Playing 90 Ball Bingo 2020

There are so many variations to bingo but the most important is how many balls you play with. You might also want to try slots, play White Wizard.

The highest number of bingo balls is the 90 ball game. Why is this and how is it different to other variations?

How to play

90 ball bingo works the same as other games of bingo. Players are still required to put a deposit down on a ticket and cross off the numbers that match those that are called.

Each player is given a blotter and they need to mark off a line of numbers or all of them on their grid.

Winning at 90 ball bingo

The standard 90 ball bingo ticket is set out on a 3×9 grid. There are 9 boxes set out in 3 rows. Inside these 9 boxes are 5 numbers and 4 blank squares. These are printed at random and each square will feature numbers between their integers. For example, box 1 will hold numbers between and 9, box 2 will have numbers between 10 and 19 and so on. This goes all the way up to 90.

To win a prize, players can cross off all of the numbers in a vertical line. They can do this once or twice but the next prize, the largest prize, comes when a player crosses off every number on their bingo ticket.

This is called a full house. As you can see, in 90 ball bingo, players have more chances to win as more numbers will be drawn.

Why is 90 ball bingo the standard?

The reason that 90 is the maximum for most bingo games is because of time limits. Too many balls would take forever and the game would lose its appeal. It is unclear as to why 90 was chosen as the specific largest number but that is where it has stayed for decades.

Think about it. 90 is an easy number to divide. If the aim is to only get 6 in a row, then players will do this quickly and move on to the next game. It keeps things brisk but still allows for some tension in a game.

Other variations

90 Ball bingo is the most popular variation of the bingo formula but there are two others that players can try. There is 80 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo.

As you can probably tell, these games have less odds as there aren’t as many balls for the player to match, leading to a more competitive game of bingo.


That is the 90 ball game in all its glory. The most popular and probably most social game, 90 ball bingo is definitely a hit among players. Why not try out the different variations yourself to see which one suits you best. Just because 90 ball is the most common doesn’t mean it is the most exciting.

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