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The umpteen reasons to use a sit and stand desk. Observations and suggestions




Standing desks guarantee happiness, health, fitness, and work productivity  

In spite of volumes of being written in its praise, a sit and stand desk never ceases to amaze. By the way, we are not the first ones to be enamoured by sit and stand desks. They have been used by thinkers, writers, and philosophers in their quests. Hemingway loved his standing desk so much that he hardly wrote without it. In a letter to his sister, the German sage Friedrich Nietzsche talked about his sit and stand desk with amazing eloquence. Lewis Carroll, the famous author, produced one masterpiece after the other while working on the sit and stand desk.

Agreed that the standing desks that these stalwarts used were not ergonomic. But it doesn’t take the spotlight away from one of the most wonderful catalysts of work-productivity. Today, a sit and stand desk is used by legions of working professionals across offices and work-from-home-office (WFH) arrangements. Well, a sit and desk has been endorsed by leading corporate giants such as Apple Inc. The corporation’s CEO, Tim Cook, spoke highly about the benefits of a standing desk. That’s precisely why Apple provided standing desks to its employees.

6 reasons to sit and stand desks

Excellent Posture

A sit and stand desk transforms a slouch into an upright stance with its adjustability feature. People of various shapes, sizes, and heights can use standing desks easily. This means that the standing desk is an ideal medium to get the right posture back. It’s palpable in the various testimonials left by users of standing desks on various ergonomic furniture websites. The first thing that they talk about is the good posture that the sit and stand desk has given them. And they also talk about the sudden increase in mood, confidence, and productivity.

Diminished Back Pains

Standing desks kill back pains by keeping the lower back (lumbar) in the ideal “S” shape. Once the back is in a good shape, the ensuing comforts are shared by the neck, wrists, legs, and forearms. Now wonder a standing desk is iconic of human-furniture symbiosis. And that’s exactly why a standing desk eclipses the painkillers prescribed by doctors and physiotherapists when it comes to getting rid of back pains. Well, standing desks have made their way to hospitals and clinics as well; they’re used by medical professionals during times of stress.

Better Mood and Productivity

A standing desk works like a magic wand in uplifting your mood and productivity. Ask scores of working professionals who use standing desks in regular offices and work-from-home settings, and they have amazing anecdotes to share. In fact, standing desks have brought many working professionals back into productive mode after the pandemic. Physical and mental comforts are what every working professional needs as equally as perks and incentives. Work-productivity hinges on these attributes and a standing desk delivers them in substantial chunks.

More calorie burnout

Standing desks allow people to stand and work. It’s an age-old technique to stay active and fit. Users of standing desks are safeguarded from diabetes, heart attack, and hypertension. They are also able to shed more pounds of unwanted fat. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Standing desks look very elegant and sophisticated owing to their designs, themes, and hues. They’re designed after a thorough and structured research. Ergonomic furniture manufacturers put in their utmost efforts to churn out sit and stand desks that fit the bill. The aesthetic appeal of standing desks aids mood upliftment and destressing.  

Savings and ROI

Standing desks foster savings and returns on investment by negating medical bills and furniture replacement costs. The money is used towards reinvestment in business and employee benefits.


Once you get used to working on a standing desk, you’ll never leave it unattended! It’s too good to be missed. It’s a license to happiness, health, and work-productivity.  

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Performance Upgrade Opportunities for Your 300 Series Toyota Land Cruiser



Land Cruiser

The Toyota 300 Series Landcruiser is a Land Cruiser model released by Toyota in 2021. These models are popular for off-road and touring due to its robust and long-lasting design. However, the factory settings on the 300 Series LandCruiser are detuned, leaving it with a disappointing big engine. Upgrades and performance modifications are two effective methods of increasing the potential of your Toyota 300 Series.

Do you own a 300 Series Land Cruiser and want more power or better performance? Here are the top reasons to tune your 300 Series – and the performance upgrades and modifications available to you!

ECU Remapping Bolsters 300 Series Land Cruiser Performance

The ECU, or Electronic Control Unit, is a small computer within your engine. The ECU can be remapped to provide a better fuel combustion and increase power output by up to 25%. 

However, the remap itself does not increase the engine’s capacity – it merely works more efficiently with existing parts. A 300 Series Land Cruiser may also have higher-spec components fitted after tuning, such as an exhaust or air filter system to improve its efficiency further.

Tune Your 300 Series for Better Engine Performance

Remapping the ECU of your 300 Series Land Cruiser will yield some impressive results on their own – but there are many other modifications you can choose from if you wish to push your vehicle even further! Check out our upgrades below:

– Cold Air Intake: A cold air intake draws in cooler, outside air to give your 300 Series Land Cruiser more power and better fuel economy. Vastly improved fuel efficiency means that your vehicle can go further on one tank of gas than it normally would!

