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Is Now The Time To Trade Your Car In For An EV?



Pentagon Group Car Dealership As Brighter Outlook Puts Autos Ahead in Recovery Race

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular by the day, and you no longer have to settle for some small plug-in hatchback anymore. In fact, you don’t even have to get a traditional EV, since several automakers are toying with the idea of hydrogen-powered cars. The latest Toyota electric vehicle is one such option. The Mirai does a great job of making this new technology appealing, with its chic good looks, elaborate powertrain, and classy, comfortable interior. Despite all this, hydrogen cars are unlikely to take off just yet. This is because there simply isn’t enough infrastructure in place to support it. Just as EVs rely on the now-widespread charging network, vehicles like the Mirai need specialized refueling stations, akin to gas stations, that house replacement hydrogen cells.

This is not a new problem for plug-in EVs, though, and companies like Tesla, Ford, Nissan, and Kia have put in the effort to create the necessary infrastructure. Now, you have a lot more choice than just a Tesla or Kia EV. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and even some new automakers are getting into the game, taking advantage of the groundwork that has been laid down. But, it is still very true that gas-powered cars, and even hybrids, are far more common and a lot cheaper than electric vehicles. So is now the tipping point to trade in your V6 for a pair of electric motors?

Supply and demand

With governments around the world cracking down on carbon emission standards, incentivizing car manufacturers to move away from fossil fuels. Concurrently, there have been buyer incentives, too. With many states in the USA and countries across the world offering money back when consumers buy an electric or hybrid car. This normally takes the form of a fuel allowance, which stretches quite far when you consider the excellent mileage these vehicles deliver.

With this demand for more EVs by policymakers, the supply has certainly improved, as automakers strive to comply. Subsequently, the extra supply means that there is more competition and shoppers no longer have to pay what is asked of them. This has brought the price of electric cars down a lot, but they are still noticeably more expensive than a cheap gas car. So one has to consider whether or not the savings gained through superior fuel economy are enough to make up the difference.

The most affordable EVs

Without taking into account the slew of models set to hit the US market in coming years, there are already a couple dozen electric cars on sale right now. And while it may be true that many carry high price tags, there are several that should be considered by those on a budget. These nameplates do their best to take into account the needs of their shoppers, emphasizing not just affordability but also passenger space, both up front and in the rear seats, as well as cargo capacity. These are areas where hybrids and EVs have had to make sacrifices in the past.

At under $40,000 MSRP, some great options include the:

  • Nissan Leaf
  • Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Kia Niro EV
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model Y

Just breaking that price point, the new Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover may be the one to beat in the states. It carries the heritage of one of the most beloved brands and has the styling and performance to back it up. Tesla still dominated in terms of electric expertise and maximum range on its EVs, but Ford seems to be putting in the work.

Electric luxury

It’s not just economy brands that are clamoring to get a piece of the EV pie, and the premium German automakers are gearing up to wow us with their offerings. The Audi e-tron has been around for a few years, but additional variants will be released soon, while Mercedes-Benz has a whole drawing board of EQ models that it’s been teasing us with. BMW will be using what it learned from the forgettable i3 to bring us the iX SUV and the very handsome i4 in sedan and coupe configurations.

The EV bubble is teetering on the edge of bursting, and prices may soon drop further as the technology becomes more widespread and more automakers start rolling out various electric cars across their classifications. However, now is actually a good time to consider getting an EV, since the incentives currently associated with them may not be standard in the future, once electric propulsion becomes the new norm, rather than a novel alternative.

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Is Fishing Possible Without Fishing Reel?



Fishing rods and reels are considered the basic instruments essential for fishing. Most of the modern-day fishing is done with the help of reels which are available in several forms and with different features. These features and strengths are designed to enhance the fishing experience and make it smoother and easier for you. Spinning reels are amongst the most commonly used because they are suitable for fishing at shores and piers in shallow waters but also in deep waters on boats.

Fishing is undoubtedly transformed into a more sophisticated and smoother process with the help of a best fishing reel, however, is fishing possible without a fishing reel? Turns out that yes, it is. There is an ancient method of fishing hailing from Japan known as Tenkara. It is a method for fly fishing that is relatively simple unlike other complex forms of fly fishing and it’s just as effective. This method is significant and exclusive for the absence of reels in the process.

