The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. Many parents with young children wonder when they should start taking their child to see a St. Albert dentist

At Dentus Family Dental, our team suggests that you bring your little one to see a pediatric dentist near you when their first tooth erupts or by the time they reach their first birthday, whichever occurs first. Even though some parents may believe that this is too early, it is important to get your child examined by a dental professional to ensure that their oral health is in good shape and that their oral tissues are developing in a healthy manner. Additionally, taking a young child to the dentist regularly helps teach them about the importance of looking after their teeth and gums, so they continue to maintain optimal oral health throughout their life. 

What is a Pediatric Dentist? 

If you have a young child, you may be thinking about calling a pediatric dentist. If you just celebrated your little one’s first birthday, or you just noticed their first tooth peeking through their gums, then it is time to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist in St. Albert

A pediatric dentist is a specialist that focuses on the health, growth, and development of children’s teeth, jaws, and gums. They spend extra time in school, so they learn how to take excellent care of your child’s oral health and teach them how to look after their pearly whites as they grow up. 

If you are concerned about how your child will act at their first dental appointment, this is a normal fear. Understand that pediatric dentists are used to dealing with young children, and they will do everything they can to ensure that your child feels comfortable and happy during their visit. 

Pediatric Dentists Educate Patients

It is important to understand that when you take your young child to see a St. Albert dentist, their specialty in pediatrics will allow them to provide them with the highest-quality dental care and be an excellent source of information. For example, if you are a parent struggling to get your child to fall asleep without sucking on their thumb, you can speak to your child’s dentist about solutions to this problem. A pediatric dentist can also offer information on the best foods for your child’s teeth and show your and your child the right techniques for brushing and flossing. Additionally, pediatric dentists can provide your child with access to early orthodontics if they notice an issue with their bite alignment. 

How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist

It can be challenging to know where to start when looking for an excellent pediatric dentist. The best place to begin is by asking friends and family for recommendations. Knowing someone who has had a good experience with a pediatric dentist makes it easier to trust that the services will be excellent and that the experience will be positive. Ask your loved ones what they like about the dentist and what services the dentist offers. 

If you don’t know anyone with a good pediatric dentist, the next best thing to do is a quick Google search for good pediatric dentists in your area. Read reviews about the dentists that come up to find one that suits your needs. Some important things to consider are how the dental team and dentist interact with their patients, what services and technology they offer, and the vibe and environment of the dental office. 

How to Teach Your Child About Taking Care of Their Oral Health

While a pediatric dentist can help get your child excited about taking care of their teeth and gums, there are also things you can do at home to help encourage your child to take good care of their oral health. 

Here are some of our tips for helping your child enjoy looking after their oral health:

  • Your child should brush their teeth for at least two minutes a day. To encourage them to do this, play a fun song that lasts two minutes- let them have a dance party while making their smile sparkle!
  • Cut healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables into fun shapes like hearts and stars to make eating healthy and protecting their teeth more exciting. 

When it is time to take your child to the dentist, there are things you can do to prepare them for their visit: 

  • Read them stories about visiting the dentist, so they understand that it is not a scary place. A popular book about visiting the dentist is Curious George Visits the Dentist by H.A. Rey. Another book that kids love is My Dentist, My Friend by P.K. Hallinan.
  • Take your child to do something fun after the dentist as a reward. Let them choose between activities such as bowling, buying a new toy, or roller skating. 

Interested in Pediatric Dentistry? 

If you have a young child who has some of their teeth or is older than one and has not visited a dentist yet, now is the time to hunt for an excellent pediatric dentist to tend to all your child’s oral health needs. 

We are happy to provide our little patients with high-quality, comprehensive dental care at Dentus Family Dental. If you would like to learn more about pediatric dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Dentus Family Dental to book your child’s appointment today. 

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