Multihead Weigher Machine – Top 3 Manufacturers

If your food court trading company has particularly clean products, it is vitally important that they are weighed efficiently while moving at very high speeds to ensure that the products are properly and effectively packaged, no waste to your Increase Profit. Have you considered buying a multi-head weigher on your production line?

Here we go through the benefits and top suppliers of Multi-head Weigher Machine:

Which Products may Benefit?

Multihead weighing works by dividing a product movement into characteristic weighing containers that are managed via an integrated laptop.

 The main advantages of multi-head weighing are speed and precision. Speed ​​is critical to throughput and throughput across the shift or builds cycle. Precision is essential to reduce waste and thus increase the performance of the packaged product. No other weighing technology can match the speed and precision of multihead weighing.

 multi-head weighing is not the high-quality technology for every product. First, the product can also have additional features that make it difficult to move to a series of weighing bins and from there to packaging. Visible are all kinds of hard goods (e.g. sticky or oddly shaped) domesticated by the advanced touch surfaces, tilt geometries, and product movement structures of today’s scales.

Who Are Best Manufacturers Of Multihead Weigher machine

Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

FOSHAN HIGHTECH MACHINERY EQUIPMENT Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of measuring machines with excessive precision, with strong financial energy and superior goods reputation, excellent supplier team and observers.

 To meet the commercial development of food packaging, we specialize in producing automated multihead weighers (4-head weigher, 10-head weigher, 14-head weigher), fabric conveyor, vibration conveyor, discharge conveyor, platform; Check the weighing machine, metal detector, etc.

An automatic multihead weigher is our company’s main product, it has excessive precision, high speed especially automatic, it is widely used in candy ration, sunflower seed, popcorn, granule, and frozen food packaging.

Libra Scales

A correct and reliable weighing machine occupies an extensive place in the development of commercial and industrial activities. With 25 years of business experience, we put the special weighing needs of our customers together correctly. Our product range is so extensive that it covers everything, regions with weighing requirements from 0.1 mg (0.001 g) laboratory requirements to 200 tons of Tensil, trucks, and commercial use.

Lastly, Libra Scales has a wealth of personal and passionate experiences. So, their experience and passion make Libra Scales a dynamic, growing, and traditional trading company that continues on the path to success.

Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Kenway Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently a huge multi-head scale production base that we are trying to integrate. As an experienced manufacturer, we focus on RandD and also produce multi-head scales, linear scales, attention scales, high-speed over-adjustment metal detectors, and ultra-precision. In addition, we provide customers with comprehensive computerized discussion and packaging solutions to meet a wide range of specific customer style requirements.

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