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Plastic Wood Floor Installation Method and Precautions



Plastic Wood

Plastic wood materials mainly use plastics (recycled waste plastics such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as raw materials, mix them into new wood materials by adding waste plant fibers such as wood powder, rice husk and straw, and then produce plates or profiles through plastic processing processes such as extrusion, molding and injection molding. It is mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics and packaging industries. Plastic wood flooring is a new type of building materials that has emerged in recent years, and it has just started abroad. The raw materials used for wood plastic products can be waste plastics, waste wood, agricultural and forestry orange stalk and other plant fibers as base materials, without any additional harmful components. Moreover, it can be recycled and reused. It can be called a novel product in the real sense of environmental protection, energy conservation and resource recycling. More and more public places use this kind of floor. Plastic wood flooring has good moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungus inhibition, antistatic, moth proof and other properties, but this material is rarely seen in daily life. What is the reason? Experts pointed out that: plastic wood floor is a new type of detection material, which is in line with people’s pursuit of circular economy. The purpose of advocating environmental protection, perhaps 5 years, up to 10 years, plastic wood flooring will replace solid wood flooring and become a widely used building material for home decoration. Now it is rarely used in daily life because of insufficient promotion and price problems. As a result, few people in China know the existence of this kind of material floor. Next, we will introduce the installation methods, installation precautions, installation clearance, characteristics, maintenance tips and purchase misunderstandings of plastic wood flooring. Let’s get to know!
Installation method of plastic wood floor1. Before installation of plastic wood floor1). From the professional perspective of installing the floor, before starting the installation work, we must keep the plastic wood floor dry, flat and clean, so as to better ensure the smooth progress of subsequent installation work.

2). Prepare installation tools such as electric drill, ordinary woodworking tools, labor protection gloves, stainless steel screws, etc. among them, electric drill is a necessary tool for installing plastic wood floor. The plastic wood floor is brittle. When fixing the floor and keel, you must use an electric drill to guide the hole, and then install screws for fixation to avoid damaging the plastic wood floor.

2、 Installation process of plastic wood floor1). Fixed plastic wood keelThe plastic wood keels shall be evenly arranged and tiled on the cement ground. It is recommended that the spacing between each keel is 30cm. Use an electric drill to lead the hole on the keel. The diameter of the lead hole shall not be less than the screw diameter. Then screw the screw into the drilled hole to fix the keel on the cement ground. All the screw heads shall be screwed into the keel and shall not be exposed, otherwise the floor layout may be uneven.

2). Fix the first floorThe left and right sides of each plastic wood floor are respectively provided with Yin and Yang grooves. When paving the first floor, the external groove on the outside of the first floor can be sawed off or ground off with woodworking tools, and then the hole is led on the surface of the floor with an electric drill, and the nail is screwed in to fix it on the keel.
3). Fix the second floorClamp the male groove of the second plastic wood floor to the female groove of the first floor, then drill an electric pilot hole on the side surface of the male groove of the second floor, screw in the screws to fix it on the keel, and the screw spacing can be controlled by the construction personnel during installation without too dense, so as to ensure firmness. The installation of the plastic wood floor in the back is the same as that in the front, so there is no need to explain more.
Precautions for installation of plastic wood floor
1. Plastic wood can be cut, sawn, drilled and tenoned with ordinary woodworking machinery.

2. Fix the plastic wood keel on the floor with expansion pipe. The spacing between the fixed points of the expansion pipe is 500mm-600mm. The screw cap is lower than the surface of the wood keel. The wood keel needs to be leveled as a whole.

3. Self tapping screws can be used for fastening between plastic wood and plastic wood, and stainless steel self tapping screws are recommended for outdoor use; Self drilling and tapping screws shall be used for plastic wood and steel plate.

4. When self tapping screws are used between plastic wood and plastic wood for fastening, holes shall be led first, that is, pre drilling. The diameter of the pre drilled hole shall be less than 3 / 4 of the screw diameter.

