Tips for Choosing the Best Resume Writing Service

Drafting the perfect resume is vital if you want to increase your chances of getting employed. At times, this might be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule or lack the skills to write a quality one. Using a professional resume writing service is one of the right steps to take.

You can go through these resumespice reviews for one of the best resume writing services. There are several things you should do to find the right resume writing service. Referral research, reading testimonials, and other editor ratings increase your chances of working with the right person.

But since it is a question of selecting a person or a company responsible for projecting the best possible professional image of you, this is not enough. Follow these tips for choosing the right resume writer.

Pay special attention to the writer’s website

This is the first step to follow to create your shortlist of service writers.

The website must be clear about the price you will pay and give you a very good overview of the writer’s work for other clients (examples of CVs written, modified, corrected).

Pay attention to the formatting of these sample CVs, the choice of words used, and the level of personalization of these documents.

If the application examples do not convince you, there is no need to go further.

Hire a professional who understands your industry

What works in your industry may not work in another. Therefore, the copywriter chosen must understand the recruitment market in your field of activity. 

  • What do recruiters expect from the applications received?
  • What are the most searched keywords in CVs and cover letters?
  • What is the news in this sector of activity? Are there any particular constraints due to the context? …

So, you need a resume writer who understands the jargon, best practices, and trends for applying in the industry you’re targeting.

Beware if the only exchange with the resume writer is a form

Exchanges on a site dedicated to professional CV writing often, if not always, begin with the client filling out a form. Apart from your surnames, first names, etc., you are asked for information on your academic and professional experiences. It’s a good start, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only interaction between you and your copywriter.

As complete as the information transmitted via this form may be, it cannot summarize who you are, what you have achieved, and what you wish to become professionally. So immediately dismiss any actor who does not provide for telephone calls or any other type of face-to-face exchanges.

The best writers also insist on discussing with you the time it will take to create your tailor-made resume.

Request a free CV audit

Most actors offer it to you. Otherwise, request it. A first free consultation allows you to judge the quality of the interaction with the service provider, the level of his work, and his responsiveness.

To judge the quality of your exchanges

Working on your resume is a deeply human service.

A person who is not in real empathy vis-à-vis you, who you are, what you have done, and what you want to do will not be able to restore the best image of your career path.

More simply, you must feel comfortable talking about things that are resolutely personal, although situated on the professional level (academic background, career choice, change of direction, etc.).

To judge their responsiveness

If, following your request for a free audit, the partner takes longer than expected to call you back or return the audit results, ask yourself questions!

He will do the same, or even worse, once you are his client.

A maximum period of 48 hours is reasonable for a first reminder or the restitution of the preliminary audit.