Seven curtain ideas to add richness to your luxury apartment

Seven curtain ideas to add richness to your luxury apartment

Investments in luxury residential real estate are a significant expenditure that investors need to consider carefully. Not only do the amenities matter, but the resulting appearance of the luxury apartments hold crucial and pivotal importance. Constructing a luxury apartment is not merely limited to building it, nor does it end with the completion of constructing processes. The interiors of the condo are equally essential. They add to the chic, elegant, modern style of the apartment. If the interior designs do not compliment the construction of the apartment, the goal to achieve a luxurious feeling when residing in the apartment fails. It, in return, makes the motive of investing in a luxury apartment relatively unsuccessful. People who invest in these railroad apartment like the penthouses are usually ambitious and affluent. They have a status to carry and a brand to live up to. If the place that they reside in does not match up to their position, they are not going to invest in it.

There are times that you do not need to make a colossal change to align the interiors of the luxury apartments. There are small changes and certain things that can change the look of the entire apartment, like the colour of the furniture, the positioning of the plants, photo frames and a lot more stuff. One thing that can significantly change the look of the room is the curtains. Curtains are the most functional feature of an interior design. They add to the decor of the room and luxury apartments if designed according to the room and colour preference of the person residing. Every place has a certain vibe to it, even if you do not feel or cannot immediately notice the aesthetics and vibrations in the room. Recent studies have found out that the aesthetics and interior designs of a room have a direct connection with our emotions. Practices like the Vaastu Shashtra in India and Feng Shui in Chinese tradition are an example of how we have evolved as a human being and how much our environment affects us. The bond between interior design and emotions has the power that can either evoke a sense of positivity or negativity. A successful interior design and architecture is fundamental when it comes to designing a residential space. Studies show that a successful project has the perfect balance between the interior structure as well as the welfare of the humans residing in the apartment. According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian market for interiors and renovation is estimated to be between USD 20 Billion and USD 30 Billion in the year 2019. Also, check out LeChaletier for more info related to Chalet.

Now that we know how much designing is essential, especially the curtains of our apartment that can potentially add to the richness and ensure a Comfortable lifestyle, let us check out seven ideas that you can employ to design your curtains.

  • Colour coordinate the curtains according to the theme.

Colour coordinating the decor of a room according to a theme will ensure that the flow of the interiors is not hindered. The aesthetics are important and to secure that you should decide what the theme of the room and your apartment is before finalizing the curtains. You can also use upholstered pieces of furniture to do the job. Matching the drapes with the colour and patterns of the furniture holds a relatively grave significance.

  • Add blinds-

The purpose of using curtains is to regulate the sunlight and provide privacy. And it would be best if you were sure that they are functional. Adding blinds to the windows can do the job if you choose transparent curtains.

  • If confused go white-

White is the colour of peace and brightens up the room. It is a colour that brings a calming and soothing feeling. If you are confused with what colour you should incorporate into your luxury apartment decor that would not be loud enough to interfere with your aesthetic architecture, go white. White curtains and draperies will be a subtle and chic addition to the designs and decor of your apartment.

  • That little figurine on the table next to the curtains matter too-

If you are planning to go ahead with the theme of white, you can also design the entire apartment in the shades of white. But when choosing curtains, you can select them and match them with little figurines, or cushion covers or even the figures in the showcase or on the tea table. These colours would add small pockets of freshness to your apartment.

  • Adding wooden blinds for a natural feel-

The best way to incorporate the goodness of nature into your room is to add a bit of nature. Not only that but also the addition of wooden blinds can give you a rustic natural feel.

  • Reminiscence the renaissance with roman colours

Adding the roman shades of colour into the decor will result in making the experience of the luxury apartment even more aesthetically pleasing. These colours like reds, whites, browns and greens give the apartment an appearance and a renaissance feel. Since Roman shades are mainly the most basic ones, they do not require or attract more accumulation of dust as a result of which they are easier to clean and dusted.

  • Go floral with the draperies and the curtains.

Flowers and floral patterns are the most sought after decor design that can potentially increase the appearance of your luxury apartments. You can match the curtains with the little flower pots and crockeries to enhance the floral aesthetics of the apartment. They look elegant and delicate at the same time. Floral patterns could be subtle in colour, or they could be powerful and striking—all according to the taste and interior decor of the apartment. To go subtle, you can choose lighter shades of green, pink, yellow combining them with ample amount of whites. And for more bold feel, you can choose the brighter colour tones like the reds, greens and match them in contrasting and compatible colours.

Key takeaways:

  • Luxury apartments are no longer restricted to the consumers who are looking for investing in them as a status symbol. It has grown to cater the needs of a different consumer and investor market that is looking forward to abundant spaces in luxury apartments.
  • The definition of luxury living has changed for this segment of the market. Their luxury lifestyle needs to be planned in such a way that their budgets are not compromised.
  • Comfortable lifestyle along with a luxurious experience can be achieved with minute and significant changes. It does not always require additional expenses.
  • Detailing matters a lot when it comes to luxury experience in apartments. Furnitures, the curtains and the blinds of the window, to the centre table and the decorative pieces in the room, everything should be in sync with each other.
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