5. When installing the outdoor floor, one screw shall be used between the plastic wood profile and each keel.

6. The installation working surface shall be flat without pits, and the keel spacing l shall be controlled at 300mm ~ 350mm (if the floor is not perpendicular to the keel, it shall be shortened appropriately). Too wide spacing will cause downward bending deformation of floor plate. Expansion joints shall be reserved between longitudinal joints of keels.
7. For the paving of large-area plastic wood floor, it is recommended to use the installation method shown in the figure, and the length of each plastic wood floor shall not exceed 2m.
8. The plastic wood floor shall be edge sealed. The edge of plastic wood floor shall be sealed with plastic wood plate. According to the height of floor keel, the plastic wood plate shall be cut to the required height, and the spacing of self tapping screws for fixing the edge sealing plastic wood material shall be 400mm ~ 600mm. Other metal edge banding strips can also be selected as the edge banding of plastic wood floor.
9. At the junction of the plastic wood floor and the keel, the plastic buckle is used to connect and fix the plastic wood floor and the keel.
Installation clearance of plastic wood floor

1、 Floor mounting clearance1). Because the plastic wood has the characteristics of slight heat expansion and cold contraction, and considering the reasons such as cleaning, the plastic wood profile is installed side by side; Proper clearance must be left between ends. The reservation of this gap is also closely related to the climate and temperature during construction.
2). When installing the plastic wood floor, it is best to install the profile on the keel. According to the thickness of profile (20mm-40mm), the spacing of keel is generally 400mm-600mm.3). When there is an inclination between the profile installation and the keel, or when it is installed in the bathhouse, please reduce the spacing of the keel by at least 10cm.
2、 Installation clearance of railing and column1). Tenon joint should also take into account the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction of plastic wood, and make it have room for expansion and contraction.2). When installing the column and the road ground, the steel plate can be embedded in the concrete, and the steel plate at the bottom of the column can be welded with the embedded steel plate or fastened with bolts.3). When the total length of the railing is greater than 300m, the deformation transition column shall be considered.4). The style and profile specification of the railing are closely related to the span of the railing.Characteristics of plastic wood flooring1. Waterproof and moisture-proof. It is well known that wood flooring is very sensitive to water and humidity. Long time immersion in water will cause wood flooring to rot. The moisture-proof, if not noticed, will lead to mildew and decay of the wooden floor. This is a chagrin for many friends, and the moisture-proof and waterproof performance of plastic wood floor is more prominent. Generally, the water can’t penetrate into the floor inside.
2. Insect and termite prevention. Pure natural wood flooring will be more or less eaten by insects or bitten by termites, while plastic wood flooring will not, which is also its advantage of longer service life compared with solid wood flooring. Ordinary solid wood floors need to be exterminated regularly.
3. Strong plasticity: due to the diversity of styles and colors of plastic wood flooring, it is suitable for various decoration styles, can realize personalized modeling and reflect personalized design, and its plasticity is much stronger than that of ordinary wood flooring. It is especially suitable for families who like various decoration styles.
4. Environmental protection and pollution-free: the plastic wood floor does not contain benzene, and its formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO standard. It is a European rated environmental protection standard product, and you can rest assured to choose to use it. It will not contain substances harmful to human body.
5. Fire prevention: the plastic wood floor can be effectively flame retardant, and its fire protection grade reaches grade B1. It can extinguish itself in case of fire without producing any toxic gas. In addition, the installation of plastic wood floor is simple and does not need complicated installation technology, so it can save installation time and cost. Is it amazing to see this function.
Plastic wood floor maintenance tips
1. After the plastic wood floor is installed, remove dirt and residues with soap, hot water and hard brush.2. Gently wipe the mark printed on the side of the plastic wood floor with alcohol or acetone.3. Use conventional floor cleaners or cleaners containing bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and detergent.4. If there are grease stains on the floor, immediately remove them with household degreasing agent, and then rinse them with hot water.5. Clean chalk marked areas with hot soapy water and bleach. Colored chalk marks are stubborn and cannot be removed, so consider using white chalk or talc on the floor.6. Melting ice and calcium chloride or rock salt on the floor is available in most home product maintenance stores. When the ice begins to melt, wash it off.7. Remove ink stains with hot soapy water and then wash thoroughly.8. Use cleaning products containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to remove dirt and rust stains on the floor. This will reduce the stain and may also remove it.9. Use common rust cleaner to remove pigment precipitation pollution caused by floor weathering.10. According to the instructions on the bleach package, mix the bleach into hot water to clean wine stains and fruit stains. Gently wipe the stain and rinse with hot water.
YIDA WPC is a leading wood-plastic composite material factory in Ningbo, China. We have more than 10 years of production experience in manufacturing outdoor floors, outdoor tables and chairs, indoor and outdoor wall panels, stair panels, ceilings, fences, railings, garden handrails, garden pavilionsflower boxes, flower stands, etc. The product has the advantages of waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, insect-proof, maintenance-free, green, recyclable, and easy to install. It is widely used in various fields such as building materials, decoration materials, packaging and transportation.

