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The most common types of fabrics explained



It is an important decision on the type of fabric to make your dress item. The choice of fabrics is countless, from natural to synthetic fibres, knitted to woven. Now, with many online fabrics stores, it is easier for you to explore the widest range of fabrics at your comfort from home.

Listed are the most common types of fabric types and how to identify them.


Wool is a more expensive fabric that is commonly used during winters to keep you warm. The feel of the fabric is bit hairy and warm. Woollen cloths would need lining as the raw wool may make you feel itchy against the skin.


Cotton is made from the natural fibres of cotton plants, and it is composed of varying lengths of plant fibres. Cotton is available as either knitted or woven. It is crispy and sturdy to feel and is difficult to drape like the wool or viscose. Cotton is commonly used during the summer days and is everyday clothe and easy to care for. Cotton shrinks quickly, and hence it is essential to wash it before use.


Linen feels rustic and creases very quickly but is easier to drape than the cotton. It is one of the best-used summer garments, but it is quicker to get wrinkled. It can stand high-temperature ironing and is easier to iron when wet.


Silk is one of the fabrics that give a luxurious feel and warm. It has a clear sheen on it. It is difficult to distinguish the silk satin from the polyester satin, but the silk is more expensive and does not feel as cold as polyester. There are different types of silks around the world. The four types of natural silk are Mulberry silk, Eri silk, Tasar silk and Muga silk. There are approximately 35 different types of silk fabrics that are used for dressmaking and home furnishing including jersey, tulle and velvet.


Polyester fabric comes in many different styles and is the perfect clothing for withstanding the wear and tear. It is easy to wash and is crease-resistant. It is not the best cloth to wear during the hot season – as it could make you feel sweaty but is not as warm as natural fibres to be used during winter.


Crêpe is a silk, wool, or synthetic fabric. It is the fabric made out of highly twisted yarn with the pebbled surface in it, making it hard to see the weave and weft. It is light to medium weight. Crepe comes in different thicknesses and is easy to drape. It is used to make blouses, trousers and skirts.


Jersey is a knitted fabric, and the interloped stitches make the jersey fabric stretching and comfortable to wear. Jersey is available in cotton, silk, and linen. Cotton jersey is crispier; silk jersey has a sheen whereas the linen is breathable. Jersey is commonly used to make relaxed t-shirts, legging and dresses.


One of the lightweight and sheer fabric option is chiffon fabric. It is best to make scarves, sheer blouses and lined dresses but is difficult to work with. It tends to shift when cutting and it frays easily.

Viscose or Rayon

Viscose is made out of wood which some chemical processing, hence is a natural yet man-made fabric. Viscose is not a breathable cloth and is a lot heavier. It can also be draped beautifully. Viscose is also difficult to cut, shrinks easily and feels oddly hard when wet.

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Looking to buy Fabric for your Sewing Project: Here’s what you need to know




When trying to sew clothing, one of the most important items is the fabric. It holds a vital role in the ways the fabric will appear and how easy it’ll be to stitch it. If they wish to professionally mend dressmaking, fabrics are also a crucial component of any tailor’s armory. You will never get plenty of it, truth be told, but the real challenge is when you walk into a fabric shop and you feel like you’re out of your depth, with all those long rows of fabric. For these times, please invite us to walk through it with you. Start by knowing the various fabric styles and how to find what you’re looking for in a fabric shop, whether it’s an online store or not.

Cotton fabrics, also known in the cloth industry as Calicos, are the most abundant in the vast majority of shops. They are suitable for simple crafts, such as quilts, aprons, belts, and kitchen objects, and come in many different types and colors, from fashionable and provocative to more discreet.

Fabrics such as jeans, linen and duck are heavier and far tougher than cotton.

Close to those used for making tees and dresses, Jersey Knits is a flat, stretchy fabric. Linen-Linen is a simple to knit fabric that ranges with a wide variety of sizes and is mostly used for the manufacture of summer clothes.

Woolen fabrics may be spun or knitted and are mostly made into posh dresses, jackets, suits, and trousers. This include silks, tulles, and satins. More Refined Fabrics You’re confident you know silk.