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Let’s delve a bit more into this particular fishing method to properly understand its workings and process.

Tenkara Method

This form of fishing originated in Japan nearly two centuries ago when the fishermen and local anglers started using it to catch fish in the freshwater streams amongst the mountains in that area and found it very effective. This method however was not brought to western states until the late 19th century. It is used now worldwide especially for catching trout and other freshwater stream inhabitants fishes. This is to date a popular fishing method for anglers because of its simple process and effectiveness.

The Process

The Tenkara rods do not have reels and have fishing lines which you can find multiple on a discount code directly attached to the rods. The rods most suitable for Tenkara fly fishing are the long ones. The long lengths help the anglers in the accurate casting of the line. The rods have a flexible tip towards the end which serves the function similar to the reels. It helps curb the fish’s resistance and it slipping back into the water because of the fight.

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This method also helps keep the line steady and it can be properly controlled and directed even if you are quite a distance away from where you have cast it. It helps the line not be dragged or drifted away by running water or strong waves. The anglers applying the Tenkara method also use tight fish lines because they help hook the fish better and make it easier to catch them.

The tenkara method is also quite convenient to learn and has more of an intuitive nature and feel. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning to cast like it is with other forms of fly fishing. Trout anglers also need to properly survey the waters to identify the parts where fish are likely to be and the Tenkara method helps with that as well.

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How to get a Data Science job





Everyone wishes to have a career of their choice and interest and is reputable and remunerative. With the advancement in technology, new industries and a new area for a job are emerging daily. One such emerging job placement area is Data Science. It has high growth potential and is a high-demand field of a career with excellent prospects for the job. You can now get jobs in this high in-demand industry with the help of even an online Data Science course. 

What is Data Science

Data Science is a branch of study where data professionals analyse a vast amount of data, perform data mining and programming skills. Courses on Data Science will reveal that the domain deals with capturing, processing, communicating, analysing, and maintaining the pool of data. One can precisely say that Data Science is a domain that curates meaningful information with the assistance of systems, algorithms, procedures, and scientific methods. 

What is Data Scientist?

Data Scientists collect and then clean the massive data and interpret and analyse the same with the simple and easy database and dashboards for solving problems and building algorithms. The result that arises is presented before the stakeholders profoundly. A career in Data Science is attractive to your pocket, is highly stable, and has evolved as an emerging job market even during a recession. 

Data Scientists can effectively identify relevant queries, collect data from numerous sources, appropriately organise the information, dig out solutions from the results and communicate and present the findings in a way that impacts business decisions.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientists have now become an integral part of every organisation. The high-level technically skilled all-rounder professionals, who are data-driven individuals, build complex quantitative algorithms and organise the enormous available data and create a strategy for the organisation. 

With all the information in hand,  Data Scientists put forth the results in the hands of stakeholders appropriately with solutions and strategies to help arrive at decisions. Once you learn Data Science, it becomes easier to create meaningful reports that can be translated to real-world solutions for companies.

The essential skills that a Data Scientist requires are curiosity, result-oriented nature, thorough knowledge of the specific industry, and good communication skills. These skills are imperative to convince the technical results even to the non-technical people. They should possess a strong background in linear algebra, statistics, and programming knowledge with attention to data modelling, mining, and warehousing. The critical technical skills and tools such as Python, Apache Spark, NoSQL database, Cloud computing, and others must also be kept handy.

Where do you fit in Data Science?

Several terms such as analysing, cleaning, mining, and interpreting data are used interchangeably. However, every term involves a different set of skills and adheres to additional complexities. Therefore other streams of Data Science also emerge. Some of them are mentioned below:

Data Scientist

Data Scientists decide the questions and queries that need to be answered and the source from where the data need to be pooled. Such people are experts in analytical skills and can clean, mine, and present the data acquired. A vast amount of unstructured data are sourced, managed, and analysed by Data Scientists. The results derived from all the processes are then made presentable and communicated to the stakeholders for arriving at decisions and strategies for business improvement and enhancement.

