How to Prepare for Your Online Therapy Sessions

Online therapy has picked up its pace during Covid 19 and it is definitely a good thing to hear in the pandemic phase. Why? Well, it is happy to find out that people are not only looking forward to telehealth services but also becoming aware about mental health. As the communication between therapists and patients have become easier at one end, many of us still want online therapy guides to move ahead.

So here is a small guide to give you online therapy tips in order to make the best out of therapies.

Online Therapy Guide

  1. Find A Private And Quiet Space

Just like conventional therapy makes sure that you and your therapist are settled in a comfortable and private space, the same rules are applicable for online therapy too. Your therapist is liable to keep all the conversations discreet so make sure that you confirm about it with your therapist before the session.

At the same time, you have to make sure that you choose a comfortable and quiet space where no one can hear your personal discussions as well as interrupt in the process. Use headphones to nullify the distractions and begin with the therapy! If you can, put some pillows around you or creative and artistic designs that soothes you.

  1. Go For Technology Check

Online therapy itself means that you would be in need of fast and reliable technology. This is why you must go for a check of your electronic devices as well as internet connection. Some details that you always check in a mock session are:

  • Find if your device’s camera and microphone are working properly.
  • If your device is recognizing external microphone
  • If the wi-fi connection is not fluctuating and keeping the conversation stable.
  • If the device is fully charged or plugged into a proper power source.
  1. Licensed Therapist

As per American Psychological Association(APA), terms like ‘therapist’ and ’psychotherapist’ are still not legally protected and hence any therapist can claim themselves as one. This is why you have to make sure that you choose a licensed professional counselor with appropriate mental health training. You can ask them to show a license or check their credentials in an online database.

  1. Prepare Your Questions In Advance

We know that conventional visits to therapists could be comfortable to many but online therapy during Covid 19 gives you the comfort of communication at home. This again means that you have to stay prepared with the topics that you have to discuss with your therapist. What you can ask from your therapist are:

  • How do you manage technology or what are your concerns regarding the technology?
  • You have to be open about your emotions as your therapist may not be able to find your body language as explicitly as possible. Don’t be afraid to name your emotions in bold letters.
  • Make sure that you not only are sharing questions with your therapist but also give your therapist the feedback as soon as the session ends.
  1. Keep Jotting Down The Notes

Now that you know about preparedness, it is also important to keep a notebook or diary where you can jot down the notes for any future reference. Note down your feelings, your progress with the therapist or what is that you don’t like about the session. Sharing your notes with the therapist indicates your courage to openly communicate for quick recovery.

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  1. Be Persistent With Your Therapies

You can be sure of awkwardness in the beginning of your therapeutic sessions but it is always advisable to continue the therapies as a process of recovery. If you cannot find comfort even after 3-4 sessions, you can differ the session but persistence is another key for online therapy tips.


We are sure that this online therapy guide during Covid 19 will help you to deal with mental and emotional disorders. It is highly recommended that you approach the therapist, be open about your problems and recover from it with the help of therapies. As explained above, your consistency with the therapies matters more than anything for complete recovery. We hope you are prepared for your online sessions after reading this and we wish you good luck for the same.

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