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How to Record Your Screen on PC



How to Record Your Screen on PC

Making instructional video tutorials utilizing specific programming is more straightforward than at any other time. By utilizing specific programming to record your PC screen you will actually want to make preparing recordings regarding any matter you can envision. Whether you need to show someone how to browse their email, or how to utilize Skype, or How to Record Your Screen on PC

 to utilize your product or complete an undertaking pertinent to your skill, you can make a video tutorial by recording your PC screen.

The reason you might need to make tutorial recordings is on the grounds that making a video tutorial is the best thing to show someone how to accomplish something in person. Truth be told, it might try and be better since you can show someone once, and on the off chance that they can’t recall that they can replay the video tutorial again and again until they get it. Additionally, you can bring in additional cash showcasing your skill by selling your tutorials for cash.

Follow these means to guarantee a professional video tutorial as your completed item:

Stage 1: Decide what you need to record – You probably are knowledgeable in a wide range of topics, for example, “How to Build a Bird Cage”. You can utilize How to Record Your Screen on a PC to record portions of the means. Use video altering programming to alter the means. Then, at that point, you can place everything in a PowerPoint slide show. Then, you utilize the screen recording programming to record the PowerPoint. Or on the other hand perhaps you simply need to make a quick show recording your screen on “How to Set Up a Google Email Account”. All things considered; you just utilize the right programming to record your PC screen as you complete the cycle while describing it with your microphone.

Stage 2: Pick a product – There are different programs you can utilize, alone and in conjunction with others like Camtasia, AviScreen, GoView, and SnagIt to make both moving regardless of shots of your screen. What programming you pick will rely upon your spending plan, and expertise level. You can figure out how to utilize practically any product by watching tutorials.

Stage 3: Write a content – Always record the means and a content. Go through your cycle and record the means so you won’t miss anything.

Stage 4: Perform the content – After you compose your content, play out the content. You don’t need to follow the content word for word, however you ought to follow the means so you don’t accidentally skirt anything. That way your tutorial will be extremely professional. Request that a companion view it before you set it available to be purchased or out in general society permitting them to investigate your outcomes. This can assist you with including any means you might have missed.

Stage 5: Edit recording – Using the product, alter the video tutorial taking out “umms” and botches. Realizing you can alter as you are recording will help you not need to stop and begin various times. Simply continue onward and afterward alter out your mix-ups.

Stage 6: Format for review – Depending on how you intend to convey the video tutorial, you will arrange your eventual outcome as per what is required.

Stage 7: Finish up – You’re completely done – sell it, part with it and advance it!

iTop Screen Recorder programming audits


By iTop

iTop Screen Recorder is a simple-to-utilize screen recording programming with a light inherent video editor, which helps record each significant and valuable second in day to day existence and alter the recorded video to make it awesome. It is a savvy decision for recording video conferences, online courses, addresses, presentations, games, 4K movies, and so on. Look at the fundamental elements to realize what makes  iTop Screen Recorder stick out and begin your astonishing recording experience immediately!

Elements and Highlights

•   Deftly Capture Any Area of Your Screen

Record top caliber (4k upheld) recordings from a full screen, a window, or any chosen region.

•    All the while Record Video, Audio, and Webcam

You can record your face and voice together in a video with a webcam and microphone for recording tutorials, games, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise record and save a different sound document for music or your voice according to needs.

