Textsheet Alternatives: Best Free and Paid alternative sites (2020)

The Textsheet Alternative – Textsheet was top of the line online education sites from among the students, which used to give the main arrangement and answers for school or school ventures, home-works, or assignments asked by the students. 

Essentially, Textsheet was the site used as the referral of the schoolwork issues submitted to the students. 

Shockingly, Textsheet has been closed down, and this is simply let down news for some students, which made students search accessible basic sites like Textsheet which are accessible in 2020. 

Textsheet was utilized to give the appropriate responses and arrangements of Chegg (which is an option to Textsheet) online practice paper. 

The appropriate responses were given to students by utilizing Chegg API, at whatever point the understudy recorded the URL of the issue in the pursuit box of the Textsheet. 

Accordingly, The Textsheet has been brought down because of the copyright issues guaranteed by the Chegg. The DMCA copyright infringement made the Textsheet be brought down from the web completely. 

Since the Textsheet has been cut down, We need to discover something to make the understudy’s life simpler. Here you have choices of textsheet choices to discover course readings, home-works, assignments, and different examination materials. 

Slader (free) Textsheet Alternative

Slader is a lot of mainstream among US Students. Here you can discover bit by bit answers for your inquiry and answer across a great many course readings for various subjects with complete explanations. 

It is persistently improving the nature of substance step by step and growing school level arrangements items to help students in the best technique. 

We comprehend what it resembles to stall out on a schoolwork issue. We’ve been there previously. Slader is an autonomous site bolstered by a large number of students and givers from the whole way across the globe. We’re here to assist you with succeeding and get unstuck for the last time – Slader. 

Slader contains answers for each age student from center school to higher school. It is easy to discover the appropriate responses on Slader. 

You should simply filter the standardized tag of your reading material or type the title of your books. After you do the procedure, You will discover all the important responses to the issues you need. So we can say this one is the best textsheet elective. 

The Slader is thoroughly allowed to utilize, yet you will discover a few promotions on it. Additionally, you can purchase a membership at just $1.99 to expel the promotions. 

It’s the best Free to use Textsheet Alternative, as it is one of the sites like textsheet.

Studylib (free) sites like textsheet

Studlib is another of the courses reading other options. The site offers a wide scope of tackled assignments and schoolwork arrangements. With studylib.net, you can download and store significant reports for nothing, just as you can without much of a stretch offer your notes with your poor companions. 

Studylib is one of the incredible sources to find solutions for the task and all subjects for the students. 

The site covers a huge number of subjects, which incorporate Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, History and Miscellaneous. 

Studylib has an intelligent landing page where you can discover the slanting reports that make the site route progressively proficient. 

Here this site permits you to include papers and different records in your record If you join. You can undoubtedly download required reports for nothing from the landing page itself. 

If you have something which can be useful for different students, you are allowed to transfer it. The site is totally free, But by one way or another you may feel this site increasingly complex by contrasting it with Slader. 

Course Hero

Course Hero is likewise the fittest alternative to Textsheet, one of the best amoung sites like textsheet and the best platform for considering and downloading study material. It ensures that it has in excess of 25 Million obviously explicit examination material. 

The site is efficient to find a course, notes, and answers rapidly. Here, the students can without much of a stretch discover study assets by simply composing their school name, Subject, or by Books or, you can utilize channels to channel the records by Course, Question and Explanations, Study Documents. 

The Course Hero likewise allows you to acquire cash by transferring and alluding it to your companions. The site gives all day, every day Tutoring help. It may very well be valuable for students in various time regions. 

Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access more than 25 million course-explicit investigation assets contributed by a network of students and instructors. You’ll discover practice issues, study guides, recordings, class notes, and bit by bit clarifications for each subject you’re considering — from financial matters to writing, science to history, bookkeeping to brain research, and everything in the middle. We help you rapidly find what you need so you can adapt profoundly- Course Hero. 

The website additionally allows you to download records. So before downloading any material or book, guarantee you have marked in. 


As you definitely know, Chegg is additionally one of the textsheet choices sites and the motivation behind why textsheet.com isn’t accessible on the web any longer. This organization is going to be 20 years of age in sparring students. 

Chegg offers a gigantic measure of arrangements, and you can even find your solution through specialists when you discover trouble while performing schoolwork or doing a task. 

The specialists of Chegg are prepared to assist you with all your schoolwork exceptionally quickly. You can download the application that you can discover in the play store and App store separately. 

Covering the hardest classes and your assignments, Chegg can get schoolwork help with more than 80 subjects and numerous courses. 

The site awards you an answer for heaps of subjects like science, maths, building, business, with 80 subjects and numerous courses. 

To utilize the site or application administrations, you need to join and pay for their membership, which can be an issue for certain students. 

Chegg’s participation begins from $14.95 every month and $30 every month with a video calling highlight. Then again, You can likewise utilize a preliminary variant of a web based mentoring administration for 30 minutes for nothing. 

Here, to stop membership consequently reestablishing you need to turn off at any rate 24-hours before the finish of the current time frame. 


PaperHelp is an excellent option in contrast to a textsheet accessible at this point. It has been helping students to finish the new testing assignments since 2008. 

Peperhelp has made a great deal of understudy’s work with increasingly agreeable people who are consistently in an intense need of contemplating and composing research papers. 

This site will assist you with writing your exploration paper regardless if you are in High school, College, or contemplating Ph.D. This is likewise esteemed Privacy and detail of yours, will be private, and won’t be unveiled to other people. 

By utilizing PaperHelp, you save something truly significant — TIME Spend it for what you need by getting quality papers over the semesters- PaperHelp. 

Here, All the arranged Research Papers additionally get conveyed at your doorsteps genuine soon. The cost for proficient composing administrations of Paperhelp begins from just $10 and as far as possible up to $ 24 for each page. 

Here, If you request online composing help, you can save a one-time 5% off and 10% off for orders from $500 and $1000 individually. 



The SparkNotes is where students can discover exercise notes for an assortment of courses and sides of an assortment of school subjects. The site was begun in 1999 and obtained in 2001 by Barnes and Noble. 

The SparkNotes highlights an online platform to purchase books, just as a Test Prep administration, helping American students get ready for government sanctioned tests, for example, the SAT. Also, yes this is outstanding amongst other textsheet options. 

The most thorough, exact, and valuable advisers for great and contemporary lit on the web. Regardless of whether you’re considering Hamlet or Hunger Games, we’ll ensure you get a Big Idea.

SparkNotes application is accessible in Google’s Play Stores and Apple application store with the goal that you can run this application on both Android and iOS gadgets.


Amoung sites like textsheet Sladder and Studlib are astonishing and free textsheet options. Chegg is additionally where you can hope to discover most arrangements or if nothing else “specialists” as they guarantee if your inquiry isn’t as now replied. 

If you are kinda apathetic or just very occupied to complete your task on schedule, Services like Paper Help can be useful. 

In the event that you know some other free or paid textsheet options that you either utilized before or realize it please let us know in the remarks beneath. 

There are a lot of places like textsheets to look over in the event that you need a touch of help with your coursework. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a free site like Textsheet, for example, Studylib and Sladder, or a site with master help, for example, Chegg or Course Hero, you’ll discover no lack of places to help you on your education way!