– Free Flow Exhaust: By fitting a free flow exhaust system, you can improve the engine’s capacity by enabling an unrestricted flow of exhaust gases – giving your 200 Series Lander more power. Combined with a remap, this will make a huge difference to your 300 Series’ performance.

– Gas Spring Suspension: By providing extra assistance to the existing suspension components on your 200 Series Land Cruiser, a gas spring suspension upgrade enables much smoother driveability and increased load capacity for your vehicle.

– Turbocharger: If you can afford it, fitting a turbocharger to your 300 Series Land Cruiser will drastically increase power output – transforming the performance of your engine.

The best way to upgrade your 300 Series’ performance is by having its ECU remapped and upgrading certain components – such as an exhaust system or intake system. These upgrades can be done separately or combined for impressive results! 

What are the Benefits of Tuning Your 300 Series Land Cruiser?

The benefits of tuning your 300 Series Land Cruiser include:

– Increased horsepower and torque;

– Vastly improved fuel economy;

– More power at high RPMs.

Tuning your 300 Series’ engine is a great way to make driving more pleasurable and rewarding! Remapping the ECU improves fuel combustion and increases power output, while many other performance modifications can be added for even better results.

Install Aftermarket Performance Part Alternatives

A number of performance parts and accessories can be added to further enhance your 300 Series’ power and fuel economy. Here are some examples:

– Power Steering Pump: A more powerful power steering pump reduces the effort you need to put into steering, making driving a lot easier – especially on long journeys.

– Anti Lock Braking System: An anti lock braking system helps your Land Cruiser stop in an efficient manner even when conditions become challenging for braking. By preventing wheel lock, ABS prevents skidding and improves control in difficult weather conditions.

– Alloy Wheels: A set of lightweight alloy wheels enhances both performance and comfort by reducing unsprung weight and enabling the vehicle’s suspension to work more efficiently, providing you with better car handling and reduced tyre wear.

Upgrading your 300 Series’ power and performance is not only achievable, but easy to do with the help of our extensive online catalogue! Browse our website for more information on how you can improve your 300 Series Land Cruiser’s power output, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Trust the Sunshine Coast Toyota Experts

Bring your Land Cruiser to Just Autos on the Sunshine Coast for a tune-up if you want to see a difference in how it performs and how much power it consumes. Their staff includes some of the most experienced common rail diesel experts, and they can advise you on what choices are open to you and how to go about making changes to get the most out of your Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series.

Contact Just Autos today or visit their website to see all of the diesel and 4X4 performance services they offer!

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10 ways to get more Instagram likes and go viral in 2022



Whether you have a lot of followers or not, having a lot of likes on Instagram is a huge key to success on the platform. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for that little bit of satisfaction by double-clicking their photos to get big results.

Trying to get more engagement on Instagram takes time and many people get frustrated or disappointed. Many people have turned to companies Like BuzzVoice that provide Instagram likes services to get help with their engagement on Instagram..

1. Identify Your Ideal Clients Early on

To get more likes on Instagram, you need to figure out who your target audience is and then create content that speaks to them. Your target audience is anyone who is interested in what you have to say.

2. Investigate Your Rivals

Aside from knowing your target audience, you also need to know and understand your competition. In addition, you can use these ideas to generate new content to publish on your own Instagram account in the future. The fact that someone else has completed a similar task does not imply that you should follow in their footsteps.

3. Try out a variety of content

This social media network was initially meant to be used for sharing photos. Still, it has since expanded into a place where users can experiment with a wide variety of content. It would help if you experimented with different types of material to keep your content fresh and your audience interested.

4. Share Spectacular Images

Many people use Instagram, a photo-sharing social networking platform. Because of this, if you want to maximize the number of likes on your posts, you must provide visually engaging material. Use high-quality images and filters consistently to ensure your content appeals to the reader’s eye.

5. Add More Videos to Your Website

A video is the best method to stand out in an Instagram feed that is already overflowing with similar content. More video content is recommended, especially video that doesn’t rely on sound. How-to videos are viral among Instagram users. Having subtitles is a welcome addition for users who prefer not to listen to the audio while scrolling.

6. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the most popular ways to promote your business on Instagram. With the support of these platforms, brands and influencers may be more open and honest. It isn’t necessary to make a video for this Instagram post. Highlight stories that you’d like to keep available for longer than the standard 24-hour time frame.

