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Some songs have done more than entertainment. They have changed the world. Songs are a symbol of important historical events. A voice for social movements that have influenced social change and engagement all over the world. Through our series of programs, the audience gets the opportunity to experience some of these songs.

There is no greater opportunity for the pop star than repent repentance. The chance to wake up again after self-harm. For example, most of the west’s ability to fight its occasional death and to lead to victory as a result.

Justin Bieber and Trademark

Seen like this, Justin Bieber has the ability to stand up to extraordinary success in the path of the current disaster. Bieber gained fame by turning the flexibility of the adult into a candy-sweet pop with a hip hop singer, and a brief period of the troubles he has faced over the past few years, if only as a reminder of it so far.

The fourth studio album of The Purpose, “The Beaver” – and it is first since ‘Faith’ in 2012 – is largely dealt with this light-hearted passion to make way for a pressed and grave Bieber. Either he has become so inactive that he has lost his taste for entertainment or is perhaps so tired of the process that he cannot get the energy he needs.

As a singer, The Beaver sings from the dance club. He has a natural gift for Rag, and, at 21 years old, he is still able to reach clear, high notes.

Bieber competes with a certain woman but also engages with colleagues for whom they have failed to reflect themselves. ‘If you like the way you look like this, you can go and love yourself. When he comes off the script he comes alive – he is fast, connected, straight, smug, cruel and hard. It turned out that the cyber-pelting is as compelling on a record as it does in real life. ‘Love Yourself’ refers to the goodness of emotions that doesn’t tap ‘purpose’ much. This song surprises the audience as to how it would seem if the cyber is really involved in the ugly aspect of his decline.

Even when the Internet has broken the music market, the albums remain as economic tents, especially for stars who still have the ability to produce sales. Artists like Bieber, who balance online popularity with traditional importance, must fulfill the internet’s unwarranted hunger and industry-structured traditions. This year, he did a better job of handling the former.

He could have stopped his campaign from the colorful, memorable “Sorry by Justin Bieber video and made a much stronger statement than the ‘purpose’, which hinders his vision rather than explaining it.

Moreover, the “Only Love by Trademark” has been famous too. People are loving the lyrics about how it is much relatable to their situations. It is also seen that such songs which are in the best interest of people are loved the most. This is why artists and media houses focus on that.

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