•    Professional Game Record Mode Without Any Lag

By taking on cutting edge GPU delivering and encoding innovation, the professional game recording mode is totally not quite the same as the other common game recording. You can record HD recordings for different 2D/3D games (E.g.: Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox, World of Warcraft, League of Legends) whenever with no slack. It guarantees you to record great game recordings at up to 60 FPS without outline dropping.

•   No Time Limit and Custom Your Watermark

You can record without a watermark by unticking in Settings. To safeguard your recordings from being replicated, it additionally permits you to customize your selective watermark with your customized characters, fonts, varieties and sizes.

•   Recording Schedule

It empowers you to automatically begin and end recording at a planned time, which makes your recording as simple as could be expected.

•    Effectively Add Annotations When Recording with Real-time Doodle

•   Add Mouse Click Effects

You can add mouse click impacts by featuring the cursor and adding mouse click animation. Hence, it is the best tool for recording video conferences, online classes, addresses, presentations, games, and so on.

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Professional Fingerboard: Everything You Need To Know



A professional fingerboard is a copy of a skateboard that people like to ride. In Finger boarding, the board mimics every aspect of its larger version, including the wheels, decks, trucks, and even the deck graphics. The only significant difference is that you control the board with your fingers rather than your legs, as the name suggests: finger boarding!

Fingerboards were first introduced in the 1960s, but their popularity peaked in the early 1990s. Since then, it has been extremely famous among skating communities all around the world. So, here’s a short rundown of the many sorts of professional fingerboards:

Fingerboard P-REP

In the field of finger boarding, the P-REP has prior experience. It includes the directions as well as a thorough training video on how to put it together. It is made up of screws and nuts that are assembled. It is simple to use because it is packaged as a full fingerboard set.

Now is the time to check out the professional customize fingerboard at the most affordable costs!

Fingerboard With Teak Tuning

It has unique characteristics, such as stainless steel material, which makes the board highly durable. It is sturdy enough to sustain a person of ordinary size. Its deck is capable of supporting the rider. Its wheels are sturdy and long-lasting.

Smooth movement is provided by transparent polyurethane bearings. Unless the wheels can tolerate any terrain, the bearings will assist you in trying out various rides. It also includes stainless-steel nuts for locking the wheels in place and preventing them from coming loose.


It is made of high-quality materials and parts, and every feature is made up of wood fingerboards. The board is 100 * 34 mm and contains six bamboo and maple wood plies for a standard ride. It also contains eight lock nuts for connecting the truck to the deck, as well as pre-drilled holes. All of the nuts have a flat top to avoid injuring the players’ fingertips.

Fingerboards With Wooden Skulls 

It has a glossy black finish with a Skull logo and is highly fashionable. It also comes with skull tape that you may use on the fingerboard’s edge. It is made up of a handcrafted deck with a skull emblem that is incredibly elegant. Additionally, the skull tape placed to the top of the fingerboard is a nice touch. It has a handcrafted maple wood deck with five plies, making it extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding a reasonable amount of finger pressure.

Teak Tuning With the Complete Fingerboard

It is made up of blue dye and silver chrome space, giving it a very appealing appearance. Along with the bearings, it also has polyurethane wheels. These wheels are designed to handle rough terrain and last longer. Are you looking for the most dependable fingerboard at the most affordable price? Take advantage of this great opportunity to get cheap fingerboard bushings!

Final Words

Professional Fingerboards are extremely handy and accurately reproduce practically every aspect of the larger equivalent, including the wheels, deck, trucks, and deck graphics. The only significant change is that the fingers are used instead of the legs, although they are really useful!

You also need to know where you can get the greatest fingerboard in the globe, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned skateboarder. Check out the most affordable and dependable fingerboard right now!

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What makes Microsoft Power BI A great business intelligence solution



Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence solution by Microsoft that allows businesses to transform data into meaningful data. Microsoft is positioned as a leader in Gartner for business solution platforms, making it the top player in the market. Clearly, Power BI is a go-to platform for businesses looking for top-notch business intelligence solutions. It is a tool that pulls data from multiple sources and helps business owners make critical business decisions. 

