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Is It Possible to Recover Lost Data After Formatting Your Drive?

Have you accidentally formatted the hard drive and lost all your data? If you’re an unlucky user who has lost files by formatting, you must be freaked out right now. And your biggest concern at this moment must be to recover your lost data.

When you format a hard drive without having a backup it results in the loss of precious data. Formatting is of two kinds- one which sets the drive to factory condition and removes all files and the other one occurs when adding a new drive or installing a new operating system. Recovering files after formatting is a risky and hard job if you’re not a computer geek. Whether you’ve accidentally formatted your hard drive or lost data while putting an old hard drive into a new computer, possibly all your data is not lost. Are you now wondering how it is possible to bring back files from your formatted hard disk?

Sometimes, it’s possible to recover your files from a formatted hard drive. Depending on how you formatted your drive, possibly there’s still some hope. However, whether you’ve performed full or quick formatting, always make sure not to save any new data on the formatted hard drive.  A drive which has been quick formatted will save new data by replacing the old one. If you continue using a drive after formatting, it will overwrite the files and recovery will become impossible.

Data Recovery after Formatting

You may use reliable data recovery software or seek services of a data recovery engineer to get back your formatted files. To prevent further data loss, remove the drive from your system. If you chose to attempt data recovery on your own, there are some disk recovery software applications that may help in hard drive, USB flash drive, or SD card data recovery. It’s important that you always do some research before choosing recovery software because selecting the wrong one may lead to permanent data loss. Once you find a professional-grade data recovery application, check the tutorial and follow steps carefully.

If you can’t afford to lose your valuable data, it’s better not to take any risk. When you want to increase the chances of data recovery, it’s best to send your drive to Data Recovery Specialist who can perform a Forensic Recovery.  When you attempt the recovery yourself, you may only cause more mess with the drive and later even data recovery engineers can’t handle it. The certified data recovery experts specialize in retrieving lost or inaccessible data from formatted hard drives because they have access to leading-edge hard disk drive data recovery technology. They have the experience to deal with different types of data loss scenarios and make use of the latest equipment and methods to bring back your lost data. A professional will first determine if your data is still there and then follows the best methods to restore it. Contacting the recovery engineers is the safest way to make sure that you recover as much data as possible at an affordable expense.

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