Polyester-It is a light, synthetic woven cloth that would not readily crease. For those who don’t want to spend much on a sewing project, it is always mixed with cotton and is an inexpensive choice.

To start with, if you are just being exposed to the sewing world, selecting inexpensive fabrics that are easy to sew is a must. There’s no doubt you’re going to make mistakes and end up at some stage with a totally fucked up cloth.

A fabric’s average width is 44-45 inches, but some may be as wide as 60 inches. At the ends of the string, you will find the information, including the sort of fabric, price, and cleaning instructions. Find out how many you will like and take the chosen fabric/interfacing/trim up to the cutting counter until you take care of that.

In any fabric shop, simple cotton fabrics will dominate because they are the ones with the highest demand. Cotton should be placed in a manner that makes it easy for consumers to choose the right color for a quilt they are producing, depending on the shop you are in. When it refers to designs, you can see anything from large horizontal stripes as well as other bold prints to tiny sizes, such as elegant, stunning mini roses. Of course, things are different for online cloth stores such as White Lodge Fabrics. All you should do is select on a fabric you need, pick the size you would like, and the payment will take you to your basket.

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Learn How to Install Floating Shelf In your Bedroom On your own




Decorating a bedroom can be a very tedious work. Just imagine doing all the drilling, taking the right measurements, getting tired of all the cleaning. Definitely makes me tired even thinking about it. But what if this article tells you the ways in which you can install a floating shelf without doing all the things mentioned above.

Surely it is not possible to pay huge amount of money and decorate your house. So the internet always helps you to find ways to do it yourself. And this article will help you get through installing floating shelf on your own. Traditional beams gives you the best options to find your perfect floating shelf. In this website you can find the floating shelf which suits you the best and which is affordable.

Drywall always gives you the edge to make your wall look less cramped and there will be more space on the wall to hang your floating shelf. Floating shelf very minimal space and gives your bedroom a beautiful and elegant look.

Here in this article we will discuss about how to install a floating shelf on your own. DIY methods are easy and reliable and you can do it very easily on your own using simple and cheap tricks and methods.

Let us take a look at how we can install a floating shelf using DIY-

  1. Buy Self– Adhesive Accessories for hanging lightweight stuffs- We live in an era where we have cure for everything. Everything we wish for is available in the market and its variations ranges from cheap to expensive. Just like this traditional beam provides you with home décor items which helps you to decorate your home easily. You can install a floating shelf using Adhesive. All kinds of strong adhesives are available in the market. Just make sure you do not get a really heavy floating shelf which requires nail clippers and all to hang.
  2.  Adhesive Tapes on the Items– Adhesive tapes can also be considered as one of the reliable methods to hang a floating shelf. Adhesive tapes are now available in various kinds. These tapes are durable and can withstand even heavy objects. It will take literally just 5 minutes to hang anything on your wall.
  3. An independent floating shelf– A shelf adhesive floating shelf is also available in the market now. This floating shelf comes with already present adhesive on their back which makes it 100 times easier to install it. You just need to peel the sticker from floating shelf and attach it to your wall.

Now, a question which always comes in everyone’s mind is that whether putting up a floating shelf violates their lease. Drilling and putting holes through walls might certainly be a big issue when it comes to a place that you have rented. But, floating shelf which can be installed without drilling might be a useful option for this. Definitely try all the type of floating shelf available on traditional beams. They are great in quality and super easy to install.

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What Is An Audio Interface?




The audio interface is an essential component in the computer-based audio production and is used to record and play the audio. It helps the user to make good quality home studio recording from the computer. An audio interface is the external sound card that uses the inputs for microphones and instruments. It helps in expanding the inputs and outputs. And can also improve the sound quality of the computer greatly. It helps in recording music and podcasts.

The audio interface will reproduce the more accurate representation of the sounds when you record the audio or listen using the speakers or headphones.

Why should the audio interface be used?

When you need a professional level of audio performance from the computer you would need to use the audio interfaces. Secondly, when you are using professional microphones, instruments or any other type of signal that should be routed in or out of the computer system, the audio interface is used.

A USB microphone can be plugged into the USB port for an effective audio interface. It could just be the input device or you may use the headphone for output too.

