Overcoming Fear and Negativity as an entrepreneur, with Fashion Model Georgina Gentle

Fear and negativity are two emotions that always find a way of creeping into our lives and crippling success and growth. However, when handled properly, this pair can also propel us further and play a huge part in our progress. It all comes down to how we handle the situations that can cause fear and breed negative emotions in our lives.

Georgina Gentle is a model who has worked in the business for over 12 years, teaming up with numerous brands and companies. In the style world, models face several challenges and battles, and Georgina has figured out how to adjust and confront these difficulties.

In this article, she gives us a few hints and pointers that she uses to overcome fear and negative emotions.

Using Fear as a Tool

Sometimes, the best way to overcome something is to face it head-on. Georgina had to face something similar.

“My biggest fear was not succeeding and not making my family proud. I think that having this fear is what pushed me to never give up and gave me the success I have today.”

If there is something that you fear, let it be the driving force of your success. Facing your fears will teach you to be brave and have courage in the toughest situations possible. This give-it-all attitude will help you to achieve more and completely out-work the competition.

Let the trolls cheer you on

In the world of PR, they say all publicity is good publicity. The mentality of using criticism to promote yourself is an old one that has been used in marketing, business, and you can also apply it in your personal life.

For example, Kevin Hart was constantly teased and bullied about his height. Yet, he turned that ‘disadvantage’ around and used it to create a personal brand that made him famous and wealthy.

In Georgina’s words, “ let the negative comments be your fuel to keep going.”

If there is anything you are insecure about, use that quality to your advantage to create a unique brand for yourself. If people say bad things about you or what you are doing, let their words drive you until you prove them wrong.

Never stop fighting for your place

In many cases, you will find yourself in situations and scenarios where you have to stand up for yourself. For Georgina, she faced this challenge in her modeling career.

“ In the world of modeling don’t be naive and trusting. If the job seems too good to be true it most likely is, so always make sure you triple check everything.”

Many times, there will be nobody to stand up for you. You will have to look out for yourself, and never stop believing that you are enough and you deserve all the good things happening to you.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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