7. Write Engaging Captions

Captions must be exciting and engaging if you want to get more Instagram likes. The photo is beautiful, but your followers will be expecting more than that. Despite this,

8. Incorporate an Invitation to Action

Each of your Instagram posts should have a clear call to action. A simple “double-tap” or a link to your bio could be all that is needed to get your followers’ attention. If you want to have your material seen by more people, you should encourage your followers to tag a friend in your call to action.

9. Posting Recurrently (At the Right Time)

To reach as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to post when your target audience is most active on Instagram. The best time to publish on Instagram can vary depending on the type of content you upload, your niche, or your intended audience.

10. Ensure that you are using the correct hashtags in the appropriate context

Hashtags are pretty important when it comes to Instagram. Hashtags can be an effective marketing technique for local businesses since they can reach customers in their nearby regions. Even if the optimal number of hashtags fluctuates constantly,


Instagram likes are an excellent way to increase the visibility of your business and bring in new clients. To thrive on social media, you need to be friendly and approachable and buy Instagram likes from buzzvoice . Tagging high-profile accounts in your posts, commenting on popular content, and following more people in your niche can help you increase your number of followers.

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The Future of Digital Marketing 2022 Predictions



The Future of Digital Marketing 2022 Predictions

The year 2021 has at least been less unpredictable and more stable than 2020, even if there is still time for surprises. There is no way to predict what digital marketing strategists will face for the Future of Digital Marketing in 2022 because a saturated consumer base (and a challenging digital marketing environment) make an analysis impossible. A Google decision stands out as a key trend we anticipate next year.

 Digital marketing trends 2022: A list

  • Artificial intelligence’s rise will continue

Future of Digital Marketing 2022 announces that Google will stop tracking cookies by 2022. Despite the delay in making that change, its eventual termination in 2023 will make tracking ads far more difficult. In order to adapt to the change during 2022, digital marketing strategists must start now planning how they will adjust their model.

As a result, AI will only continue to grow in digital marketing next year. Those who don’t use AI early on will miss out on benefits like automated web traffic reports, keyword recommendation suggestions to improve organic search engine optimization, and even forecasts of how the customer will behave in the future. Companies that automate marketing generate ROI within a year as well; 76% of them do so. Your business will need artificial intelligence if you want to appear high in search results. It’s also necessary if your top SEO agency wants to target your audience without tracking them.

  • Listening to the customer’s voice

The Future of Digital Marketing 2022 AI will lead to custom tools that will enable all sorts of activities, from market analysis to conversations, with chatbots becoming common in B2C interactions. Additionally, consumers are increasingly relying on their voices to search the internet or even make purchases, even if they don’t want to speak to anyone.

  •  A recent trends in marketing is a multi-channel approach

Marketers in your target market aren’t restricting their activities to just one channel. Neither should you. Social media channels, in particular, have deep market penetration and huge user bases, making it important to make sure marketing strategies include all the main channels. The use of multiple media to convey a consistent message will become increasingly common.

  • Online events on the website

By hosting an online event, you not only get to communicate directly with your audience, but also to collect data. In terms of revenue, online events aren’t a big driver in the short term; they’re more about developing ongoing relationships with customers and potential customers during the growth of digital marketing in India.

The brand that hosted an event that helped customers learn more about what they are buying will be the first to come to mind when it comes to their next purchase decision. Hard selling will become increasingly less effective, as brands look to establish themselves as thought leaders in their fields through online events.

  • Using stories to sell

In B2B marketing, where customers are more often results-oriented, describing your product isn’t sufficient. As case studies on successful product implementations replace traditional advertising, storytelling will continue to flourish in digital marketing agency techniques.

It is not uncommon for brands to report a 20% boost in sales, a 20% decrease in costs, and significant process improvements. The story will be told, not sold.

  • CSR’s growth continues

Messages about brands’ ethics have morphed into campaigns in the past, especially from multinational corporations. This indicates how consumers value this. In addition to being authentic and caring about the environment, brands will continue to portray themselves as accountable and engaged with the communities they serve.

  • Personalization improved

You’ve heard this before, but it’s equally true, and much more important, for the future of digital marketing in India in 2022. Search Engine Marketing, blogging, video content, and social media – all of which are elements of inbound marketing – must speak to people directly to penetrate the fog of information and messages. CRM and content management systems should be integrated in digital marketing for consistent and targeted brand messages.

We are here to help you understand the essential solutions to make the most of talent wherever it may be, so that you stay competitive, increase profits, and accelerate growth in 2022. Feel free to talk with us about the Future of Digital Marketing 2022 .

