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Mosquito Season Warning – Why You Need to Worry and Prevention Checklist

What comes to mind when you think about swarms of mosquitoes? Sleepless nights! Itching legs, arms, hands and a pizza face full of spots? Additional to commonly observed annoying problems, there’s a lot more hiding that many people don’t realize. Mosquitoes are vectors for diseases including Zika, West Nile and of course the dreaded Malaria. Its about time for mosquito season warning as spring arrives.

In many parts of the world, mosquitoes are still a big threat. These pesky creatures love summer and do not pose a problem in winters. With winter on its full swing right now and not long before it leaves for the year, it is the best time to think about your mosquito prevention checklist. Read through and get best mosquito season warning tips and also a checklist that will help you negate the threat:

Why You Need to Worry About Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are little blood suckers who hunt, bite and suck blood out of any living being. Female mosquitoes do most of blood sucking as they need it to reproduce. There are many different factors that make these some of the most annoying pests. Here’s what you need to know and consider for this mosquito season warning:

  • Mosquitoes reproduce very quickly with a healthy female producing up to 500 eggs in the first brood. More to follow
  • Mosquitoes will produce quite annoying buzz that can keep people or pests awake during nights in their infected area
  • They will find exposed fleshy parts. Usually, they love hairy parts of the body for people or pets with some access to the skin
  • Mosquito bites can produce rashes that can be different for different people in their intensity and appearance. These rashes can be quite itchy
  • These little creatures can be virus or bacteria carriers between different species as they will suck blood and transfer organisms between humans and animals
  • Malaria is a common condition caused by mosquitoes as they spread it among different people, they would suck blood from
  • These can attract other pests like lizards, scorpions and many more to your property. Other pests eat mosquitoes and follow them into homes or properties

Take mosquito season warning seriously and be sure to follow our prevention checklist below. Also, keep some mosquito repellent sprays or on-body solutions to keep safe from them.

What Attracts Mosquitoes the Most?

Mosquitoes are spring and summer pests. They love warmer climates and seek warmth of inside properties during colder nights of summer. As female mosquitoes need blood meals to produce eggs, these are the ones that come in contact with people usually. This is why the best time to focus on mosquito season warning is the arrival of spring. You should start preparing for prevention tips.

Other factors that attract these creatures are water puddles. Female mosquitoes lay eggs on stagnant water surfaces where they hatch into adults. Any sources of stagnant water, even the smallest puddles would be quite enough for these pests. This is why the first thing your expert pest control Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada service providers will do for mosquito control is to remove any standing water.

Drains off roofs, water collections in the garden or anywhere else around the house can be mosquito nests. Swarms of mating mosquitoes in warmer areas of any property are common sights. Once mated, a female can lay eggs for the rest of her life. Clean water puddles or dirty water collections. Work on this mosquito season warning before the problem escalates for your property.

Mosquito Prevention Checklist

There are some steps any property owner can take to minimize mosquito infestation. If you take this mosquito season warning seriously, our checklist will help keep your property safe from infestation this year.

  • Remove any standing water regularly from roof drains
  • Do regular checks for water puddles and remove them after each rain
  • Keep them flowing with no standing water at any time
  • Stock with fish that eats mosquitoes
  • Clean the areas weekly and not let any water collect
  • Get mosquito repellent spray with cleaning regularly
  • Do not overwater your organics letting puddles form
  • Clean regular, ensure no water collections, keep covered
  • Make sure there is no liquid collecting inside or on them. Keep covered
  • Seal any uncapped fence pipes
  • Keep clean and inspect for water puddles. Dry off where applicable
  • Make sure vehicle hoods are closed and no water collections anywhere
  • Keep wood stock covered with tarp and ensure no water collection on or under

Bottom Line

Mosquito season warning should never be ignored. There are still couple of months before these pesky creatures starting swarming areas and properties. It is yet never too early to start preparing about how to deal with them. Mosquito repellents are available in sprays or liquid skin applicable solutions. Keep these on you if you live in an area where they are real problems.

Mosquito infestation doesn’t take long before it becomes a full-scale problem. Be sure to call your local pest control Abbotsford service in Vancouver or any other city of the world in case it gets out of hand. Ask professionals about mosquito season warning and when to start preparing for them. Have a full property pest removal when needed to get rid of these bugs.

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