Audio interface vs the sound card

The basic job of the audio interface and the sound card is the same – to get the sound in and out of the system. It is used to process and edit the sound and convert it into a digital signal and back. 

On a general note, an audio interface is the external sound card used for laptops and tablets. It means that you don’t need to fit the sound card inside your machine for improving the recordings. Hence the audio interface is one step ahead to make it more professional.

A good audio interface helps you to connect different analogue and digital signals. It is best to provide you with the superior analogue circuitry and help you improved overall sound quality. It helps you to make a different level of audio compared to the one with the stock soundcard that comes from the computer.

Purpose of an audio interface

The advantages of the audio interface over the sound card is the ease of use, and high-quality recordings you get. This could be because of the wider range of input types that can be built into the unit. It is also easier to access and has a greater physical size to its advantage. The audio interfaces are even available with MIDI, in case you want to connect a keyboard controller. Now that you know the advantages of using the audio interface, buy your Audio Interfaces online at The Disc DJ Store, the DJ equipment specialist selling top DJ brands at great prices throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Connecting the audio interface to my computer?

The audio interfaces are mostly the USB soundcards that need the USB port or a USB adapter to connect it to the tablet, laptop or your computer. Thunderbolt and firewire audio interfaces are also available. The advantages of these are that it is faster. But, is also costly than the USB audio interface. If are looking to shop for the audio interface, visit our showroom, The Disc DJ Store, the perfect environment to enjoy and try out the finest brands our industry has to offer.

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Downloading Instagram posts to your PC or mobile phone




With the covid restrictions in place this past year, a flurry of new people have flocked to popular social networking sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to fill their entertainment needs.

Instagram is my go-to place when I’m looking to explore new content or when I just have some time to kill. It’s jammed packed with loads of content from educational tutorials to funny video clips.

What also draws me to Instagram is its usability. Finding videos or pictures is quick and easy, and editing and uploading content is a breeze. You can use various filters and stickers to customize your posts to fit your general style.

One of the main caveats with Instagram is that they don’t make it very easy for you to download content from their platform. Since it’s about being social, they want you to share links to the videos or photos to garner more traffic to their app, which equates to more revenue. But what are you supposed to do if you want to download media off Instagram? Today I’m going to walk you through a few different ways to download photos and videos off Instagram. Read on!

Downloading Instagram content on Android

Downloading Instagram videos and photos on your android phone is pretty straight forward thanks to the use of third-party apps from the app store. There are many apps that you can install on your phone, but not all apps are great. One of the most popular apps, and frankly our favorite, is the photo and video downloader from Instagram by Devbay. Let us walk you through using the app on your Android phone.

Step 1: Download the app

The first thing you’ll need to do is open the android app store and type the search term “Instagram Devbay”. Install the very first result that comes up.

Step 2: Find the video or photo

Open up the Instagram either by launching the app on your smartphone or visiting the official Instagram website. Find the video or photo that you want to download and copy the link. You can copy the link by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the post and selecting “copy link”.

Step 3: Download the content

Open up the Devbay app that you download in the first step. Paste the link that you copied in step two into the field at the top of the app and hit the download button. The video or photo will download onto your device and can be found by hitting the downloads tab from within the app.

The one drawback of the app is the constant annoyance of advertisements. Ads are pretty typical with free android apps. Devbays downloader does offer a premium option with no ads, but you’re required to pay a monthly subscription. There are better options than wasting your hard-earned money.

Downloading Instagram content online

Since the dawn of the internet, online tools have provided people a straightforward, no-frills way to get things done. From website uptime monitors like is it down to online mortgage calculators, online tools make it easy and accessible for anyone. When it comes to online downloaders for Instagram the options are seemingly endless. We’ve compiled a list of our top two Instagram downloaders, highlighting a few of their key features and how to use them.

Option 1: Instagram Offline Downloader (

The first option we will cover is the Instagram downloader by Instaoffline. It is among the top online apps for downloading almost anything off Instagam. As the name suggests, the website is designed for saving content off Instagram for offline viewing. Using the app is very similar to that of the android app described above. Let’s walk you through the process of using the website.

Step 1: Find the video

Open up Instagram and find the post with the picture or video that you want to download.

