“Podcasts are the next big thing in India – Read more!!”

What is a podcast? 

If I simply put it together in one sentence then, a podcast is a digital audio file covering all your favourite shows, burning topics and interesting blogs. It was originally started to build a community of people with similar interests and later on it became more popular among the youths. The best thing about podcasts which makes it even more special is its accessibility, with people becoming busier day by day it’s hard for them to get sufficient time to entertain themselves.

Sometimes we want someone to read out stories or jokes for us while we are driving or cooking or doing some stuff that doesn’t require much attention. This is possible with podcasts! 

That is the beauty of podcasts, and today they are more popular than ever.

Well, now let’s look at the popularity of podcasts in India. 

The Indian podcast industry is becoming more content-centric day by day and thus gaining the attention of youths in India. Earlier when only a few people had mobile phones the podcast industry was not doing so great, but now almost every person walking next to you has a smartphone in their hands. Which in turn contributed to the list of podcast listeners. 

Nowadays in India, the number of female audiences is going up as most of the content is covered by keeping female listeners in mind. Podcasts are becoming popular in India starting from news, cricket commentary to all the religious podcasts are played on a loop in almost all shops across the country. Indian podcasts are available in multiple regional languages which has increased the podcasts listening in the past few years. 

Podcasts provide people with their daily dose of laughter, fiction or news covering all the latest discoveries in the field of science, technology and economics. Growth is set to continue over the forecast period with a rapid increase in the number of listeners over the past few years. We all can feel the accelerating interest of the audience and it’s increasing growth. The podcast is becoming a fever! 

Oh, you like podcasts? Or Are you confused about choosing your first podcast? 

It’s always a big risk when you choose your first podcast, there could be a possibility that the genre which you have chosen is not the one you wanted! So, I suggest you try genres of your interest first.

If you are a newbie here then you can go for platforms which provide you free facility to listen to their podcasts. So that you can try out several things there. This sounds amazing! Isn’t it? 

There is one such platform named as Kuku FM which provides you podcasts on various genres like religion, business, sports, motivation, comedy, horror etc. This platform covers almost every field of your interest and content is super amazing! A bitesize series of podcasts that will make you laugh, give you knowledge on current events, kill your boredom with exciting horror stories. You name it, they have it! Kuku FM has the best collection of indian podcasts available online in Hindi.

A lot of times the hosts or guests are everyday people sharing their expertise and experiences, which might help you at some point in time in your life. If you are a business need and want to know more about the entrepreneurs who are carving out exciting new fast-growing market niches, then you can listen to such podcasts available in Hindi. 

They have several religious podcasts covering all possible mythological stories and Hanuman Chalisa to play in the morning for a fresh start. This platform provides you with the best facility of downloading the podcasts for free. Yes, you heard it correctly! Now you can listen to your favourite shows without ads and you can even download them for free and listen to them on your own time. Kuku FM has the finest collection of podcasts, audiobooks and stories that can entertain you anytime. Now go and expand your minds, listen to the best Hindi podcasts available online. 

Enjoy free, unlimited listening to Kuku FM shows. Download as many as you’d like at no cost!

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