Top multilingual jobs of 2021

Now this elusive dream job looms haughtily in the distance and seems even farther away than ever. They scoff at you when you fold shelves, fill out paperwork, or repeat for the 5,000th time that used underwear is never returned. But there is one way to make your dreams come true with multilingual jobs.

Yes, there are many great jobs for people who know a foreign language. There are jobs that require German, jobs that require French, jobs that require Spanish and jobs that require multiple other languages. If you’re looking for a job, chances are good there is a recruiter out there who would like to see your resume or resume shining like a beacon of hope among a bunch of monolingual people.

Dream jobs that require knowledge of multilingual

Not every job offers excitement, intrigue, and a means to leverage your language skills, but each of these dream multilingual vacancies brings it all together into one exciting career path. Living your dream is nice; getting paid to fulfill your dream is even better.

International Sales Manager

If you are sociable, influential, and multilingual, a career in worldwide sales can be your ticket to contentment. In any sector that manufactures goods, you are likely to find positions for international sales. Many international sales positions focus on B2B a sale, which means business to business. Companies often sell their products to other companies, and while these negotiations are often considered more complex, they can also be extremely helpful to the experienced negotiator.

In addition, they often pay more due to perceived difficulties. To pursue a career in international sales, it is helpful to have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and / or experience in sales. Proficiency in one or more of the world’s languages ​​is also important, especially in specialized fields with strong regional ties.

Study Abroad Coordinator

If you’re passionate about the educational power of travel, working as a study abroad coordinator can make your heart skyrocket. These coordinators serve the university to explore study abroad opportunities. As such, they promote study abroad programs, provide information to students, advise students on how study abroad opportunities fit into their education, prepare students for travel, and monitor international security issues.

They also perform administrative tasks associated with study abroad programs. Speaking languages ​​is best from countries that can host study abroad programs. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese are some of the most commonly used languages ​​in study abroad programs, so learning any of these languages ​​will be beneficial.

Foreign Service Officer

If you want to use your language skills while representing your country abroad, a career as a Foreign Service Officer may be the right option for you. Foreign Service Officers act as representatives of their country to countries around the world. Depending on their careers, they can help Americans overseas, defend American borders, negotiate with foreign governments, manage embassy operations, foster mutual understanding, and more.

 If you live in the United States, more information on career advancements in the Foreign Service can be found at US Department of State. Skill and experience requirements vary by job, but due to the international nature of jobs, language skills are always beneficial. Since Foreign Service officers are located all over the world, any language can be useful.

International Development Program Officer

If you love helping people, international development work can go sailing in your proverbial boat. International development work focuses on helping communities around the world. This can include addressing issues such as health, clean water, economic development, energy, the environment, and more. Both governmental and nongovernmental organizations employ program officers to oversee international development programs.

Technical-oriented positions may require exceptional technical expertise, while other positions require more administrative skills. Since international development professionals often work overseas, it is important that they have sufficient language skills to communicate with local residents. Other relevant areas of study may include health care, economics, and international development.

Product Localization Manager

Did you know that Avon products in China are different from others? All global corporations need product localization managers. They research the market and audiences of a specific country, so they can deliver products based on location and in case a lot of multilingual jobs are required.

Small Business Liaison Officer

The liaison officer helps the two parties negotiate. He is responsible for coordinating their actions when they are working on a large project. When the two companies come from different countries, the liaison officer must speak both languages.

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