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Wired Consumer Guide to Things before purchasing a hard Drive for Plex



hard Drive

Are you willing to invest in Plex and its services? Before you do that here is a quick guide that explains what Plex is and how it is used so that you can easily continue forward. Plex is a multimedia storage platform also known as the home to many movies and TV shows just like Netflix but not much famous but as more and more people are discovering what it is and how it is being used people are buying and using its services and its slowly gaining its popularity in different countries.

Plex not only allows users to watch or stream their favorite movies and shows but it also allows them to store their files like videos, Movies audio clips, and other things like that so that they can watch their favorite shows just by logging in on any device and anywhere. This is something that most companies don’t provide to the users but yet it’s very useful. Due to this huge reason, people are using Plex more anymore and this might be a good time to join the Plex services because of low prices and investments. Moreover, if you are searching for Best Hard Drives For Plex make sure to check out our Buying guide.

For those who are willing to spend something on Plex then Plex is a multimedia storage platform home to many of the users’ movies and globally streaming movies or TV sh0ows that you can watch online. Plex uses storage devices like HDDs or SSDs for storing the data and not ordinary ones because these hard drives stores users’ sensitive data on them which is why they have to be secure and fast. So let’s take a look at what kind of storage device will be suitable for Plex.

Tips Before Purchasing Hard Drives For Plex:-

As I mentioned earlier that using an ordinary hard drive with a server is not a good idea at all because it is constantly at the risk of being hacked which is not what we want. Plex offers their users a secure and safe storage platform for their data which is why people trust them. So for these types of storage purposes, there are special hard drives that are built very differently from ordinary hard drives.

Some examples of these hard drives are Seagate NAS-optimized hard drives. These type of hard drives offers much faster-transferring data speeds so that when the user starts to stream something the data can be quickly transferred. These hard drives also come with hardware encrypted software’s so that the data can remain safe even if the hard drives get damaged the data can still be locked and safe. Apart from that these hard drives are optimized for NAS servers and can handle huge temperatures because there are constantly other data being written on them and there are also other hard drives that are working alongside them which generates a lot of heat.

Moreover, These hard drives offer a huge amount of storage options like 18 -24TB which is what we want for something like Plex which is why SSDs are not often used in these servers because they are much expensive and don’t offer high storage but they offer high speed and efficiency so if you can afford one for Plex you probably should get a model of at least 4TB and should not go down below this point as it is not ideal and you eventually have to upgrade it to an HDD.

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5 trends of the digital marketing to focus in 2022




Live broadcasts

As we know, 2020 has been the year of live events, webinars, conferences… Due to many problems, many brands are pre-recording their Lives to keep control over quality and contingencies.

There were a lot of mistakes: webinars, dematerialized fairs, visits or JPO… The interest is not to talk only about your product, but above all to talk about concrete subjects that concern your target. I think these events will continue, knowing that it will soon be possible to buy during a live broadcast. Live streaming became bigger and bigger over the last two years. YouTube and Twitch are dominants in this space. So, you should focus on these platforms. For instance, start live streaming on YouTube. Get ready to buy YouTube likes before the start of the stream to boost the video’s presence to the algorithm and get more attention from the organic search users.

Audio / Podcasts

The format is not new, but there has been a popularization of podcasts and a rise in audio (note the arrival of ClubHouse). Audio passively becomes part of our way of life, so it’s easier to consume this type of content. Today it is still possible to find a place in the podcast market (800K podcasts VS + 400 million blogs) and build an audience.

Automation of advertisements

For 2 years, the automation of ads has not stopped evolving: dynamic creative content, dynamic ads, automatic placements, optimization of the campaign budget… Facebook sincerely thinks that its algorithm is more smarter than humans to target your target.

Today we are encouraged to spend less time creating and optimizing our campaigns, however it is strongly advised to spend more time thinking about your strategy, the diversity of content, the creativity of content. And it is this last point that will make all the difference with your competitors.

The end of third-party cookies

The death of third-party cookies is announced in 2022 on the Google Chrome browser (the most popular browser). Apple has already started with its IOS 14 update which asks for explicit consent to collect and share data using the Ads ID.

Today’s Facebook conversion API allows sharing of key web and offline events, customer actions directly from your server. It is certain that this will still evolve and that it will be necessary to follow this information closely to optimize its Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns.

Augmented reality advertising

Facebook is testing augmented reality ads. We will soon be able to virtually try on a lipstick or a cap through the camera of our smartphone. It’s a real feat that will strongly support interactive advertising and mobile-first.

We often hear marketers and communicators who are still hesitant about their presence on a platform. Most of the trends mentioned are already implemented by big brands, but SMEs still have a long way to go. If you are one, it is important to remember that engagement is the most important factor, regardless of the social network or platform. We advise you to try these different points in your strategy.

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