Here, we’ll discuss in detail what makes Power BI is a great business solution.

Power BI is a useful business tool

Power BI comes with a powerful columnar database that uses modern technologies for comparing databases. Furthermore, Power BI Workbook is smaller as compared to original databases. Unlike MS Excel that starts slowing down when dealing with large models, Power BI can efficiently deal with thousands of tables hassle-free. Further, Power BI features automated refreshes to streamline the visual reporting process. 

Power BI is easy to learn and collaborate

Microsoft Power BI develops on the founding platform of MS Excel; thus, it follows the similar approach to designing a report. Moreover, Microsoft Excel is globally accepted and a widely used software, making it easy to learn Power BI. Since data modeling is derived on MS Access database and SQL Server fundamentals. So, users can easily understand Power BI data modeling. 

Besides, Power BI offers easy collaboration opportunities. Users can easily collaborate with the team to create dashboards or interactive reports, and publish them to a larger audience. Also, they can share reports or dashboards with a small audience over a mobile app.

The native R integration

Power BI caters to the needs of advanced consultants or experts. It supports R, which is a programming language that contains more than 7,000 packages and is primarily used by data statisticians. Power BI allows experts to integrate R visualizations into a dashboard. Users can present advanced business analytics with native R script support. Need more Power BI support? You can talk to Power BI professionals.

Similar MS Excel features

MS Power BI has a simple interface; so, you don’t need to be an expert in order to use this tool. It comes with in-built intelligence features that allows users to pick the right attributes. Other useful features include QA, where you can write a question, and Power BI will provide results in the form of a graph or value. As already discussed, Power BI is built on the foundation of MS Excel, you won’t feel any difficulty while using the tool.

There are open-source visuals

Nowadays, corporate intelligence is a critical component. Power BI is a tool that pulls data from a variety of sources and helps make essential business choices, whether it’s a dashboard that combines vital indicators or reports that aggregate statistics. These data-driven decisions resulting from business intelligence are critical to a company’s success. This is why so many businesses are turning to Power BI as a valuable business tool. 

You can connect your data easily

Power BI makes it simple to manage your data by bringing it all together in one location. This allows enterprises to import large amounts of data from cloud-based sources such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Azure, and others. Users may now load pre-built Power BI dashboards in seconds and conduct better data analysis. The best part is that by sharing dashboards or reports, you may change aspects or have data professionals start from fresh.

Thus, Power BI makes an exceptionally useful business intelligence solution any business can take advantage of.

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Strengths and lessons from the online world uncovered by the pandemic




The COVID-19 pandemic has left no one indifferent. Health crises, border closures, mobility limitations, confinement… People have been spending more time at home and, consequently, the way they think about many things has changed. Something as simple as going out with friends or even going to the gym has become almost a luxury. That is why during this time, more than ever, the internet and technology have been the salvation for most people. 

Video calls are a new way of keeping in touch and hanging out, doing sport without leaving home by repeating exercises from a video, learning new recipes and even becoming a handyman by doing small DIY tasks at home. 

The opportunities today are endless. That is why online shopping and the number of businesses that have entered the e-commerce world has increased considerably. Because reality has made it a must. 

New opportunities for interaction

Not only shopping and businesses, but also dating apps and classifieds portals for meeting new people have had to adapt to the new times. And beyond trends, in a very short time the way of relating to others and the opportunities to meet and get to know people have been drastically reduced.

This, added to the need to seek pleasure, fun and enjoyment anywhere, has led even more people to enter important adult portals for hot encounters with gorgeous escorts in Leicester such as Skokka.

In this sense, a change in trends has been observed. After carrying out a study about the most searched words in adult classified portals, it has been observed the increase of new concepts. For example, the word “video”. In some cases, even being one of the 10 most searched words in many countries. Appearing alongside other already popular words such as young girls, mature, economic or massages.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm after analysing this increase in sessions and interactions with the brand that even the adult sector has been transformed and improved. Although one might have thought that they would have been the most susceptible due to the limitation of meetings and physical contact. 

The work of Skokka and this type of portals where Bangalore escorts advertise has been key to ensure that anyone who wants to find that moment of escape and relief from the current situation in a safe way without having to leave the comfort of home, can do so.