Basic skills essential to be a Data Scientist are mathematical skills, statistical and Programming skills such as Python, R, SAS, data visualisation, storytelling, machine learning, SQL, Hadoop, etc.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts perform the work of bringing business analysts and Data Scientists on the same platform. These professionals are made available with the queries for which solution is to be sought. They analyse and organise the data and find solutions and results for business strategies. Translating technical analysis to quality results and then communicating the same to the stakeholders lies with the data analysts.

Essential skills required include mathematical skills, statistical and programming skills such as Python, R, SAS, data visualisation, and data wrangling.

Data Engineer

Exponential and volatile data needs to be managed by Data Engineer. The major focus of Data Engineers is on optimisation, management, deployment, and development of infrastructure and data pipelines for transferring and transforming data to the Data Scientists.

Essential skills required for being a Data Engineer are Apache Hadoop, NoSQL databases such as Cassandra DB, MongoDB, and Programming languages such as Scala, Java.

How to get a Data Science Job

There is no specific advanced degree requirement for getting a Data Science job. Some job postings do prefer a master’s degree or Ph. D in statistics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering. However, top companies such as IBM, Apple, Google do not require even a college degree.

When a person is looking to enter Data Science without previous experience or degree, several online certification programs and courses are available. Even self-teaching through modules and videos is possible. 

Some of the tried and tested steps for getting a Data Science job are mentioned below:

Polish up on Mathematics skills

Quantitative background does make Data Science transition easier and simpler. However, it is not an essential ingredient. The foundation steps include plotting data points with X and Y axes on the graphs and finding trends and co-relations of the variables that will gradually and eventually analyse and optimise data with high-level technology tools. 

Some of the recommended math concepts that a person can expertise include:

  • Markov Chains
  • Bayesian modelling and thinking
  • Regression analysis
  • Statistical fitting and Modelling
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Probability Distributions

Learn Programming Languages

Data Science is a field where you have to prove your knowledge about relevant skills. So learning and mastering some of the primary programming languages such as SAS, SQL, Python, and R would be beneficial. And a combination of the foundation of mathematical skills with knowledge of programming languages makes it a win-win situation. Free data analysis courses and advanced Data Science boot camps can be a great help to the aspirants.

Take on internship or side Projects

Though it is not a necessity, however companies would prefer practical experience in the resume. Freelancing platforms can be used to enhance the skill set in the real world and also real-time feedback. Leveraging opportunities on online platforms and solving and practising coding problems would help bagging experience in the kitty.

Start as Data Analyst

Data Analyst and Data Scientists are two different careers, and both have an emerging trend. The aspirants can select a data analytics boot camp which includes framing structured thinking, communicating analyses, visualising data with Python, connecting data through SQL, analysing business problems. 

Work hard but Network Harder

Networking with other Data Scientists helps understand various opportunities in the career and may help build a team. Another way can also be pivoting into the Data Science opportunities from other designations in the same company. An excellent online business analytics course can help you create your own style and domain as well.

Career Transition to potential employers.

Always get all the details of the various courses and experience inked in your resume for your potential employers. This may include basic knowledge such as Microsoft Excel, communication, technical languages, listed courses, project work, and collaboration.


These days, most industries offer competitive salaries as a reward for the technical skills a Data Scientist offers. Specialised skills attract more and more job openings and higher pay scales. Data Science is the most prominent job opportunity available. Work with some of the top Data Science companies in India and get yourself a degree that can make a world of difference.

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Why at this moment people are loving to surf social media sites?




people are loving to surf social media sites

Days have changed. There was a time when children used to read books, solve puzzles, play indoor and outdoor games, adults used to read newspapers, books, spent time with their family or go outside to meet their friends, sit on the bench of a tea stall, and have a cup of tea while enjoying their talks. 

Also the old used to listen to radios and spend time with their grandchildren or do some embroidery works. Now it’s all different. None of the above-mentioned things can be seen anywhere or very rarely seen. A drastic change has taken place to keep up with this fast-paced world. 

It literally brought down everyone`s focus to screens in front of them . SOCIAL MEDIA! Things have really changed. Reasons are nothing less than situations and circumstances. One is to keep up with this fast-paced world and secondly the current pandemic scenario.

