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The Science of Sauces: How to Make the Perfect Mayonnaise

Sauces have the ability to transform any food. They can boost the taste of your food and act as appetizers as well. It’s quite easy to buy sauces from the market. But many people across the globe who use them in large amounts on a daily basis make them by themselves. These people mostly include restaurant owners, cooks, and fast food makers.

There is a science of making these sauces. Without knowing this science, you cannot make it by yourself. Proper heating, mixing, and adding different ingredients at the perfect time are some main things to care about. Evaporation of the right amount of water from the sauce to make it thick is also necessary for this process.

But do you know that not all the sauces need to be cooked for making them? Some sauces can be made even without any heating. All-purpose green sauce can also be made without cooking, but mayonnaise is the most famous sauce that can be cooked without cooking. The mayonnaise price in Pakistan is not too much, but its vast use in almost every fast food from burgers to pizzas supports the idea of making it by yourself.

Making mayonnaise is not a difficult task. You can do so at your home with the proper gadgets and knowledge. But making a perfect mayonnaise is an art. Different things are required to do at different times to make it perfect. Following is a complete method that can lead you to make a perfect mayonnaise at your home.

Basic Science Behind the Process

The basic scientific process behind mayonnaise manufacturing is emulsification. Emulsification is simply mixing up two liquids to form a mixture. Egg yolks along with oils are mixed to form a homogenous mixture called mayonnaise.

If you fail to mix them up completely to the point where emulsification occurs, then your mayonnaise will not be perfect. It might not get a thick shape and its taste can also be worse.


The main thing about any sauce is its ingredients. You must have complete knowledge about the ingredients. A knowledge about their percentage in mayonnaise according to each other is also necessary as it will help to save it for a longer duration.

You must have seen various YouTube videos that claim that by watching these you can make mayonnaise at home. In these videos, it is shown that you can add anything to the mayonnaise to change its flavor. According to these videos you make mayonnaise from a chicken flavor to any spicy flavor.

But this does not happen in this way. The reason behind this is that some ingredients can change the nature of the chemical process required to mix fats and egg yolks. Some possible flavors can be added but this will decrease the storage duration. A classic mayo can be kept safe for more days than any other flavored mayo.

Oil, egg yolk, salt, and vinegar are basic ingredients of mayo. Vinegar is used to enhance taste and assist in the mixing of the ingredients, as it is acetic acid indeed and can boost the mixture formation.

Egg Yolks

In almost every YouTube video it is shown that the egg white is used in the mayonnaise. But this is not the fact, as the basic thing is egg yolk. You need to spare it from egg white to make mayo from it. Mayo receives its color and most of the taste from the yolk. So the color will change from pale yellow to off-white.


First of all, take the egg yolks in a bowl. Add vinegar to it, this will increase the water portion and help in mixing. You can also add the lime juice in place of vinegar. The next step is to mix it by hand or using an electric beater until it becomes viscous. You can add salt for taste, but make sure that you don’t add too much salt. This will ruin the taste of your mayo. Add oil dropwise throughout the process.Above is the complete method, but if you want to save your time and don’t want to make it at home, you can buy mayonnaise online at a reasonable price.

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