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Kosher cell phone – your cell phone

The ​kosher cell phone​ is one of the most common means of communication among the religious and ultra-Orthodox population. Using a kosher cell phone, the Chief Rabbinate can be stamped and speak or send messages without any concern. Before buying, it is important to compare the prices of Pelephone as a kosher Zap and accordingly choose a new kosher Pelephone

What is a kosher cell phone?

A kosher cell phone is a cell phone with a kosher stamp on behalf of the rabbinate. A new kosher cell phone, whether it is a cheap kosher cell phone or a kosher protected cell phone, can be used safely without fear that the phone is not kosher. The kosher cell phone Zap can be found through Zap, where there are types of kosher cell phones in a variety of different stores and at different prices. For example, you can find a kosher protected cell phone or a cheap kosher cell phone depending on your budget. In addition, you will find a new kosher cell phone without apps and the Internet, as well as smart kosher cell phones that include apps and the Internet

Where can I find a kosher cell phone?

You can find a new kosher cell phone in the various cellular stores scattered throughout the country. You can find kosher smartphones, or non-kosher smartphones depending on your personal needs. You can find non-smart kosher phones at lower prices due to lack of apps and the internet. The importance of a kosher cell phone for the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector Kosher cell phones are the most sought-after cell phones in the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector. They can be found in the various cellular stores and in smart and advanced models. The cell phones bear an approved rabbinical stamp on the back of the device, which gives them safe use without any worries or worries. The various kosher cell phones meet the most stringent standard and have been carefully filtered before being brought for sale in the store. They are suitable for all ages and you can call, send messages and even use WhatsApp

Kosher cell phone – is there such a thing?

Kosher cell phones are the most popular cell phones among the religious and ultra-Orthodox audience. Thanks to these cell phones, you can talk, send messages, use email and other applications that exist in advanced smart devices. Most smartphones are consumed by the religious and ultra-Orthodox audience and are completely kosher and include a stamp behind the device as required. Beyond that, they include a wide range of important applications in daily life whether it is email, navigation, banks, government institutions and more

Who is a kosher cell phone suitable for?

Kosher cell phones are suitable for the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector as well as for people who keep traditions. The phones have the rabbinical kosher stamp behind the phone and there is no fear of using them in everyday life. The kosher phones include kosher smartphones and advanced kosher as well as kosher phones without internet and apps but only phone calls and SMS messages. These phones are more suitable for the elderly .population who do not use smartphones anyway and are cheaper than smartphones

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher phones?

The ​kosher phones​ have been carefully filtered before being manufactured and sold in the cellular stores and they include the kosher stamp that can be found on the back of the device. In contrast, the non-kosher devices contain non-kosher applications, the Internet and more, the use of which is not suitable for the religious and ultra-Orthodox population, but rather for the secular due to the high exposure to their content. This situation can lead to a deviation of the owners of the device to a world that is not suitable and right for them, which is the secular world. Therefore, in order to prevent these temptations, it is important that the phone you purchase has a kosher rabbinical stamp approved in accordance with the law

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