Let’s highlight what actually the change has taken place due to this and it`s impact on our society.

Loving To Surf Social Media Sites

Firstly the opportunity is given to us to stay close to each other even if we are not so physically. We can also meet new people. Also now there are such sites where youngsters are meeting their potential partners online via Omelge, chatroulette, Ome-I, Ome tv, and more platform. 

One thing is that earlier before social media sites were introduced, there were chat rooms for meeting new people. But it had one disadvantage persisting till today and that is nothing but we have no information about the person in opposite with whom we are actually talking to.

But social media sites have removed this problem as we can see everyone`s information, their interests, hobbies. Thus helping us to actually filter out with whom we should have contact.

Easy TO Use the Chat Platform

Another reason is that these sites are really very easy to use. They are built in a quite user-friendly way and with frequent updates, it is becoming easier to use. Anyone from a small child of 5 years of age to 60 years old, everyone feels quite comfortable in using it.

Thirdly one of the most important reasons is its community-building feature where we can create or join groups of like-minded people sharing the same interests thus actually helping us to grow. Thus proven these sites only enable us to become more social but also helps in self-growth. Many people are using random chat platforms like Omegle video chat for talk free to the unknown. 

Linkedin Social Platform For Job

Finally, the most important aspect of any human being is a career. Social media sites like LinkedIn serve as a platform specifically for serving professional needs. It rather acts as a digital CV of a person since we can showcase all our professional details like skills, projects done, years of work experience, educational qualifications, achievements, etc. 

In fact, in the past few years, many companies are actually hiring employees from this site. Interviews are taken from SKYPE. Hence in this way both the companies and employees are growing together hand in hand.    

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Best and Secure Storage in Vancouver




Vancouver is beautiful sites and diverse world cuisine to flourishing arts and culture scene, and this city is full of romance and beauty. Public Storage in Vancouver is essential because it is closely located to major roads, commercial zones, and housing.  The location of Vancouver is the perfect fit for mobile, household, vehicle and business storage. So, today in this article, I will help you with the best storage in Vancouver. There are several storage units, e.g. 

Storage Mart, Big Steel Box Moving & Storage, NationWide Self Storage, Sentinel Storage, Griffin Self-Storage in Vancouver, U-Pak Mobile storage in Vancouver. You can trust any storage based on consumer reviews from around the world. We can review any storage unite by measuring the quality of services and equipment they are using, and space they are providing, and much more. Today I am going to introduce the U-Pak mobile storage in front of my readers.

How U-Pak Storage Works

U-Pak delivers protected storage lockers to customers’ doorstep and the customer place items into the lockers, and the truck transport the items into U-Pak’s climate-controlled warehouse. Whenever you need your items, you can access them at the warehouse for free, or the movers can re-deliver your items anywhere you want. 

The storage lockers are transported in a thick weather protective cover. You can take your time as storage lockers can stay at your location as long as you like, from 1 day to 1 year. When you have done, you need only to call the U-Pak. The team will pick up your locker and store your items. U-Pak also offers a 30-day price guarantee.

Type of Storage Provided by U-Pak

U-Pak provides storage facilities with great features such as 24-hour video surveillance, flexible access and reasonable payment plans. The U-Pak struggle to offer reliable storage space. It offers four types of storage, e.g. mobile storage, RV storage, Car storage, and Boat storage in storage facilities in Burnaby bc and Vancouver. So, here I am providing the overview of all the above facilities.

Mobile Storage

U-Pak mobile storage service is one of the best services, and they are working very professionally. The U-Pak movers move a secure locker to your location when you book an order. The customer can pack their items yourself and lock the locker, and the movers move the locker into U-Pak secure warehouse. 

The warehouses are inside heated and secure. The movers move very sensibly with the customer’s items. The U-Pak provides the best rates for storage of your furniture, personal items, and household items in Vancouver and Burnaby. The storage facilities providing by U-Pak is climate controlled. The warehouse also has a video surveillance recording and monitoring. If you commit storage for 12 months, the moving services are free of cost. Before loading, also notice that the load limit is for lockers is 4000lbs.

