothing range is premium. The durability of various products is fantastic. Plus, customers get a huge say in deciding whatever they wish to buy because of a large variety of products. We would be making you go through what products are available with them. But before that, know ‘5 Steps To Use Fatface Promo Codes To Avail Discounts’ ahead.

5 Steps To Avail Fatface Discount Code Online

The process is smooth, hassle-free, and has a happy ending! It leaves the customers with a huge wide smile. Don’t you agree? Try yourself!!!

STEP 1: Search

There are multiple ways to search for discount codes but not every option is smooth. To reduce the hassle, a shopper can search Fatface in the search bar of CouponGini. Remember, you aren’t merely typing the brand, but you are one step closer to your happiness!

STEP 2: Shortlist

Time to view the Fatface UK online promo codes available in the list! You would be able to see deals along with it. All you have to do is, shortlist what suits your requirement the best. Choose and click on GET CODE!

STEP 3: Copy

Once you click on the Fatface discount code, you would be taken to a new spot. Carefully look at the new page. You would get an option to copy the code.

Dear shoppers, the conclusion is to keep the xerox of the code safe and proceed ahead towards a happy shopping!

STEP 4: Paste

Reach out to the Fatface store and apply the code/ paste it into your cart. While being at checkout, you would get an idea of what miracle the code would do!

STEP 5: Enjoy!

We couldn’t finish it there! This is the most important step. Well, you can say ‘MANDATORY!’ After viewing the discount, you need to enjoy and perform a dance of joy. You can also start preparing a new list of shopping essentials for the next time and keep a check on the expiry dates of the remaining coupons and deals. So, before you lose your next chance, keep your research game strong! Do not stop here only.

But Why Use Fatface Discount Code?

Why not use Fatface UK online promo codes? When you are getting a chance to buy your dream products at a better cost, then why not? If this isn’t compelling to you, read the reasons below.

A Chance To Justify Your Shopping!

It is a good chance to support your exhaustive shopping behavior. With this, you would get an option to justify your actions! When you are able to cherish maximum things at a minimum cost, you can give reasons for your addictive shopping!

A Chance To Buy Presents For Occasions

You can buy presents for your friends and family on special occasions and events at a great cost. With a Fatface discount code, you get a chance to buy all the presents in bulk. There is no harm in accumulating the presents and popping out with those when required.

By doing so, you can omit the confusion of sorting gifts at the end moment and compromising on heavy prices later.


Fatface is a spot to buy tons of products from various categories. Be it clothing for men or women, be it stuff for children, be it bed and bath essentials, or be it footwear, you get to choose almost everything from here. From impressing guests with fragrant candles to walking with nice boots like a diva, Fatface can help in a number of ways. From flaunting stylish kitchenware to wearing sunglasses, it helps you in every possible way!

Above all, if you get to save huge via Fatface discount codes, why run for something else? The doors are open to buying A to Z of your requirements at an affordable price with Fatface discount codes. So, before you miss a golden chance, act today.

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Apple Quietly Extends AirPods Pro Repair Program That Addresses Crackling/Static



Back in October of 2020, Apple added a provider software to cope with AirPods Pro troubles that would motive them to enjoy static, crackling sounds, or troubles with Active Noise Cancellation. At the time, Apple stated this system might cowl the ‌AirPods Pro‌ for 2 years after the retail sale of the unit.

Apple has now prolonged this system, quietly updating the accompanying guide file again at the start of October. As referred to on Reddit, the “Additional Information” segment of the web page now notes that this system will cowl affected ‌AirPods Pro‌ for 3 years after the primary retail sale of the unit, up from the preliminary  years.

Customers who bought AirPods at release in 2019 will now be blanketed till October 2022 must this problem pop up, and people who offered in 2020 earlier than the repaired model in October 2020 got here out can get maintenance till 2023.

Faulty ‌AirPods Pro‌ which are in want of restore showcase the subsequent troubles:

  • Crackling or static sounds that growth in loud environments, with workout or even as speaking at the phone
  • Active Noise Cancellation now no longer operating as expected, including a lack of bass 

sound, or an growth in history sounds, including road or aircraft noise

Affected AirPods had been synthetic earlier than October 2020, and people who have ‌AirPods Pro‌ experiencing troubles can convey them to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for provider freed from charge. Apple says that the ‌‌AirPods Pro‌‌ could be tested previous to provider to confirm that they are eligible for this system. ‌‌AirPods Pro‌‌ earbuds demonstrating the problem (left, right, or both) could be replaced.

The software applies best to the ‌AirPods Pro‌ and now no longer the AirPods or the AirPods Max.

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Forensic Computer Analyst – Providing Solutions Worthwhile



Forensic Computer


Forensic computer analyst (FCA) is a term used to describe a professional responsible for performing computer forensic analysis. FCA professionals have years of experience in assistance at any stage of an investigation or litigation. They are experts in data recovery, forensic testing and analysis, and data destruction. Their experts have a strong understanding of computer forensic investigation methodologies, allowing them to quickly and accurately complete complex investigations. They are responsible for retrieving data from digital systems and analyzing it to obtain clues that may lead to the capture of a criminal or terrorist suspect. Forensic analysts are also used in prosecutions to help mount a case against a perpetrator. They provide solutions to problems that can help prosecutors and defendants win cases.

Forensic Computer Analyst as your trusted and reliable computer forensics experts

A forensic computer analyst (FCA) is an expert in analyzing digital data to determine whether it is from a crime or an accident. This experience allows FCA to quickly identify and fix problems with computer systems, which can lead to arrests and prosecutions. FCA’s skills also allow them to investigate crimes that may have occurred on thousands of computers across the globe. One of the most important decisions you make regarding your computer forensic investigations is who to trust as your forensic computer analyst. Forensic computer analysts are experts in analyzing digital evidence and have the skills and experience to help you solve Crimes Against Computer Technology cases. They are also highly reliable and can quickly provide the information you need to prosecute your case. They are also highly experienced in recovering evidence from digital devices. FCA’s expertise is essential for guilty or innocent defendants, prosecutors, investigators, and law enforcement officers who need to access and analyze digital evidence.

Benefits of Working with Forensic Computer Analyst

Forensic computer analysts are vital to investigations and prosecutions. They use powerful computers to help identify and analyze data from physical evidence. In some cases, forensic computer analysts work closely with police officers to help solve crimes. They can also be used in other forensic settings, such as the analysis of digital images and videos. The benefits of working with a forensic computer analyst are vast.

By gathering and analyzing data from digital evidence, FCA can help investigators piece together a crime scene, identify potential suspects, and build a case against them. In addition to its investigative value, FCA also has protection implications. Forensic experts can help protect vital evidence from being destroyed or damaged during an investigation and help identify potential victims or witnesses.

They use various tools and techniques to analyze computer files and data. These analysts can help identify hidden evidence, document the course of events, and provide clues that can lead to the arrest of criminals. They are an essential part of any detective department and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.


Forensic computer analyst provides worthwhile solutions, as they offer a unique perspective on the case in question. This perspective can be extremely helpful in solving Mysteries, providing valuable evidence to support prosecutions and exonerating defendants.

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