New ways of understanding human contact

If anything has been learned after all this time and everything that has happened, it is to value time, but above all to appreciate the people one surrounds oneself with. To be able to see, touch, hug and kiss all the people near and dear and show them all the appreciation and affection that one feels.

Cohabiting couples, professional female escorts in Canberra, families and friends. All have been affected by this time and restrictions worldwide beyond the level of health care. In this sense, there is now a new concept of what human relationships are and their importance. It has now been experienced what it is like not to be able to have loved ones close. Or vice versa, to be forced to intensify the relationship with those living together. The inevitable small “frictions” that arise, as well as feelings and desire in the case of couples, have increased.

Lessons learned from the pandemic

Therefore, to sum up, after all this time living with COVID-19, a lot has changed at all levels. Yet with the number of vaccinated people now on the rise, it seems that the worst part is over. The long-awaited new normality that has been heard so much about almost seems to have arrived. 

Even in countries like Australia, which has been an example of good strategies and policies around the world to control and reduce infection, only now they are considering reopening borders for tourism and mobility of their entire population (most of whom are already vaccinated) depending on the effects and advance of the new Omicron .

There is still much debate and diversity of opinion. Still, it is a key time to be responsible, to take care of oneself and others so that everyone can be together again. 

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How To Get Hard To Find Movies



There are some old movies that movie lovers find hard to find. These movies are usually classic and timeless films that people would love to watch again.

Unfortunately, these films can be difficult to locate because they are not always available through streaming services or DVD rental stores.

However, there are a few ways to track down these hard-to-find oldies. In this blog post, we will give you a few tips on locating these movies and watching them again.

Find hard to find movies:

Old movies are great to watch, but they can be difficult to find. Old movies can be found at:

  • Local film festivals
  • Online auction sites
  • Local libraries
  • Online streaming services
  • Used DVD stores

If you love old movies, you have a few favorites that you would love to watch again. However, these films can be difficult to track down.

Here are a few tips on how to locate these hard-to-find oldies:

1. Check out local film festivals:

These events often showcase classic and cult films that are not always easily accessible. They are a great way to see old movies that you may have missed the first time around.

2. Search online auction sites:

You may be able to find old movies that private sellers are selling. However, be sure to check the seller’s feedback score before purchasing. If you’re not sure about a seller, try to find someone selling the same movie on a different site.

3. Look for hard-to-find titles at your local library:

While you may not find every movie you’re looking for, it’s worth checking out your local library’s collection. See if your local library has any old movies available to rent or borrow. Libraries often have a great selection of older films.

4. Check out online streaming services:

Check out online streaming services  like YouTube or Vimeo. Sometimes, you can find full-length movies available to watch for free on these websites. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend any money renting or buying movies.

5. Try searching for the movie on a search engine:

Try searching for the movie on a search engine like Google or Bing. Sometimes, you can find websites that offer free streaming or downloads of older films. But be careful! Make sure you trust the website before clicking any links. Some websites may try to trick you into downloading viruses or malware.

6. See if there are any used DVD stores:

. See if there are any used DVD stores in your area that might have the movie you’re looking for. These stores often carry a wide selection of older movies. If they don’t have the movie you want, you can try asking the store owner if they know where you might be able to find it.

What If You Don’t Find By Above Steps?

Retro and classic flixs is a licensing search and acquisition and movie manufactured on demand. Service provider for all types of businesses in the entertainment industry and private collectors. The source and provide hard-to-find, rare, out-of-print and classic movie titles on DVD and Blu-ray worldwide.

Through their site, you can order any movie you want. They will get it for you on demand. With their help, you can get those old movies you want to watch again. We hope these tips help you locate the old movies you love! Do you have any other suggestions on where to find hard-to-find films? Let us know in the comments below.


If you can’t find the movie you’re looking for, try contacting a company like Retro and Classic Flixs. They may be able to help you find the movie you’re looking for. However, there are a few ways to track down these hard-to-find oldies. In this blog post, we will give you a few tips on locating these movies and watching them again! Read on for more information.

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