Top 5 Data Analysis Certifications in South Africa; Jobs, Pay Scale, Skills

These days, data analyst’s topmost aim is to assist organizations to determine the ways to reduce expenses and find out the techniques to enhance their revenue. However, data analysts are making use of standardizing methods account to gather and analyze the data. They are accountable for understanding the most recent trends, as well as insights that are exposed to an enormous set of data. Data analysts employed organizations to assist them while taking informed decisions or enhanced practices in businesses. Several other kinds of businesses are making use of data analysts to get assistance in collecting and analyzing the data. Data analysts are also sometimes called on to utilize their tools and abilities to offer competitive analysis and recognize the trends in the industries.

Data Analysis Certifications in South Africa

The following are the detailed listing of the most demandable South African data analysis certifications to assist you in making a decision on which certification is appropriate for you. These certifications will help you in getting strong Data Analytical skills.

Associate Certified Analytics Professional

The Associate – Certified – Analytics – Professional (a-C-A-P) certification is the most initial level analytics cert – which is showing knowledge in analytics procedure; however, a person might not have any real-world experience up till now. This credential keeps emphasizing seven zones of the procedure of analytics: business problem outlining, analytics problem edging, data, procedure selection, and model constructing, arrangement, and lifespan management.

S-A-S Certified – Advanced – Analytics – Professional – Using S-A-S.9

SAS Certified – Advanced – Analytics – Professional – Using S-A-S.9 certification authenticates the capability to determine big-data along with a range of statistical exploration as well as analytical modeling strategies. Applicants must have experience in ML and predictive modeling strategies and their app to circulated, big, and in-memory datasets.

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

The Data – Analyst – Associate credential is the topmost among numerous role-based certs that are replacing MS Certified – Solutions – Expert (M-C-S-E): Data-Management & Analytics cert – that would be obsolete in the year 2021. This cert proves subject matter skills to enable the business to influence their data-assets utilizing MS Power BI.

Certified Analytics Professional

The Certified – Analytics – Professional (C-A-P) certification is fundamentally a broad analytics credential that verifies end-to-end comprehension of analytics procedures, ranging from framing of the businesses and problems of analytic to get the data, method, create model, utilization and model lifespan management. It’s requiring to complete the exam of CAP and authenticity to CAP Code-of-Ethics.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst

An S-Q-L designer who is earning CCA Data – Analyst – cert authenticates the major analyst abilities to keep loading, change and model the Hadoop data on account to describe the associations and extract significant outcomes from raw productivity. It is requiring passing out the C-C-A Data – Analyst Examination (CCA-159) and practical errands on C-D-H 5 cluster.

Data Analyst Job Outlook

As observed in a recent survey that the hiring of info research scientists and computer engineers as well as data analysts is expected to increase 14.2% from the year 2014 till 2024 in South Africa, as fast as the overall growth of the entire occupations. However, computer-scientists are typically enjoying great opportunities for jobs as numerous organizations are reporting technical complications – while they are looking for those extremely competent workers. A great number of organizations are tried to employ those staff who are full of talent and owns data analysis certification to get closer to the market.


  • Works with the management to prioritize their info demands.
  • Collect and interpret data regarding precise topics of significance to the business.
  • Analyzing outcomes and report the outcomes to the businesses.
  • Identify and interpret the patterns or trends in critical sets of data.
  • Develop the actions to optimize the superiority of statistical outcomes.
  • Maintain the databases.
  • Planning the newest data gathering as well as analysis procedures.

Data Analysts Salary in South Africa

The initial level Data-Analyst who have not more than one year of experience would be expected to attain an estimated whole recompense (which consists of bonuses, tips, and overtime pay) of around R203,718 relying on 101 revenues. The Data Analyst who has enough 1 to 4 years’ experience would attain an approximated total income of R281, 732 – which relying on 724 revenues. A middle-level career Data-Analyst who has 5 to 9 years’ experience gets an estimated sum around R385, 850 relying on two hundred salaries. The skilled Data Analyst who owns 10 to 19 years’ experience would relatively get an estimated income of R491, 115 relying on 83 incomes.

Skills Required For a Data Analyst

Similar to business-analysts, data-analysts have great tech abilities along with enormous industry-related know-how. They own an entire knowledge regarding the associations existing in the numerous databases and data resources of the organization.

  • Analytical abilities: Data analysts are working with big volumes of data that include: figures, facts, & number analysis.
  • Communicational skills: They are required to speak & write undoubtedly and become enough capable of making critical ideas of communication in easily understandable terminologies.
  • Abstract thinking: Data analysts have to look at trends, numbers as well as data on account to make conclusions.
  • Attention in detailing: Data is always in a detailed manner. Data analysts are required to ensure that they are quite focused on their examination to formulate the appropriate conclusions.
  • Mathematic skills: Data analysts are requiring having skills in math to make the process of arithmetical data.
  • Tech skills and tools: There are a lot of technical abilities as well as computer programs through which a data analyst should have to become skillful.

Final Words

In general, they are quite as same as a data scientist; however, they are often not accountable for creating the algorithms which are utilized for the discovery of data and acquirement. Instead of generating their data projects, these data analysts at times find their selves to tackle precise business-related errands utilizing available tools, data sets, and systems. Both of the career prospects are sharing a usual goal – as they are used to find out the ways to utilize info for answering the queries and also resolve issues for the sake of their industry or business’s advantage.

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