Jiu Jitsu Gi Size Guide – How to Choose Perfect Size

Choosing the right size of BJJ gi is absolutely crucial for your practice. An ill-fitting gi can cause all sorts of discomfort and problems, so it’s important to take your time when finding the right size of gi for you. 

In this post we will take you through how to choose the right BJJ gi size, exploring all the elements that should be factored into your decision!

How should a BJJ Gi fit?

Most people have their preferences when it comes to how their clothes fit. Some people like them form-fitting, while others opt for looser-fitting clothing for their everyday lives.

Your Brazillian Jiu Jitsu gi, however, needs to fit perfectly. Your movement will be restricted or hindered if you buy one too big or too small – so the fit for a Jiu Jitsu gi should be the perfect balance between being loose enough for your movement, while being supportive enough too.

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What factors go into BJJ Gi sizing? Jiu Jitsu Gi size guide!

You will have noticed that BJJ gis aren’t sized like regular clothes. In this section we’ll decode BJJ gi sizing for you, so there’s no confusion when you go ahead and buy your gi.

Gi Sizing Letters Explained…

You’ll notice that the BJJ Gi sizes on our website start with a letter. These letters are defined as follows:

  • A = Adult (Unisez)
  • K = Kids
  • F = Female
  • L  = Long
  • H = Husky
  • C = Curvy

When choosing your Gi, you may want to go for a standard adult size – but if you have any particular requirements, such as room for a larger bust or a longer gi, you can choose the right letter for you.

The Right Gi For Your Weight and Height

A gi that is too long or too short can cause mobility issues when you are practicing BJJ. A BJJ gi that is too tight or loose around the waist, shoulders or hips can cause similar issues! That’s why we have come up with a size guide that helps you pick the right BJJ gi for your approximate weight and height.

Why do Gis have height and weight measurements? Simply put, not every person of a similar height will be a similar weight. You could be 6ft 5 and extremely lean, meaning that an XXL Gi might be the right height for you, but the shoulders and hips would be far too large. Using our height and weight system, this buyer could get a long gi that fits their body dimensions perfectly.

Should I Buy A Gi Too Big?

There’s a common question asked to gi suppliers which is: should I buy my gi too big? Nobody wants a gi that’s too tight, so many people size up their gi when buying online.

However, a gi that is too loose can also cause problems with your movement. It is best to buy your gi true to size, unless you are likely to lose or gain weight fairly quickly in the future.

Use this helpful Jiu Jitsu gi size guide to choose the perfect gi for your BJJ practice!

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