Step 2: Open the website

Open up your favorite web-browser and head over to On the app’s homepage, paste the URL you copied in step one into the box and hit download.

Step 3: Download the content

Hit the green download button to start downloading the picture or video to your device.

Instaoffline is excellent, there are no annoying ads, and it works plain and simple. There are no download limits, and you have options to download Instagram videos, photos, IGTV, and Reels, all from an easy-to-use online interface.

Option 2: Instagram Downloader (

Another great online tool with a few unique features is IGDownloader rocks a self-explanatory name that is easy to remember. Using this website to download Instagram videos and photos is just as straightforward as the process listed above. We won’t walk you through it step by step this time, but all you need is the link to the post containing the content you want to download.

One great feature about IGDownloader that many other websites don’t have is the option to download multiple Instagram photos and videos at once. From the account downloader page, you can type in a users’ Instagram username, and IGDownloader will display all of their latest Instagram posts. From there, you can select the ones that you want to download using the toggle buttons located on the page. It’s surprisingly handy when you want to download multiple posts at once.

What’s particularly great about online tools like those mentioned above is that they don’t require any software to work. Since they are browser-based, you can access them on any device with a working internet connection and browser. Why clutter up your device with more apps when you have easy-to-use tools like this at your fingertips.

Final thoughts

Downloading content off Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated. Instagram may make it challenging to save videos and images, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be the next time you want to download a funny cat video or a beautiful landscape photo, try using one of the tools listed in this article. We hope you found our article helpful. Happy downloading!

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5 Common Reasons for SQL Server Database Corruption




Dealing with a corrupted SQL database can be tough. Hence it makes sense to know about possible causes which can lead to database corruption. In this article, we look at 5 common reasons for SQL Server database corruption. 

Most mid to large-sized firms work with several databases for every instance of SQL Server they implement and sometimes the number of databases can run into hundreds. The sheer number of databases in use leaves open the possibility of errors cropping up in some database or the other. Dealing with a corrupted SQL Server database can be a challenging task even for the most seasoned database administrator.  Given the fact that incidents of data corruption in SQL databases are a fairly common occurrence in firms where hundreds of databases are in use, it makes sense to do all that can be done to prevent such mishaps. Let’s look at the 5 most common causes that contribute to SQL Server database corruption.

Improper Shutdown or Power Outage

One of the most common causes behind corruption of SQL Server database files can be attributed to improper shutdown due to any cause including a power outage. This is more common in small firms running the SQL Server express edition without failsafe options. 

Issues in the SQL Application including Update issues

In some cases, the SQL Server application may include bugs that can lead to database corruption under certain circumstances. At times while you are upgrading a database from an older iteration of the SQL Server application to a new edition, incidents of data corruption can be noticed. Such incidents can also occur when you are migrating a database from the SQL Server Express edition to the Standard edition. 

Virus Attacks

The SQL Server database files are often the target of malicious programs looking to compromise the database. Typically such viruses try to compromise the header data in the underlying MDF file. In the recent past, incidents of ransomware attacks compromising SQL Server databases too have come to light. 

Poor Database Design and Resource Conflicts

While designing a database one needs to lay emphasis on follow ideal design practices related to normalization, correct use of constraints, etc. A poorly designed database containing redundant data is relatively more vulnerable to database corruption. Resource conflicts too can lead to incidents of data corruption in SQL Server files.

Plethora of Hardware Issues

A plethora of hardware-related issues can lead to the compromise of MDF data files. These include hard disk crashes, faulty network equipment, bad memory card, etc. In small firms that use low-end machines to run SQL Server editions, instances of hardware failure are more common.

Dealing with SQL Server Corruption in an Effective Manner

When you notice a corrupted SQL Server database file, it is strongly advised to avoid experimenting with the application to recover the data. The best way forward for you would involve running the powerful DataNumen SQL Recovery application to extract the contents from the compromised file. From triggers and indexes present in the SQL database files to inline functions and even views; there is hardly anything that this tool cannot completely recover. It is miles ahead in recovery rates as compared to its peers and can handle nearly every media type. The application also comes in handy in recovering any deleted data elements like tables etc. from a compromised database file. 

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