RV Storage

RV storage saves your trailer, truck, 5th wheel safe and protected while you are not using it. UPAK provides secure RV storage in Vancouver and Victoria. The customer RV is stored in the U-Pak secure and restricted lot with an attendant who lives onsite. The U-Pak offers the best rates for RV storage in Victoria and Vancouver. They offer 15, 25 and 40 feet of storage space.

Car Storage

UPAK also provides car storage services in Vancouver and Victoria at the best prices. The car and vehicle storage is within a fenced. The area is a secured lot with an onsite attendant. The customer can reserve the space online, but the online Reservation does not guarantee confirmation of the slot. So, it is essential to wait for a call from a member of the U-Pak Customer Service team, or you can also make a call to review your order and confirm space availability and discuss the payment.

Boat Storage

If your boat is not in use, then you should need to store it, so U-PAK also provides secure boat storage service in the Victoria location at very reasonable prices. The boat storage of UPak is also secured and fenced with an attendant. Anyone can reserve boat storage online, but the same is car storage. It is not guaranteed space. For Reservation, it is important to talk on the phone.

Restricted Items in Storage

Fragile, flammable, hazardous, poisonous and illegal items are not allowed inside the store. Alcohol is also not allowed on the store premises. Plants and animals may not be stored. Customers can store mechanical items, but the battery must be disconnected before storing.

Moving & Storage in South and North Vancouver

U-Pak, provide moving & storage facilities both in the south and North Vancouver with secured, monitored and climate-controlled storage. The U-Pak delivery storage & moving lockers to customer’s doorstep. The south and north Vancouver storage prices are meagre. 

Final Words

If you’re moving anywhere else, reducing your living space or watching for a safe place to keep furniture while you renovate your home, U-Pak temporary and permanent storage is inexpensive, durable, and protected. They also have a fleet of storage containers and trucks, every time ready to carry.

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3 Tips To Choose The Right Food And Beverage Design Consultants




According to Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School – approximately 30,000 products are launched every year. And only 5 percent of them succeed in the market.

Do you want to increase your product’s chances to count in that 5 percent? We know you want that – that’s why hiring a food scientist or a food product consultant becomes a must. 

They will make decisions for your product’s launch based on facts, will resolve issues, help you find a reliable manufacturer, etc. In other words, they will assist you in making your product launch a success.

However, that will only be possible if your consultant is appropriate. And there are thousands of companies in the market offering consulting services. Among so many options, it feels overwhelming to make the right choice. 

Today, we are here to help you with making the right choice. Following are a few tips that you must consider when looking for food and beverage design consultants:

Perform A Preliminary Research

Are you looking for a food product consultant for the first time? If yes, then it’s obvious to have no clue about where to start your search. And to be honest, there’s nothing to be worried about. The best start is- conducting preliminary research for various food product consultants. 

You can take the help of Google search engines. However, it’s not ideal if you just stick to the online material for your research. You should also consider using offline materials too, such as:

  • Looking at hoardings
  • Checking ads in the newspaper
  • Asking your acquaintances who are in the same industry

The research will help you shortlist all those food and beverage design consultants that are popular in the market. Then out of those shortlisted options, you should filter all those who fit your requirements. After that, the left one will be those that are ideal for you.

Ask For References

If you don’t have enough time to perform comprehensive preliminary research – then ask for references. You might have friends or colleagues in your industry who may have hired food consultation services in the past. You can ask them for their suggestions. Tell them you are planning to hire one, and it will be really helpful if they could tip you a few consulting companies that are worth hiring. This way, you can save your time in finding a more reliable service. 

Make Sure To Perform A Past Background Check

The past of a food product developer or consultant is as important as their present. Some people make their choice based on the present condition of a company. But you should also check how well they have served their customers in the past. In other words, you should perform a background check. Consider questions like:

  • When have they established their business in the market, and till how many clients have they served?
  • How many clients are still loyal to them?
  • And others such. 

Performing a background check will help you know which food consultant is best to hire. This won’t take much time, so you don’t avoid it.

Final Words

With these tips, we are sure you’ll find an ideal food consultation service easily. Also, make sure to share this article with all your friends who are about to launch their food product. Help them make their launch a huge success.

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